Ch.26-Z is for Zombie

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Sum: Isa is not a morning person.

Lea wasn't a morning person. He hated getting up early, especially for school, but at least he was better than Isa.

Lea tiredly rubbed his eyes as he walked into the kitchen and began to make himself a bowl of cereal.

Just as he was sitting down, Isa came into the kitchen, stumbling around like a blind bat.

The blue-haired boy had spent the night at Lea's house the night before since it had been a Sunday and Lea's mom was super nice about having friend's over on a school night.

"You look like a zombie." Lea laughed as he watched his friend walk past him.

Isa stopped, staring at Lea unenthusiastically, before he rapidly shoved the red-head's bowl of cereal in his face.

"At least I can still do that." He said as he began to make himself a bowl of cereal as well while Lea wiped the milk and cereal pieces off his face.

"Remind me again why I'm friends with a jerk like you." Lea said as he stared at what was left of his breakfast.

"Because you can't stay away from me." Isa sighed as he sat across from the red-head. "And as I remember it, you became my friend not the other way around."

Lea shrugged, brushing off the comment. "So, why do you look like a zombie in the morning?"

"Cause I have low blood pressure, all right?"

"….What's that?"
Isa rolled his eyes at his friend's stupidity and replied sarcastically, "It's what makes me act like a zombie."


Yeah, it's either low blood pressure or low blood sugar that makes people tired in the morning, but I think I'm right. :D Anyway, hope you enjoyed this last chapter. Please Read and Review, please.