"Owwww," Tony cried in the most excruciating pain of his life. He knew he was going to die, soon as another patch of hair was torn mercilessly from his flesh. "Your killing me!".

"Shut Up," Another tug on his tender hairs and he felt like his flesh was on fire, throwing his head back he tried to concentrate on something other than the pain. Another tug sent his mind reeling back to the situation at hand.

"Just kill me and get it over with!"

"Shut up. You're so pathetic."

"Do it,".

He stared in to her deep, beautiful eyes as she took hold of the source of his pain. "I think it's bonded to your skin,"

"I don't care,".

She kissed him firmly on the lips swallowing his scream of pain as she pulled it off. Hair and flesh came off with the sticky substance placed on the back of the adhesive band aid.

Ziva flipped the band-aid into a trash can by her bed. Tony was whimpering and making sad sounds on her bed, cradling his wounded arm.

"You're such a baby,"

"Shut up and kiss me," Tony smiled.

"Fine. But only because I'm the one who made you wear that band aid,".

They fell back on to the bed together kissing, Tony's head slammed in to the wall and he groaned in pain.

"Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark,".