Chapter 1

Gone? Or New?

Disclaimer: Just read past this you know I don't own T.S.S. because I'm writing this story!

Just so you know this a Romance & Drama story but it being about T.S.S. it is of course going to have action and adventure sometimes.

ZAK &WADI p.o.v.

It's been a month since Van Rook's funeral…

Zak and Wadi were walking threw the forest part of the house trying their best to have a conversation.

"…I beat Fisk at a sandwich making and eating contest last weak. Any thing exciting happen to you?" Zak asked Wadi.

"Not really…Oh! I saw a large lizard eat a smaller one." Wadi answered.

"Your talking about Komodo aren't you?" Zak teased her with a grin, knowing it wasn't against his reptilian comrades morals to eat another reptilian.

"No I'm serious, I-" She didn't get to finish as guttural roar interrupted her, making them both jump and look around for it's source.

"Wait a minute, I know that roar!" Zak exclaimed and indeed he did know that roar. It could only belong to-

"Raw!" The owner of said roar jumped out of a tree just in front of the two preteens revealing it to be none other than-

"Piecemeal!" Zak exclaimed, immediately reaching for his claw, but before he could get a finger on it Piecemeal had leaped at Wadi, yelling, "PREY!"

"Ah!" was all she could yell as does horrid jaws filled her range of sight only to be replaced by a blur of black, orange and white. Not a second after she heard a pain roar/growl as she looked around for Zak and found him…pinning the man now recognized as Piecemeal against a tree, with the back of the now staff like claw jabbed painfully into the soft stomach of the insane cannibal. Even from her scared position on the ground a few feet away from the struggling two she could the tree, that must have been ten feet in diameter, was straining to hold against the struggle between the two.

After dealing an especially hard jab into in to the man's gut Zak managed to turn to Wadi long enough to say, "Run Wadi! Get My Mom and Dad!", then turned back in time to duck a swing at his head with a rather large bumpy log.

"But Zak! I can help-"

Zak cut her off with an loud, "GO NOW!", And just a second later his pupils turned bright yellow as did the rest of his eyes as orange energy radiated around them as a yellow scale like pattern appeared on his face and hands. Wadi, realizing that she had no room to argue, simply did what she was told.

She ran…

Drew, Doc, Doyle and the Secret Scientist p.o.v.

All the adults were all sitting there around the table discussing possible theories as to why cryptid activity and sightings had gone up more than 30 percent in the past two weeks when the com link on the wall crack to life and Wadi's scared and slightly sweat covered face appeared on the small screen as she yelled, "Help! Zak is fighting this strange! I think he is going to get hurt!*Pant* Please! HURRY!"

Drew, hearing the fear and worry in the young girls voice, was about to question Wadi about what happened when suddenly they heard, as well as felt, a resounding thud threw the com link. Wadi turned around only to be blinded, along with the adults, by a bright yellowy orange light that reduced her to a fading shadow figure just before the com link automatically shut down from the intense brightness yelling, "No! Zak!"

They all stood there stunned for a moment before Drew jumped up and ran out of the conference room yelling one thing.

"MY BABY!" ,not a second later everybody else were on their feet thinking the same as Drew while they raced behind the scared mother, 'God, Zak, please be okay!'