Chapter 11


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D-Wadi: FINALLY!*Cracks neck* I've been waiting for some action for weeks.*Steps down stairs made by her fans bodies* Lets get the violence going!

Zak: Fine.*Jumps off throne made of his beat up fans* Sorry guys...and girls, I didn't think Wadi would go so crazy.

Zak Worshippers: It's fine Zak. We can feel some of our faces again at least.

Wadi: And next time I won't hold back!

Zak gasped as he felt a tremor rock through the dessert, sending the dunes falling as he, Wadi, and D-Wadi fell amongst a cloud of red dust.

"The heck?", He shouted, waving his hand in front of his face to clear away the dust. He was now waist high in sand and the dunes were now hills of sand that stretched far beyond their range of sight.

The sand of someone struggling through the sand caught his attention, and he immediately assumed it was Wadi and rushed over in that direction after dragging himself from the sand.

"Wadi! Are you okay?!", Asked only for a hand to shoot out of the dust surrounding the shadowy figure he'd been approaching and grip his neck with terrifying strength.

"I'm just fine, Zakky.", Said a malevolently sweet voice as two red irises became visible through the settling dust, "Thank you for caring. It was rather stupid to just run up to a barely visible figure yelling for your girlfriend, but I appreciate the thought.", She said as a shadowy fist could be seen being pulled back for a possibly deadly punch.

He saw a bit of movement behind her before he felt the hand around his neck jerk away as she was pulled back by something.

Falling back to the ground, he rubbed his throat as he coughed a few times. D-Wadi's grip was stronger than he thought before.

Looking back through the settling dust, he saw two figures wrestling amongst the settling dust.

Running over he was a bit more cautious until he saw the flash of a black metal blade as the weapon was lifted by one of them.

In a yellow burst of his new found strength, he leaped at the sword's holder, soaring with them through and out of the dust cloud. Only when they were half way to another collapsed sand dune in their flight did he realize...


"Zak?", He'd picked the wrong Wadi.

Seeing that they were about to collide with the sand hill, he adjusted his grip on Wadi so that he was cradling her bridal style he did a rather hard front roll so that his feet were the first to meet the harsh sands, followed by his backside as some sand got up/down his pants. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable.

As the two slid to a somewhat gentle stop at the bottom of the sand hill, Zak tried to stand only to find that his momentary grasp of his newer power was currently gone as he stumbled with trying to balance their weights.

"Ow.", He said as he released her on the ground feet first.

"What do you mean 'ow'? Are you saying that I am fat?", Wadi said with a small scowl as she crossed her arms, revealing that she was still holding D-Wadi's katana-like sword.

"Where did you get that?", He asked as he pointed to the offending weapon in his girlfriend's hand.

Glancing at the sword she was holding, she shrugged, "I've already told you, Zak. I see it, I like it, I take it. Mine now.", She said only for the sand hill they were near to explode as a roar range out.

"MINE!", D-Wadi said as she nearly collided with Wadi. Thinking quickly, Wadi jumped back and back flipped several times as D-Wadi made several attempts to connect a single hit to her.

Zak stood staring as he had realized that Wadi had used her headscarf to pull D-Wadi away from him and her back length brown hair was flowing about as she pulled off surprisingly well executed flips and twists to avoid d-Wadi's fists, kicks, and grabs.

He was pulled from his revelry as Wadi had used a flip to spring off a sand hill and perform a twist that turned to a light-saber fast kick.

D-Wadi had deftly blocked the kick and grabbed Wadi's left ankle, hoisting it high. This left Wadi at an awkward position as she landed unsteadily on her remaining three limbs. Turning back to D-Wadi, she gave her a sly smirk before she dug her right foot into the sand further and kicked it up and around her left leg with out twisting her left leg itself. She managed to push back toward D-Wadi with her hands buried up to mid forearm in the red sand.

This resulted in a blast of sand being lifted with her foot and tossed into D-Wadi's unguarded face. Coughing and blowing out her nose viciously, she stumbled back and released Wadi's leg only to feel the toe of her right shoot connect with her forehead as Wadi did a handstand.

Zak, still stunned, watched as her shirt dropped down/rose up a bit, revealing her tanned and flattened stomach to his eager imagination.

Shaking his head, he saw D-Wadi rubbing the sand from her eyes and with a quick flick of his right wrist, he caught her around the legs with his claw. With a press of the button, the string of the claw retracted and D-Wadi's legs were clasped together as she fell back once again, but this Zak wasn't there to break her fall.

Wait a minute...

Giving his claw a glance, he pondered something.

'When did I get the claw back? Wasn't it holding D-Wadi when the sand dune collapsed?', He was interrupted from his thoughts when said claw was yanked from his grasp as D-Wadi had rolled onto her back and pulled her legs up so hard that the tension had relieved him of his signature weapon.

As she freed her legs from the claws rope like thread, her eyes opened. She only got a few blinks before another rocket of sand hit her in the face, this time some went down her throat, irritating it. She could barely cough when Wadi spun on her right leg, a whirlpool of sand forming momentarily as her left foot caught D-Wadi's cheek, sending her flying.

Zak could only whistle at the distance(Well over twenty feet.) that D-Wadi flew.

Then his conscience told him to stop them before they were seriously hurt.

Gulping he prepared to face the most terrifying thing any man could face... A girlfriend in a rage...

Kur help him, this was going to be dangerous.


Drew roared as she brought her sword down, the bluish white fire engulfing it and clashing with the ice sword of her doppleganger, Drew Monday!

The woman pushed back against Drew's sword, sparks and steam flying as the two curvy swords-women dodged and struck with a savage rage honed into deadly skills. Normally, had these two clashed before, reality itself would have been torn or at least warped unnaturally.

But something just wasn't right. Earlier when D-Wadi had attacked, reality hadn't warped at all.

And how had they gotten back into their dimension?

These questions vanished when there was a sonic boom and two greenish black blurs collided mid air and fought like men with nothing to lose... Well, avian cryptids with nothing to lose would have been more precise.

The two blurs were locked at the talons/feet claws, spinning viciously as they tried to use the surrounding walls to beat their counter apart to death.

Zon Saturday was not fairing too well. She'd nearly exhausted herself when attacking T'sul Kalu earlier and hadn't rested long enough to regain her full strength. But she was managing enough to break the sound barrier in short bursts to try and knock out Zon Monday. It was enough to tire her out to a close bu constantly shifting stand still.

Below the two, Drew Saturday and Monday were nearly balled over when they saw the two tumbling reptiles hissing and growling as their teeth snapped and tails whipped so hard, skin would have been torn from muscle. Luckily they were two tough komodo dragons with mutations that allowed for better battle.

Komodo S. was on a winning streak, being more feral and instinctive allowed him to fight with much less relent as he'd lived a harder life before his invisibility manifested. And in truth, Komodo M. had rather weak scales. Where as Komodo S.'s scales had hardened from constant fighting and survival, Komodo M.'s powers coated him in a black armoring that could protect against many an attack but it had the same weakness as many normal reptilian hides.

A soft, very vulnerable underbelly. Komodo had discovered this when, an in attempt to knock his other over while his armor was active his claws and tail had met the soft as a marshmallow underside of his jaw. The affect had been the black armor receding back into the spots on his back and leaving him open to a quick barrage of attacks. He could summon the armor again but he needed to strain himself to maintain it. And it left him unable to move quickly or at all. At one point Komodo S. had managed to knock him back to "normal" with a fierce headbutt.

A red and tan blur of fur flew over them as Fiskerton had managed to knock "Devil", his evil counterpart, back with a surprise attack from H.B. jumping on to Devil's back and biting as hard as he could, and T'sul Kalu shooting several tranquilizers into Devil's chest. As he hit the ground from Fiskerton's hammer throwing of Deadbolts head-Now with a built in boomerang function to return to the body for a continuing fight-, Devil was out cold.

"Hoovrah!", Fisk shouted punching the aire with both fists, only for two blurred green forms to zoom by. The heat from a pair of rocket boots almost singed the skin and fur from his knuckles, "Owah!"

Truth betold only one had been flying, the other was trying to hold on as he didn't have rocket boots as did his evil counter part. Francis had ventured through swarms of atmosperic jellyfish, breifly battled a jellyfish monster and fought the current incarnation himself. But he was now up against not just himself as an alternate dimension version of himself as a villain, but one that was gifted with cybornetic enhancements. The rocet boots and shape shifting liquid metal hand didn't hel phim in his battle.

The two were trading blows as best they could, the Evil Francis often tried to ram Francis into the walls by turning in his flight so that his goody two shoes duplicate was facing a certain doom. That was where Francis' magnetic boots came in handy. They allowed him to push off or cling to the walls enough to use the force provided by Evil Francis against him(Evil Francis). He mostly used the momentum to make Evil Francis hit the walls, but his cybornetic enhancements made dents in the wall rather than himself.

Just below them, yet another battle was occuring. Ulraj was facing off against his darker half, and it was currently hard to tell who was winning.

"You're skills are quite impressive if I do say so myself.", Reef(Ulraj's name for his darker half) commented as he blocked a kick to his face and used the grip to kick Ulraj up in the air and, still holding his leg, he went to slam Ulraj into the floor only for Ulraj to pull himself around his leg so that he gracefully rolled onto his back and knocked his oponent off his feet with his arms. With one foot centered in Reef's chest Ulraj punched him in the gut and used his foot and fist to throw Reef to a wall, onbly for Reef to twist and kick off the wall and tackle Ulraj across the room, fortunately just before the hot air from two jet packed fighters could roast the two yond fish boys.

Doyle punched his evil half in the side of the had with all his might, managing to send him spinning beofre he righted himself in the air before he could collide with the battling Deadbolts... Or Deadbolt and Trasher(As trashing was all this evil Deadbolt was capable of).

Kicking off the back of one of the robots, Dark Doyle flew at Doyle with enough force to send him through the doors of the medical ward, and crashing into the wall of the hallway, where everyone else was also battling a darker half of themselves.

Doc especially as he stood trading Power Guantlet amplified blows with his dark self and several humanoid cryptids including an Amorok(Bypedal wolf cryptid, forgot how to spell the name), and what looked like... A jersey devil? He was the only thing blocking Za, Wadi, and D-Wadi's unconscious forms from the on going battle.

This day couldn't get anymore weirder or surprise them anymore. Then again...


"I believe it is time we ended this little game of ours wouldn't you say, Zak?", A hooded figure said as their eyes glowed with an ominous mix of orangy yellow and greenish white light beneath their hood.

"I only act on my master's orders.", The stoick faced young man spoke. Suddenly he felt a neural parasite attach to the back of his head and his master's voice echo in the back of his head.

"Zak, attack now! The boys father has fallen and they're vulnerable!"

"Yes master.", Suddenly Zak Monday's body became engulfed in a mass of green energy that quickly took the form of a serpentine form with wings halfway along it;s lentgh. The mass of energy immediately took to the air and flew through the destroyed doors of the Saturdays' home. Now was his chance to prove himself to his master.

The hooded figure simply chuckled as he silently strolled into the building, "Soon, young Monday, it will be I whom you call master. You and Zak Saturday.".

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