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He needed to make sure she was safe. For the first time in his entire life, he never cared more about anyone. Rapunzel was in trouble and as he rode on top of his new friend, Maximus, she was all he could think of.

When he finally reached the base of her tower, he jumped off his steed and began to call out to her, "Rapunzel," he cried, "Rapunzel let down your hair!"

But there was no reply. In a desperate attempt, Eugene decided to scale the tower with his own. It took practically all his strength as he scaled the building as quickly as he could but careful to pay attention to every step. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the dashing thief reached the topless tower. He managed to push the window open and climb in as he did before. Unfortunately, to his dismay, the only thing he could find was mirror shards scattered all over the floor and an open trapdoor.

He tried to search every inch of the tower, but it soon became clear that the one person he was looking for had been taken away. And judging by the way the shards of reflective glass that were scattered she was taken by force. The rogue hero decided to climb down the trapdoor, when he noticed a small lump, lying across the smooth tiles. Eugene gingerly picked up the lump and noticed a large bulging eye staring at him.

"Don't worry frog. I'm not the old lady," he teased.

Pascal immediately turned back to his original shade of green, relieved to see Eugene. But sad to realise that his best friend was gone. The only thing he could remember was being brutally brushed off by Rapunzel's so called mother and hearing distressed cries. He only whished that he knew where they went.

She barely had any strength left, but she continued to struggle with everything she had, as Mother Gothel pulled her out of the boat. Chains tightly cuffed to her wrists to her back, Rapunzel wanted to fight away from her fake mother's grip and hopefully never to be found again. She blamed herself for what happened to Eugene, but she wouldn't go down in Gothel's hands. With no one to hear her gagged cries, her efforts were relentless.

Gothel finally managed to drag her captive into a cold dark room and attach her chains against the stone wall. With that, she closed the doors on her struggling prisoner and let out a cruel smile.

"Goodnight dear." She said with false kindness as darkness filled the entire room and muffled cries of desperation escaped from the closing fissure.

Eugene came out of the base of the tower where his trusted steed was waiting patiently for his new rider. But was shocked to find that the girl with ridiculously long hair wasn't at his side only her reptilian friend standing on his shoulder.

Eugene recognized the horse's expression after saying, "I don't' know where she is either Max." But he wasn't willing to give up so soon he held out one of the mirror shards that were scattered and asked, "Do you think you can get a scent?"

The canine horse took a long whiff and managed to pick up a scent. He began searching the ground with his nose as Eugene mounted him again.

"Hang on Rapunzel. I'm coming."

And The horse took off with hsi quickest pace as soon as he managed to catch the shard's smell.

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