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Rapunzel was so happy when Eugene proposed, but she was also still full of sorrow. Her time would run out soon enough and she was terrified for that. Nonetheless, the preparations for their wedding were made, but because of Rapunzel's condition it wasn't exactly what most people would call a wedding fit for a princess. The ceremony was small and simple and there wasn't much extravagance at the reception, but the princess was still as happy as she could be given the circumstances.

Unfortunately their happiness didn't last forever, even though she was so glad to be united in matrimony with the man she loved her mind couldn't ignore the event that is to come. The doctors had done all they could to help her, but even their efforts could never completely quell the disease that lived within her. The princess tried as hard as she could not to show the desperation she felt, but as hard as she tired she could not hold back her tears.

And as such, Eugene heard her cries. "What's wrong?" he asked gently.

Rapunzel discreetly wiped away her tears. "Nothing," she replied, trying to sound as casual and as cool as possible.

"Nice try Rapunzel, but I know you better than that." He sat down by her side and brought her close to him.

Entranced by his warmth, Rapunzel curled up against him and, eventually broke down and told him about her fears. She was so frightened that she practically cried herself to sleep in Eugene's arms.

"It's going alright Rapunzel," he soothed as he held her closer, "everything will be fine in the end."

"Really," she asked quietly.

"Of course Rapunzel. Trust me you don't have to worry about anything."

In truth, he wasn't entirely sure about that himself, Rapunzel meant the world to him and he couldn't bear to lose her like this. But she was seemed so worried and fragile at that moment, he couldn't risk the last few moments of her life being wasted on her fears no matter how real they were.

He continued to comfort her lovingly, day and night, and even though she was frightened, she was happy. She would spend hours talking with her parents, and, during the rest of the day, she played with Pascal, talked with Maximus and, of course, cuddle up with the man she loved.

Even though Rapunzel enjoyed her new life more than anything, her condition continued to haunt her. Every night she would get strong seizures, it took almost every castle available resident just to keep her calm.

And as the attacks worsened so too did her health and it didn't take long for her to become completely exhausted.

Then, the faithful day finally arrived, when they had to say their final goodbyes.

Rapunzel was lying in bed with Eugene sitting at the bedside. The princess was so worn out she hardly moved an inch. Her heartbeat gradually slowed down until it stopped completely. Before she drew her last breath, Rapunzel sang her healing song for the last time and a tear began to form in the corner of her eye, but it never fell.

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