\Tell me the story of your soul./

\Look at me without turning your eyes away./

\You think that I am non-existent./


This isn't how it ends!

Homura was dead. Eviscerated; her left half was utterly annihilated along with her soul gem, with viscera coating the ground beneath her. Time loops were impossible now.


Nothing would change.


This was the last repeat.


Madoka stared at the lifeless body, her eyes filled with tears. Incubator sat beside her as the Walpurgis floated overhead, tearing the scenery apart, with the barrier completely encroaching onto the real world, as buildings floated above, like some kind of omen. The ground itself was cracked, as the lifeless bodies of the civilians floated into the sky, their carcasses being absorbed into the horrific witch's body.

"It's impossible…It's…really the end…" Madoka continued to cry as foreign abomination simply flicked his tail, staring at her.

Reality itself seemed to unravel as the very ground was being absorbed unto the witch's form. It needed no barrier; merely a locale. Gravity was irrelevant now; the buildings floated towards the witch's form, as the very earth seemed to lurch upwards. Madoka fell to her knees as she sobbed, the Walpurgis annihilating the city and its own reality.

'Now is the time.'

"What?" Madoka turned to him, eyes still filled with tears.

'Become a Puella Magi. Make the contract with me, and everything can change. I guarantee it.'

Madoka gripped Homura's remaining hand once more, her eyes still facing the ground, tears falling like rain down her cheeks. She sniffled, before bringing a single arm to her eyes. She smiled, melancholy gripping her being as she turned to it. Her mouth twitched.


Inwardly, the creature smiled.

"I will take the contract"

If he had emotions, Incubator would have smiled. 'What do you wish for?'

"I wish…to protect…everyone…" She sniffled, before jerking towards him with new resolve. "I wish for a world…where my friends will survive."

A slight twitch of its ear was noticed as it flicked its tail once more. 'Is that your wish?'

"Yes…" She said, a shaky breath adorning her person. "It is my wish."

It seemed to sigh. 'Then it shall be done.'

And Everything Changed.

-Potestatem Ego Habeo-

Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella

Episode 1: A New Day

-Potestatem Ego Habeo-

Madoka's eyes shot open. She was in her bed, hair a mess, her bed in even worse condition. She sat up, and wondered 'Was that all a dream?'

She groaned as she moved off of the bed, and felt something in her hand. She glanced…and gasped.

Sitting in her grip was the bane of her existence, the very thing that had caused her so much trouble several times before…

The Soul Gem.

She shrieked as she let go of it, letting her materialized soul hit the ground. She stared at it as she grimaced, looking at the intricate patterns upon the object. "It…wasn't a bad dream…"


Madoka took the soul gem, the eldritch device transforming into a ring on her finger. "I really am…"

"Madoka! You're not usually this late! Come on down!"

"I'm coming, mom!"


It was in front of the mirror that Junko Kaname noticed that something was wrong with her daughter. She seemed…off. Almost detached, really. "Are you alright, Madoka?"

Madoka seemed to jump, before turning quickly to her mother, a blush smeared across her face. "I'm fine!" She said this a little too quickly, embarrassed with having been caught off guard.

"Is it some kind of crush?" Junko teased, her hair now tied perfectly in a bun.

"M-Mom! It's nothing!" Once more, Madoka spoke with too fast a tempo and too high a tone. "I'm just…thinking…"

"Okaaaaaaa~y…Whatever you say!" Junko turned around once more. "By the way…you better tell me where you got that ring! It's so pretty!"

"Huh?" Madoka stared at the ring, before turning once more towards her mother.

She simply waved. "Come on! Don't let my questions slow you down! Good luck at school today!"


Homura woke up once more. She groaned, her eyes still reeling from the shock of waking up. She gripped her hands. It was strange…wasn't one of them gone befo-

She rose out of bed quickly. She grasped around, looking for her soul gem, before discovering something odd.

It was gone. Completely gone.

She was alive.

She was a human being once more.

She fell backwards on the bed.

What had Madoka wished for?

She put on her glasses, noting that it was the first time in centuries that she actually needed them. "Just what did you do, Madoka?"


Madoka walked down the path, her eyes filled with confusion.

"It's exactly the same as before…"

"Madoka! Wait up!"

The young girl turned, surprised. Was that-

She had a stupid grin on her face. It was!

Sayaka ran to her, hands waving wildly, "I don't want to go alone!"

Madoka wasted no time. Within seconds, her arms were wrapped around her best friend's waist, a sob wracking her form. She gripped Sayaka as if letting go would kill her.

"Whoa…Easy there!" Sayaka stepped back, confused by the sudden contact. "It's not like I've been gone for too long! Geez…" She soon had a soft smile, before returning the hug. "I missed you too, buddy."


"What is this?"

Both girls turned to the source of the question. "Hitomi?"

"Is this what I think it is?" The green-haired girl turned, an odd expression upon her face. "Is this…Forbidden Love?"

Sayaka turned towards her own friend, as Madoka pulled away, a bright red blush smeared across her face. "What are you talking about?"

"It IS! Oh! Don't you know how forbidden it is!" Hitomi seemed to dance. "Such Callous Disregard For Society! Such is the power of Love!"

Madoka stared. Hitomi wasn't this crazy…was she?

"Let's…just…go…" Sayaka started to sidestep away from the bizarre singing lady.

Madoka wisely followed in her footsteps.


Sayaka sat at her desk, before turning to her pink-haired friend, obviously worried by her odd behavior. "Madoka…You've been off all morning…are you okay?"

"I'm fine, really!" That's a lie. "I'm just a little tired." Are you really going to lie to her?

"I don't know…You really are a little off…"

"Don't worry about it!" Help me…

Thankfully, their teacher interrupted their thoughts. "Class, I have two announcements to make…One: Don't date guys who are older than you. They're probably married…"

"Already, she's making her dating shpeel."

Madoka said nothing; admittedly, she actually missed this stupid advice.

"Also, we have a new transfer student."

"Ah…shouldn't that come first?"

She turned. "Akemi-san, you can come in."

And into the room came a tall girl, presumably in her early teens. Her long, black hair extended to her thighs, and a pair of red glasses adorned her face. She seemed thin, but not sickly, with a healthy figure, and a weary, worldly expression.

Madoka recognized her instantly.

"My name is Homura Akemi." The voice was cold, almost nonchalant as she bowed. "Pleased to meet you all."

Madoka's face was full of shock as she saw her former guardian repeat the same steps as before, with very little deviation from her previous timeline.

"Please treat her well, Okay?"


As before, she was swamped by others. They crowded around the girl, asking her various inane questions, as Madoka sat by her friends at her own desk, simply staring at the transfer student. "Does she recognize…"

"She's already getting swamped." Sayaka blurted, breaking Madoka from her train of thought. "It's as though she's already the most popular student on campus…"

"Huh…" HItomi glanced to Sayaka. "Do you think she was transferred back or something?"

"I don't know. It looks like it."

The other girls crowded around the desk as though it were more important than life itself. "Where did you go to school?"

"Your hair! How's it so pretty?"

Suddenly, she stood up, hand clutching her forehead.

"I don't feel so good…I was nervous…So I don't feel so good anymore…Can someone please lead me to the infirmary?"

"I'll take you there!"

"No, that's okay. I'll ask the person in charge." Homura glanced over to Madoka. "Kaname-san?"

Madoka pulled her head up from her desk. "Y-yes?"

"Can you please lead me to the Nurse's office? You are the health officer, aren't you?"

Madoka gulped nervously. "Y-yes. Yes I am."

"Let's go, then."


They walked through the halls of the former prison, the glass making it no secret that the pair was strolling through the halls, the eyes of many of their peers staring at them through the walls. Madoka noted that the walk through the hall was the same as before, and that the only thing that had changed was the fact that she was nervous for a totally different reason.

She also noted that there was a slight difference in architecture, with more supports than there were before. "Homura…Chan…"

The other girl stopped in the middle of the walkway towards the office, the same place where Homura gave her initial cryptic warning, the sun shining through with the same strength as before.

Homura turned, the glasses remaining perfectly still on her face. "Do you remember?"

Madoka took a step back, her eyes wide. "Remember?"

"What happened before?"

Madoka took another step backwards, her head facing the floor. "Y-yes…I do…"

Homura's expression softened for a second, before returning to its previous aloofness. How did she-

Madoka raised her hand, and on it was something that made Homura's heart stop.

It was the ring.

Madoka's soul.

She was too late.


Madoka sat outside of the nurse's room. She put her head in her hands, as though that would really solve her problems. She turned back towards the hall, and reflected upon the fact that she decided to forgo lunch in favor of a talk with her friend.

Friend. It felt so odd. In this reality, they just met, but, they'd been friends for almost two months. She could barely wrap her head around the implications.

The door opened quickly, forcing Madoka to look towards Homura once more. She opened her mouth, but the words died in her throat. She choked, then turned back to the floor.

In the room sat Homura, with the nurse having gone off to get some medicine. The younger girl sat by her guardian, eyes filled with shame, confusion, and just a little bit of hope.


"What did you wish for?"


"What was so important that you made your wish? So early?" Homura turned to her. "Do you realize what you've done?"

Madoka flinched.

"You've doomed yourself!"

Madoka grabbed the sides of her head, pressing it desperately. "Stop it!"

"Madoka, whatever you did might have killed all of us!"

"I wanted Kyubey to change everything!"

Homura stopped her harsh interrogation. "What do you mean?"

"I wanted him to change the world so that…" Madoka inhaled quickly in a desperate bid to calm down. "So that you could survive."

Homura blinked. "What do you-"

"You died in the last timeline. Everyone did. Walpurgisnacht was unstoppable." Madoka stared adamantly, her previously skittish nature evaporating in favor of newfound boldness. "I wished to change everything and go back to save you."


"I did it for all of us! And I'm not a witch yet…you said that I became a witch almost immediately after offing Walpurgis that last time, right? So that means Kyubey really did change things!"

Homura stopped, thoughtful for a second. "We don't know what he changed though."

Both girls sat in silence, the thought hanging in the air.

They did not get to contemplate all too much though, as a loud crash from outside had interrupted their quiet moment.


The television flickered to life in the living room, as Tomohisa Kaname decided that now would be a good time to watch the news. He washed the china in the room, his hands slaving away as the news anchor appeared upon the screen, her eyes filled with fear.

[It appears that one has recently spawned from the nearby shopping mall near the Mitakihara Junior High.]

Tomohisa Kaname dropped his dishes. "Oh my god."

He ran over to the television.

Upon it was a horrible monstrosity, easily stretching several meters into the sky. It seemed to warp the very space around it, as its eyes, or what Tomohisa assumed were its eyes, flickered, dirty blonde hair around its horrible visage.

It screeched, shattering the of the entire building, which is to say most of the building, as vines, all basked in an unearthly glow, grew upon the structure.

[The witch appears to be related to gardens, as the mall is turning into an enormous garden. It is unknown if there are any Veneficus Puella nearby that can prevent a disaster.]

The family man grabbed a nearby phone, desperately dialing in.

"Junko! Quick! Get out!"

"Tomohisa, please! I was in a mee-"

"A witch appeared by Madoka's school!"

"What?" Elsewhere, Madoka's mother, one Junko Kaname, stood up from her desk, startling her employees.

"It's really bad! And there aren't any Veneficus Puella to stop it!"

"Shit! I'll be there as fast as I can!" Junko jammed the phone back into its receiver, and quickly packed up her stuff.

A coworker tapped her on the shoulder. "Uh…miss-?"

"I don't have time for your shit! Clear it up yourself!" She ran out of the building, a look of worry, determination, and rage plastered onto her face.


[Wait. This just in! A figure has been spotted heading rapidly towards the building! In just a few seconds…]

The image dissolved into static.

"They're in our reality this time?" Homura ran alongside Madoka, both girls keeping their heads down as they desperately tried to avoid the debris that the witch was currently throwing at the school.

"The witch is different too." Homura pointed as she ran. Without her powers, she finally began to panic. "Look!"

Gertrud had, indeed, changed. This time, its head was far better defined, and its hair seemed to twist differently, with far more fluidity. Its face was still a horrifying gape, but this time, it had eyes, which seemed to glow a bright red.

The various Anthonies around it marched, with another dimension added to their otherwise flat figures. The building seemed to morph into an enormous, hideous garden as the witch overtook it, with the civilians inside dropping dead, their souls quickly consumed by the monstrosity.

The witch shrieked once more, before turning its eldritch gaze to the school. It moved onward through the mall like it was nothing, the building collapsing under its sheer mass.

Madoka screamed and Homura gasped as the witch continued its trek towards them, when a shot rang through the air.

Instantly, the witch's head jerked to the left, and the creature was sent hurtling towards the ground, dust rising as it slammed into the street. It rolled, steadying itself as the creature righted itself once more, despite the gaping hole in the side of its head, and yelled, its new challenger making herself known.

"Guess who?" The young woman said with a smile, her hand-cannon glowing as she let it retract into the bow around her waist, leaving a single rifle in her arms.

"M-Mami?" Madoka stared at this new savior, and took note of the uniform. It was far darker than the previous Mami's had been, this time with a black uniform. The beret was white with a black feather, and the skirt was black with a yellow lining. The rifle in the woman's hands glowed a soft yellow, as the intricate silver décor upon its side pulsed with energy.

"Just stay tight! I'll be done in a second!" The girl winked, and took aim once more. This time, several thousand shots flew out of the barrel at once, stopping in midair, just in front of the girl. They formed a complex pentagram, various runes popping up as the bullets spun around.

The pentagram of shots flew forward as the witch, not even bothering to partake in the magical theatrics, had decided to run onwards. The shots tore into the witch's body, forcing the enormous creature off of the ground at rapid speed. The witch soared into the sky, a small yellow trail behind it as it flew upwards.

Mami took aim once more, only to witness the witch form its own magical circle in the sky, as an enormous immaterial flower formed a platform. The witch crashed into its new platform, and, using it as a springboard, proceeded to fly off of it.

It was going to ram her.

"Both sides got a power boost?" Homura stared at the display in front of her. Just what happened with the witches and Puella Magi?

Madoka hid her eyes into Homura's arms.

Mami simply smiled as she prepared a new weapon, not even bothering to turn to the girls she was protecting. "It's alright." The bow wrapped around the gun once more, as Mami pulled several more ribbons off of her person. "It's going to be over soon."

Instantly, several cannons, each easily the size of a bus, formed. They extended outwards, before turning directly towards the witch. Mami herself stood on one of the barrels of these cannons, and took out a pair of flintlock pistols, aiming to the sky above her.


The witch was traveling at an incredible pace, a thin layer of vapor forming in front of it.

"Morte Certa."

A sonic boom was heard, causing a cloud of dust of rise from the ground below.


And Mami pulled the trigger.

The guns fired simultaneously, rocketing to their midair prey. Their paths intertwined, wrapping around each other in an intricate display of grace and power. A path of light appeared in the sky as the shots were sent hurtling towards Gertrud.

The witch proceeded to dodge them rapidly, the shots just barely missing it in midair. The bullets, however, were nowhere near finished with their offensive. They split apart from one another, the bullets forming a complex trail in the sky as they proceeded to pursue the rapidly falling witch.

The enormous anomaly continued its trek to the ground, as Mami created one last enormous cannon, just large enough for her to fit in. She slipped into its barrel, as the weapon readied itself.

"Tiro!" The hammer of the gun fell forwards. "Finale!"

The explosion rocked the school as Mami flew upwards at high speed. Those two flintlock pistols rose quickly, as she readied both guns for her head-on collision with Gertrud.

The witch was unprepared as Mami jammed herself into its side, the witch shifting in midair from the force of the Veneficus Puella's impact. The two pistols by her side started to glow once more, before shifting into a dark black, a sinister energy surrounding them as she jammed both weapons into the witch's head.

"Bang." She fired both flintlocks simultaneously.

And the bullets entered one side, and exited the other.

The witch exploded in midair, bits of its being flying about messily, before the remains branched out, dissolving spectacularly as they did so, a brilliant yellow fractal glowing in the sky.

The mall seemed to repair itself as the witch dissolved, with the formerly dead patrons suddenly rising up once more, as Mami skydived to the ground. She flipped gracefully, before slamming into the earth at high speed, the very ground cracking as she crouched slightly, before rising, unimpeded by her rapid descent, to face the incoming swarm of people on the ground.

Homura whispered as she and Madoka stared at the sight. "Just…what is this?"

"Ara ara! What have we here?"

Quickly, she was swamped by reporters, as she simply waved her hand, the various people thanking her for her duties.

And it was then that Homura and Madoka realized just how much their world had changed.

'The power of magic comes from the human soul, which can manipulate matter to defy the laws of the universe to its will. With the soul, it becomes possible to bend reality; this free will is the very reason why we use humans to reverse entropy; it literally defies the rest of this deterministic universe.'

'Why wouldn't we use this? It's a very powerful resource.'

|I met you.|

|I saw my dream come true.|

|An eternity passed in a second.|


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