\Disobey fate, scatter tears,/

\Even so, I want to meet you./

EnBey sat alone on top of the hospital. Madoka was just admitted into the building…and he was left alone to contemplate his situation.

He was left with a sadistic choice.

'Homura, Homura, Homura…this will not end well.'

'End well? How do you mean?'

Instantly, a ball of red energy blasted the alien's head off, as TorBey's body was sent spiraling onto the ground.

Quickly, another one of his bodies ran over, and started devouring it messily.

'We[I{They believe} think] predict that it will end very well for our universe.'

Another blast. Another eviscerated body. It didn't accomplish anything, but EnBey didn't care; it was cathartic. 'You know, I will just keep killing you until you give up.'

'But what will that accomplish? Another death and rebirth for you?'

The voice didn't have any real source. It seemed to echo all around EnBey, as the creature grit his teeth, his eyes shifting left and right. 'You have multiple bodies, right? How about you get the hell out of here and go fuck yourself?'

'Such a revolting image.' The voice[s] started to fade, as TorBey's bodies started to retreat. 'But you will understand Our[My{Their}] motives soon enough.'

As the voice got quieter, EnBey sat on the roof, lying down as melancholy started to overcome his mind.

'Fucking coward.'

He stared out to the city. 'And that Akemi girl…' He shook his head. 'Is there a way to make her contract…Hell…is she even worth it?'

He sighed. 'Let's find out tomorrow…before that bastard gets to her first.'

-Potestatem Ego Habeo-

Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella

Episode 12: Impasse

-Potestatem Ego Habeo-

Sayaka slammed her fist into a nearby lamppost, forcing it to bend over at a none-too-modest angle. She stared at the ground, her teeth gritted as Kyouko just watched.

"I…couldn't do anything!"

"We got there late. So what? She handled that witch pretty well until the end." Kyouko sighed. "Don't blame yourself. It's just not worth it."

"Is it, Kyouko?" She moved to the other girl, and grabbed her by the collar. "Why shouldn't I blame myself? I should have gotten there sooner…"

"There was no way you could have gotten there sooner than you did!" Kyouko growled, smacking away one of Sayaka's arms. "She was halfway across the city! You can't run too fast unless powers are specifically made for that!" Kyouko turned back to her. "And last time I checked, you're made of iron."

The other girl groaned in frustration, and pressed her back to a nearby wall, sliding down into a miserable seating position. "I…I know…"

"Look…I didn't want to see her hurt any more than you did…but I don't have that kind of speed either." She sighed. "And the last person with that kind of speed ended up in two pieces."

"When Kazuko was a VP?"

"Yeah…" Kyouko shook her head, getting herself back on topic. "So…how is she now?"

"Fine…I guess…she's in the hospital." Sayaka sighed. "The doctor said that she's going to stay in for several days…"

"I see…Could have been much, much worse." Kyouko sighed. "And if you feel this bad…imagine how Homura must feel."

"Homura? That black-haired girl?"

"Yeah. According to her, they just got together about two hours ago."

Sayaka blinked. Is everyone a lesbian? "Oh…" She stared at Kyouko. "So…she's staying there?"

"Junko pulled some strings and let her stay there for the night." She sighed. "So yeah."


Homura was inside of Madoka's hospital room, having been allowed there via Junko's influence. She stared at the girl in the hospital bed, with several bloody bandages covering her abdomen. A machine was hooked up to her wound, as artificial blood was being pumped into Madoka's body.

The glasses-wearing girl looked at Madoka, desperately trying to avoid bursting into tears. She just got the girl…why was she so close to being taken away from her?

Because you didn't protect her. You couldn't. She buried her head in her hands. "I'm…so worthless."

The hospital door swung open, and Homura looked up to see a doctor walk into the room. "They said that the worst of the damages were to the intestinal tract…she won't be able to eat until about noon tomorrow…but the worst of the damages was from blood loss." The doctor looked at the girl sitting by the bedside. She sighed. "I already told her mother. She won't be conscious until morning, and she won't be able to fight until Wednesday."

"Thank…thank you Doctor…"

The doctor flashed her I.D. "Doctor Kiku, MD. And there's no problem." The doctor walked out of the room, leaving Homura alone with the girl that she failed to save…


"Damn it."


Hanako Kiku sighed as she left the room. She was renowned for her incredibly fluid, fast, and detailed surgeries, as well as her incredibly speedy diagnoses, both of which made her accelerate to the top of her class and field.

She was head of the field, and was appointed by Mami as the chief medic for the Venefici.

Being an ex-Veneficus herself helped her get that position, too.

She turned to see Junko outside of the hall, leaning against her husband for support, with Kazuko and Mami beside them. The teacher turned to her, and frowned. "Did you just-"

"Tell Homura about the injuries? Yes." The doctor sighed. Her peach-colored eyes showed a kind of weariness that only experience could give. Her face held a stoic, almost depressed personality. "After all, she deserves to know, right, Kaname?"

Junko rose up, her husband sitting behind her. "…Yeah…she likes her a lot, ya know?"

"You told me before. I think I know, Ma'am." She sighed. "…But just why did Madoka let her guard down? Wasn't she sparring for several days now?"

Mami nodded. "Yes, she was. She was a very good candidate; Sayaka's more powerful than she is, and yet Madoka blocked most of her blows before blasting her away with a rain of arrows."

"But…why the sudden stab wound?"

'She was manipulated.'

The group turned to this new voice, with Tomohisa being used as this new creature's headrest. 'TorBey's making a move, ladies and gentlemen.'

"That we know, EnBey." Mami sighed. "Kazuko and I gave them a briefing on Walpurgisnacht last night."

'And there was that fireworks show a few nights back. Remember that demon tower earlier?'

The man underneath the Incubator scrambled, trying to get him off. It didn't work. "Who wouldn't remember that?"

'That was Homura Akemi's grief potential, manifested in a physical form.'

All of them stared, before Kazuko took the liberty to speak for them. "That…was her's?"

Mami seemed to be in shock, but for a wholly different reason. That grief…had to have come from somewhere. "That story…it's true, isn't it?"

The group, save for EnBey looked to her. "What story?" Junko asked, suddenly interested in what they had to say.

'Let me.' EnBey leaped off of Tomohisa's head, to his great relief, and onto the floor, as a holographic screen, fueled by EnBey's magic, appeared into the air in front of them. 'This Homura Akemi, as well as this Madoka Kaname, are not of this world…'

And so it began.


Yoshio stood by the door, patiently awaiting her foster family's arrival. She had grown close to Sayaka, especially after the kidnapping, and was warming up ever so slowly to Kyouko's presence. After all, she was living with them, and she knew that they were going to protect her no matter what…right?

Suddenly, the door opened, and two girls walked inside. Sayaka looked haggard, and Kyouko had her hand on the other girl's shoulder.

"Look, Sayaka, it's been a long day, and I think we both need some shut-eye right about now."

"I…I know…but I can't help but…"

"Sayaka, calm down. I'll just make use some food, and then you can angst about this later, okay?"

Sayaka smirked at Kyouko's use of the word "angst," only for it to disappear mere seconds later. She slumped down in a nearby couch, and let herself relax.

Yoshio walked over to her foster sister, and sat on the couch next to her. "What's wrong, Sayaka? You're not doing too well."

"I'm fine, Yoshio." She didn't even believe her own bullshit. "I'm just…just tired, you know?"

Kyouko sighed. She wasn't going to let the blue-haired girl get away with lying just yet. She took a remote control, and turned on the television.

Got out of bed in the middle of the night…why am I making food again?She saw Sayaka stare blankly at the image of Madoka getting struck in the stomach, now with several different angles, with the girl growing more and more miserable with each and every strike.

That's right. She sighed.

Yoshio on the other hand, stared at the screen. That was the pink haired girl! She didn't know her too well…but Sayaka did. She knew that the older girl was not feeling too happy about this…if anything…she was feeling the same kind of thing that she herself did after realizing that she had turned into a witch.

"Sayaka…is that…"

"My friend? Yup." She had a smile on her face, though it was clearly forced. "She got hurt. Badly."


"There's a chance she might not make it." Sayaka's tone was flat.

Yoshio suddenly knew that the other girl was starting to break. "Sayaka…"

Suddenly, there was a change in story. This time, it showed demons, thousands of them, flooding the night sky, before being retracted into a single point in the city's historical district.

Sayaka snapped back up to see this incredible display. "Kyouko…"

The redhead blinked. "Yes?"

"Do you know…what happened here?"

[There has been a recent sighting of demons in downtown Mitakihara.]

Kyouko turned from the ramen currently boiling on the stove, and looked to the screen. "No…I don't…"

[As you can see, they are all from a single point in the historical district…and are actually at this house.]

The shot changed once more, showing a poorly edited Google-Earth image. Kyouko noted that the news stations were probably experiencing budget issues.

[This is reportedly the home of Homura Akemi, the newly accredited Internet Celebrity and known middle schooler. It is unknown as to her cause of despair, though it is very probable that her source of skill is also her source of misery.]

Kyouko and Sayaka stared for several seconds at this screen. After all, it seemed rather…unnerving.

In fact, Kyouko was the one to put the words into their mouths.

"Oh, crap."


That morning, Homura had gone off to school. Madoka hadn't even woken up yet; that prediction of her awakening was slightly off; the other girl was still out.

Her condition hadn't worsened, at least, but her wound was still going to take time to heal.

Homura was walking to school, when a certain Incubator appeared beside her, walking at about the same pace as she did.

'How is she?'

"You should know. I heard your thoughts from down the hall."

'Ah. Right…' He sighed. 'I know that you want to protect Madoka. I know that you're probably on the brink of becoming a VP, right?'

"Direct and to the point. Yes."

'Look. Think about it. Later, you can talk to me about whether or not you want to become a VP, okay?'

"Why not now, Incubator?"

EnBey winced at the name. 'Look, Rintaro, I prefer being called Interceptor. Not one of those…white…fucking…abominations.'

"That is irrelevant. Why not now, Interceptor?" The last word rolled off of the girl's tongue with a hint of venom.

'Because of just that. You're speaking with a harsher tone than what you would usually go for. You're being irrational…as usual.'

Homura blinked. "Irrational?" She had been called many things, but never that. "How am I being irrational?"

'I heard about your desire to do the hanky-panky with a certain pink-haired girl.'

She grit her teeth. "Your point?"

'You're getting angry because you were unable to protect her...which, while perfectly understandable, means that you need to take a step back and calm the fuck down.' He looked to her, his eyes glowing again. 'We'll meet again. I have business to conduct.'


Kyouko and Sayaka had just dropped off Yoshio. They had taken to walking to school together because, frankly, it was miserable walking alone, and it helped to have someone to talk to.

Not that they were doing much of it on this particular day. Kyouko's late-night snack had calmed down Sayaka somewhat, but she was still filled with melancholy.

It was then that they noticed a certain black-haired girl walking to school by herself. She looked at the ground, as though it were the most interesting damn thing in the world.

She wasn't crying, but she might as well be.

Kyouko raised a hand. "Hey!" Homura didn't budge. "Homerun-chan!" She didn't look up. "Homura!"

She finally answered. "What do you want?"

Kyouko almost flinched at the tone. "I just want to know…what happened last night…other than the obvious."

Homura blinked. Everything about last night was obvious. "The demons or the-"

"The demons." Sayaka cut her off. "We want to know about the demons."

Homura sighed. "They are from my past, yes."

"That's simply not normal, Homura." Kyouko sighed. "We want to know where they're from."

"I won't tell you. It is as simple as that."

Kyouko frowned. "Look, Homura. We need to know just how that demon tower of yours formed."

Homura kept walking. Everyone saw that. Of course they want to know. "I will tell you later, Kyouko."

The other girl sighed. "Alright, then." She let Homura walk off. "Jeez…cold bitch."


Junko Kaname tried to focus on her work. She tried to calm her mind by drowning it in business decisions and financial plans for her company…

It wasn't working.

Her mind still drifted to the fact that the girl in the hospital was not her daughter. She had the same genetic code, the same personality, and the same appearance…

But she was not her daughter.

She put her head on the desk, letting her hair cover her face.


She raised her head. "Come in."

'No need to.' She turned back to this mental voice, revealing the Interceptor currently outside of her office…about half of a mile off of the ground.

"What the hell-!"

'Magic.' He deadpanned. 'Can any of these be opened?'

Junko nodded, and flipped over the one that EnBey was currently sitting on.

He shook his head as he jumped onto the floor of her office, before Junko flipped the panel back over. 'You're disturbed, aren't you?'

"I just now know that Madoka's…not my Madoka anymore." Junko laughed bitterly. "I mean…who the hell deals with this kind of issue?"

'Not many, if at all.' He turned to her. 'Were you smart, you would have just kept out of it.'

"Ignorance is bliss." Junko sighed. "And I can't drink here…damn I could use some liquor."

'I as well, ma'am.' He jumped to her desk. 'I know that this isn't what you want to hear, but take care of this Kaname.'

"Because she has nowhere else to go, am I right?" Junko stared at the Interceptor.

'Correct. Her world was probably destroyed by Walpurgis…and your Kaname is still alive…somewhere.'

"She is?" Junko sat up.

'In another world.' He stared at her. 'She probably ended up in another universe…probably one similar to this Madoka's old world.'

"That…that death world?" Junko stared in shock.

'Indeed.' He looked to the woman again. 'If there is a chance at saving her…then a way to that universe must be found quickly.' He walked out to the window. 'Now…this is going to be goddamn near impossible to pull off…but there is one way.' He opened it himself; he actually knew how to do it this time.

"How so?" Junko then blinked. "Wait, is it possible to save both of these Madokas?"

'Yes. It will require Homura…I will discuss it with you later.' He left the building, and leaped to the ground, a trail of red marking his absence.

"I just hope that this will end well…"

Sayaka and Kyouko sat by each other, eating their food on top of the roof. Nobody else was there; not Hitomi, not Homura…not even Mami was there.

"Kinda lonely today…" Kyouko took a bite out of some sausage.

Sayaka sighed. "It's disturbing." She bit a riceball, letting some grains fall to the ground. "I don't like it when it's this quiet; it's not supposed to be."

"Well, one of our friends is critically injured, another is miserable, and the other's filing paperwork right now."

"What about Hitomi?"

It was at that very moment that Hitomi walked onto the roof. She saw the two girls sitting up there, and waved her hand.

Noticing this, Sayaka waved her own hand. "Hey! Want to sit with us?"

Hitomi nodded. She ran over to the two girls, and opened up a bento box. "How are you two today?"

Kyouko sighed, and Sayaka just stared at the ground. "Not too well. Yourself?"

Hitomi put her hand on Sayaka's shoulder. "I heard about what happened to Madoka. Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine…we were able to get to the hospital fast enough." Sayaka looked at her. "I know that there was no way that I could have gotten to her…but I still-"

"I already told you, Miki!" Kyouko put a hand on Sayaka's shoulder. "There was nothing that anybody could do. It's not your fault, nor is it mine, okay?"

"I know, Kyouko…but still."

"That's alright, Sayaka." Hitomi put a hand on the girl's other shoulder. "Look, she's alive, right? I doubt she'll have any ill-will towards you."


Homura sat alone on the school grounds, directly beneath one of the area's many trees. She was allowed to for only one reason; nobody was brave enough to challenge her eating plans.

However, she was interrupted when a mental voice, one that she was familiar with by now, had started to speak directly to her.

'Would you like to protect her?'

Her eyes widened. TorBey!

'We[I{They}] can grant you this-' The voice was cut off suddenly.

'Hello again.'


'I think we can talk now, before that motherfucker returns.' EnBey appeared, walking over to Homura's seat by the tree.

"About the contract?"

'Yeah.' He sat by her quickly. 'I don't think you're a very safe candidate…'

Homura blinked. That was fast. "So you don't want me to-"

'But you're still an attractive offer for TorBey.' He sighed. 'Are you willing to contract?'

Homura stared at him. "Suddenly had a change of heart?"

'Yes. TorBey can do that to a person…or a former Incubator.' He looked at her. 'If you contract with me now, you can finally get rid of that bastard. He manipulated Madoka because of you, right?'

"Yes…I see your point." Homura stared at him. "I will do this, then. If he goes away from my friends…and Madoka, then I will accept this."

'Then let's do this.' He stretched out his arms. 'Are you ready?'


His eyes glowed. 'Then hold still.'


There was a rumble heard throughout the city. Sayaka and Kyouko didn't hear it, so much as they felt it. They saw a purple light shine from the ground…when Kyouko's eyes suddenly widened.

Sayaka stared at this burst of energy in shock, as, suddenly, the pulsing ended. The rumble stopped, and all was still…

When the streets were suddenly flooded.

Pitch-black, writhing, hungry demons appeared onto the streets, with the ground cracking with their every movement. They swarmed the city, filling every corner within seconds as they poured out of a single source…

Homura Akemi.

Kyouko saw them pour out of the girl's body, as she saw EnBey struggling to control the monstrosities…

"She fucking did it!" She leaped off of the building, ready to attempt to evacuate at least some people. "Damn it, Homura!"


Junko held onto the side of the building for dear life, as it started to tilt. The demons were pressing against it just by moving…and just what had caused them?

These malevolent creatures of Grief burrowed into the tower, as they started to spread even farther out into the city.


This was too much even for him to handle. EnBey could only control some of the demons that had burst from Homura's soul…and they quickly overtook him. He was swept away by this swarm, when he noticed that this wasn't a lethal storm…

It was far worse.

The humans in this abyss had began to stare blankly into the demons. They were engulfed by Homura's misery and grief…and were slowly being embedded into it.

Were they not stopped within the hour, the Demons would have infected all of the inhabitants of Mitakihara with their Grief…

And EnBey knew that there was no way out.

'God damn it!'


The city was in a panic as the swarm started to overtake much of the city. It flowed over the buildings as though it were a living liquid, overtaking the residents with their despair.

Mami ran out of the city-hall, her duties as a Matriarch having been pushed aside for the sake of protection. She pulled out several cannons, ready to strike down whatever monstrosities these new, bizarre creatures were.

"I won't let you pass, you know." She stared at the encroaching mob silently, a smirk on her face. "But I'd like to see you try."

Suddenly, the cannons seemed to multiply. Thousands of them, each of them the size of a bus, stared down the demon horde, as though it were a wall of guns. She stood in the center of the wall, and raised a flintlock pistol.

"Attaco Ultimo."

The demons continued to run to her, showing no fear as they rushed to her.



Madoka woke up, only to hear screaming. She was finally waking up…and she did not know what was happening.

How long…has it… She turned to her side…to see demons. Millions of them seemed to pour into the city, with their bodies burrowing into some of the buildings around town. The skyscrapers in the distance seemed to crumble, with only a select few, including her mother's workplace, withstanding the force of the invasion.

But this destruction didn't seem to catch the young Veneficus' attention.

What did catch her eye was a certain young girl rising in the eye of this storm of pain and fury.

With her enhanced vision, Madoka could see this girl's face, her hair, and her glasses clearly.



'This was unprecedented.'

'Sir…we have detected an enormous energy spike over Mitakihara.'

'Indeed. Phase two has been completed.' A pair of Golden Eyes stared at TorBey.

'And now, we[I{they}] wait.'

'We shall.' The Incubator looked to the engulfing mass of demons quickly spreading from the island city of Mitakihara. 'This may mark the beginning of the end of the war.' KyuBey stared at this other creature. 'And the demons shall serve as our new generator.'

|I'm calling, defying the closing spiral yelling and screaming while we disappear.|