And on that note, I need a Beta. I just have a set of necessary criteria:

Timely. This is a big one. I am going on a set timeline. I want to release chapters on a weekly basis at a certain time per chapter. I don't want to have to wait a fucking week for one of my chapters to be done unless necessary.

Critical. This is also a big one. No need for a tear-down, just enough of a look-see to make sure that the prose isn't shit, the dialogue is decent, and that the characters are believable.

Friendly.This is less important. I'll be more willing to work with you if you don't act like ass. Like I said, not really that important.

If you're willing, shoot me a PM. Don't review. Capiche?


Okay, I found four betas. They are as follows:


Ray of Speed

Anime-Starwars-Fan-Zach (My lord, that's a mouthful)

And Magic9Mushroom

Thanks to everyone who applied! I'll be posting the story...when I'm done with chapter 13. Right now, I'm halfway through six. Thank you for PMing me.