Author's note

So it has been nearly a year since I wrote anything to this story. I know that all of you will be expecting an up date about. This year has been incredibly difficult for me, I have suffered more than my fair share of deaths both familial and friends. The chief among them was my aunt who I was incredibly close to and someone I love very much. Every time I sit down to write more to finish this story I come up blank. Well not blank exactly there is stuff there to write it just doesn't want to be written at the moment. As an effect I am placing this story on hold indefinitely. While I love 'A forked road' At the moment I find myself incapable of finishing it. I am not sure there will be a time where I can bring myself to finishing what I started here.

So sorry to disappoint you all I know this isn't what you wanted to here or read but for now A Forked Road is taking a back burner while I work on new material which is bouncing around in my head. Any one who may be interested in finishing the story feel free to pm to discuss it further.