"Radiant Garden huh?" Dream named the world they just arrived in. The keyblade acted as a translator and identified the name of the world they were in, as well as deciphered any other languages. "Seems…peaceful." Dream, Illusion, and Reality walked through a busy town center where they assumed people were purchasing various things. "So where do we start looking?" Reality and Illusion shrugged. In truth, they had no idea where to start looking for their memories. Yen Sid gave them a vague starting point, which eventually led them here. Now the trail had run cold.

"Let's just explore, I guess." Reality answered while motioning to some downward steps they had seen. The group walked towards them, while eyeing a strange duck that owned a monocle for some reason.

Sora and Riku found themselves transported away from Yen Sid's tower and elsewhere, to another familiar place. "Dream world, huh? Looks like Traverse Town to me." Riku's long hair blew slightly in the wind.

"Yeah, it does. Weird." Sora gasped slightly when he looked at Riku's clothing, then again when he looked down at his own. "The dream world changed our clothing!"Sora was now wearing shorts with black stripes on the bottom of each leg. His gloves were black and his jacket became dark grey and black, with black sleeves with red stripes on the ends. Also, under the jacket, Sora found himself wearing a black shirt with a white "X" on the front.

"Not surprised." Riku answered, fairly calmly with a shrug. Riku was wearing a shirt that looked like his vest, with a black high collar, and an odd symbol on the back. He was also wearing baggy blue denim jeans, black wristbands and sneakers.

"Dream-A world that shows your inner-most self." The voice seemed nearly omnipotent, with a strange yet equal blend of masculine and feminine qualities. Sora and Riku looked around in a confused, yet curious expression.

"Drop- You will have to lose your fears and doubts to gain it all." The line seemed to be directed at Riku.

"Distance- What separates your heart from the heart of others is not as difficult to transverse as it may appear." This line, seemed to be directed at Sora. Suddenly, a hole in the ground opened up and swallowed a perplexed looking Riku.

"Riku! Riku!" Sora first attempted to reach into the hole, and then resorted to walking around calling his name.

"Such an annoying noise." This time, a different voice was addressing Sora. And unlike the first one, it was strictly masculine with a body attached to it. He turned around and saw a male about his age. He was about Riku's height and slender, with spiky orange hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a funnel-shaped collar, and a blue-violet stripe outlined with gold going down the middle. He also possessed a blue-violet pair of headphones, and a yellow sweatband on his left arm, and white shorts held up by a loose-fitting belt. Finally he wore black shoes with a blue-violet stripe outlined in gold. "Besides," the boy continued, "There's no time for that now. Don't you understand that the world ends with you?"

Reality, Illusion, and Dream found themselves in a large, mostly empty plaza. There was a small house to their right and three figures standing in front of them in pale green, hooded cloaks. The figures had been there when they first arrived as if they were waiting for someone. "Hello, Reality. Illusion. Dream." The figure in the center spoke.

"Who are you? How do you know us?" Illusion questioned.

"You don't remember? That's a shame. We remember you." The figure on the far right spoke, chucking at his own words.

"You have something to do with our memories don't you?" Reality called out.

"Don't you know what happens to runaway memories?" The figure who remained silent finally spoke. The three cloaked figures flashed pale green for a moment, and out from their bodies sprouted a multitude of little, pale green creatures. They were about the size of heartless and appeared almost horse-like in the face, yet stood on two legs. "They haunt you!"

Reality, Dream and Illusion immediately summoned their keyblades to attack the now swarming creatures. Illusion clutched his head for a moment, but regained his composure quickly. "Your head hurting too?" Dream's question earned a nod from Reality and Illusion.

"It's been hurting since we saw these guys. Yet, I feel…"

"Drawn to them?" Reality finished Illusion's sentence, and returned to his fighting stance just in time to cut down one of their new enemies. The three worked together like a tactical unit, making sure not to let one another be overtaken by the creatures. Mostly, the creatures only needed a few swings before they faded away, but there were so many of them that it proved a bit of a challenge. Plus, the fact that their heads were pounding didn't help matters.

"Crowd control!" Illusion shouted the battle plan, before the three separated. "Rain of light!" Orbs of light sprawled out from his body and floated into the air, before raining down upon the crowd of enemies.

"Dance of lighting!" Reality let loose a large ball of lightning that circled him in a wide arc, and slowly circled closer and closer until it eventually went back to his keyblade; destroying any enemies it came in contact with during that process.

"Tornado raid!" Dream tossed his keyblade into the center of a group of creatures, which then became encircled with a vicious spiral of wind that damaged and destroyed the creatures. The three nearly collapsed when the creatures were killed; clutching their heads in pain.

Illusion saw himself standing in front of someone that seemed like consumed with light powers. "You have been bathed in the light similar to I have. Be my apprentice and I can show you all that I know. "The younger Illusion nodded his head, and gripped the hilt of the person's keyblade.

Reality saw himself standing in front of someone who felt of darkness, but raw power. "You aren't afraid of the darkness. That's good. You shouldn't be. You must learn to control it. Let me show you." The younger Reality nodded his head, and gripped the hilt of the person's keyblade.

Dream saw himself standing in front of someone who felt familiar. Someone that Dream knew currently. "My magic drew me to you. Tell me, are you ready to become something more. I have one apprentice ahead of you, but perhaps you can learn even more between the two of us." The younger Dream nodded his head, and gripped the hilt of the person's keyblade.

When they returned from their individual memories, the three cloaked figures were gone. "We've got to contact Yen Sid." Dream was the one who had the best relationship with Yen Sid, so he decided to be the one to contact him and explain what had occurred.

"I was afraid of this happening. Those creatures are what are known as Plagues. They're remnants of memory once lost, trying to overtake the point of their origin." Yen Sid caught the trio looking at the unconscious Sora and Riku. "Ah. These two are taking the mark of mastery currently. They're in the land of dreams currently, where all people and worlds are connected. Do not worry about them right now, but they will be of help to you in the future." Yen Sid ended the communication line, after suggesting that they follow the trail of the Plague's before they went cold. The trio decided to return to the exact spot they were within a few days if they found nothing, and split up. Illusion and Reality's trail led them to different worlds, yet Dream's trail beckoned him further into Radiant Gardens.

"I'm surprised this letter reached me, Kairi." King Mickey had found himself on Destiny Islands, clutching a letter than mysteriously made its way to his castle. It had been signed by Kairi though, so he knew it was worth investigating.

"I want to do my part. Everyone is busy doing their own training to prepare themselves. Well, I'm a keyblade user too! Train me please, Mickey." Mickey smiled at Kairi's sincere request.

"Okay. Come with me, back to the castle." The two departed from the world, heading towards Mickey's castle.