Logan could manipulate her, not that he would of course. But when the traumatizing events take place, he goes back to his old ways. That bad boy that was always hidden away for the better comes out. Now Logans out for 3 things. Trouble, Sex, and Drugs and Camille is right with open arms. But sometimes open arms arents that safe when it comes to bad boys. Will Camille let Logan get to her. Will he take advantage of her? Can she help him? What does the band thing? And most importantly, what happens in the end.

Enjoy the story and I take any request for the guys romances! If their are grammer errors i am truly sorry. I try my best. I dont own anything but Im sure you knew that. I have 1 Jatie story and Jamille story that both have sequels. The Rated M part comes later in the story

You can skip the prolouge but I really wouldnt because you will get the story better. Just read it.

3rd Person View (Prolougeish)

Innocents is what you could call Logan and Camilles relationship right now. Not that it was a bad thing, I mean they were 17 years old and truthfully, Los Angeles was full of sex scandals and you rarley found people that didnt either need to go to rehab or get their plastic surgery redone. Logan wasn't ready for that kind of commitment and Camille was ready well because she was head over heels for Logan and had the deepest love for him and she knew she was ready to embrace it but she could wait for someone she loved.

Logan, about to go on his second tour was sky rocketing to the heights of success along with Kendall, James, and Carlos. 2 Albums had been released and they were working on promoting the 2nd song on the album titled Paralyzed. All boys ecstatic about leaving on another tour and seeing their millions of billions of fans couldnt wait to jump on the private jet to go to the NetherLands then to Sweden and the other third world countrys around the world.

Kendall would miss Jo and Logan would miss Camille but theey would be back soon. And then James would miss checkin out the ladies and Carlos would miss hanging with James while James checked out the ladies at the beautiful and splendid PalmWoods

"Ready to go?" Thomas, Big Time Rush's limo driver asked us white opening the door to the shiny stretched car.

"Im going to miss you baby." Kendall took Jo in a passionate kiss hoping it would last the month they would be gone. "I love you and I'll call you tonight baby."

"Okay." Jo studdered


Logan was leaving now. I wanted to kiss him on the lips like Jo just did with Kendall but Logan and I had that friends with benefits relationship and we were in public so I kissed in gently on the cheek.

"Oh come on Camille, give me a real kiss." He whispered. He grasped my belt loops and lead my body against his and my lips on his. His kiss was like no other. The way he moved his lips against mine. The way he didnt let my belt loops go even when we were done kissing.

"Bye Logan."

"Bye Camille."

Logan and I never made out since we could never patch up all of the insecuritys towards eachother to make us official. That was a pretty deep lip lock that I had ever had with him.

Logan was a naive boy for a 17 year old and I had no problem with that because I understand. His past was rough with his abusive parents and the drugs and drinking. He knew what was on the other side of the fence. Logan had went through that bad boys stage and vowed never to revisit it and I admired him for that fact.

wasn't naive about what was out there, he was naive about doing everything that was out since he didn't want to revisit the past.

Whatever the circumstance he was always welcome in my arms and he knews that.


Tours were fun but painful. Leaving your surrounding like that. It killed because I had to leave not only the people around me, but the comfort of knowing I was going to be okay in a safe place like the palm woods.

"Logan, were going to Minnesota, arent you excited!" Carlos jumped towards me but Kendall immediatly pulled him by the shirt back to his original seat and gave him those wide eyes that means shut the fuck up.

"No Im not excited."

"Logan it's okay, come with me to my house." James offered

"No, no its okay." I replied knowing James had one hell of a house. More like a mansion than a house. "I need to visit my parents."

"Are you sure."


It was 12:00 at night and we were on our way to Florida for our concert that was at noon. I gave Camille a quick call even though she was probably sleeping.

"Hey Camille, did I wake you?"

"yeah, but Im fine."

"Im visiting my parents."

"Logan dont let them get into your head." She immediatly responded

"I wont." I assured her "I know better."

"Okay, well im gonna go back to bed Logan, goonight."


How was it. Now NOTICE: Im not going to do their tour I just have to do like 2 or 3 chapters that sets up the plot of the whole story.


Its going to be... unexpected...