She walked into the crowd, going against traffic, stiffining to the brush of random strangers. The next song came on, which made her feel even worse, realizing it was a song she shared with her love. She felt so useless today, she had hoped she didn't wake up today, for she always hoped when she laid down at night, that she wouldn't wake up. Waking up was painful, It felt like needles piercing her heart a thousand fold. As she adjusted her ipod to take her mind off the memories, she couldn't help but notice that everyone else was staring at her indirectly. She was different, this she knew, but this time it felt different. She felt like the black sheep of the crowd. She hoped the pain would cease soon, for she didn't know how much longer it would be before she killed herself. Suicide wasn't an option for her, as she wasn't religious, but heaven was her only chance at peace and escape.