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And now ladies and gentleman.

Part. 1

A dark figure walked from the shadows and approached the man sitting behind the desk before stopping to just admire him. His long black hair tied loosely in a dark emerald green ribbon. One elbow resting on the desk with his arm reaching to his head while his elegant pale fingers played with a stray strand of hair that was dangling close to the cauldron that was simmering under the man's intense green gaze. While the other hand was holding a ladle, stirring counter clockwise before stopping and stirring in the opposite direction. His fingers let go of the stray hair and reached for the finely chopped scales sitting on the desk next to him before his sprinkled them into the cauldron in a circular motion. He stopped stirring long enough for the mixture to turn a soft blue color before placing a cooling charm on the cauldron and turning the light fire off. He rested his head in his hands letting that stray hair flow past his hands to coil on the desk top.

The silent man watched for a minute more before walking swiftly up to the man and circling his arms around his waist. Resting his head on the man's shoulder and sniffed the man's hair.

"Oh my beautiful Salazar, why waste a life trying to find a cure for me when you can join me and we can save the life for our childe." All the while absently rubbing circles across Salazar Slytherins stomach.


One Harry potter sat in the window sill starring absently into the blizzard that was currently encompassing the Castle of Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry.

His knees brought to his chest and circled by one arm, his other led to the hand currently playing with his hair. His emerald eyes watched the swirling snow lazily, as if it could help bring him from his thoughts. He was going over what had happened earlier.


Harry was walking down the hallway during his routine midnight stroll. He had learned a long time ago how to avoid patrolling teachers and feline. But sometimes life became too boring and he would walk into a teacher "unawares" just to receive detention.

As he walked past a tall bay window he noticed a dark figure approaching the castle through the raging snow. It was struggling to make its way through the snow, stumbling here and there. And Harry found himself using a secret passage to the main hall, opening the doors and jogging through the snow to help the figure just before the man slumped into the snow unconscious. Harry threw his arms around the man's waist in time and felt all the man's weight fall into his arms as he struggled not to slip in the snow himself. He steadied himself and then with an ease and strength most didn't know he possessed, Harry lifted the figure and carrying the man in bridal style, made his way to the entrance doors. Unaware of the old figure standing in the same bay window he had been.

Harry silently carried the man to the infirmary and placed him on one of the beds. Removing the man's traveling cloak Harry hid his smirk as he looked at his potions master that would probably curse him if he ever found out the Harry had helped him. Again.


Truth be told Harry had never been able to sleep very well at night, for reasons unknown to him. And since Sirius death he just found himself wondering more around the school after curfew. It was the best time to think. The first time he had seen the dark figure marching back to the school, Harry had almost let the man be. Almost being the key word. For that first night he had just watched as his professor walked through the great doors, closing them and slumping against the wall for a bracing moment just to stand back up and start walking along it unaware of the young man that rushes to the spot he had been to inspect the blood now staining the wall. And staining a path straight to the man.

To say Harry had been shocked was an understatement. But the emotions that had arisen in Harry scared him even more. And he squashed them down as he waved his hand at the wall cleaning the blood from sight. Swiftly walking up to the man now standing once again against the wall for support, Harry used every bit of his Gryffindor courage and quickly wrapped one of his professor's arms around his shoulder and wrapped his own around the man's waist. To the shock of Harry the man slumped against him as he supported the man to the infirmary. And the walk had been as one would say eventful. As Harry had neared the hospital wing Snape had finally decided to look at his crutch, and to Harry, looked as if was dying of a heart attack. Trying to pry himself from the young man he very nearly landed the both of them on the floor. If it hadn't been for Harry's quick maneuvering he and the professor would have. But as it was he currently he had his professor pressed up against the wall glaring at him.

"Potter, release me at once." the man had ground out between ground teeth. But to the man's dismay Harry silently ignored his threat and pulled the man back to his side to continue walking down the hall.

Harry was just glad that his potions professor had not seen the flush that now covered his face. Certainly the man would have cursed him then and there for the information or kept it as blackmail.

They had walked in silence for a little while before Severus Snape finally decided to speak. "Potter, why do you insist on helping me to the infirmary? Certainly I could make it on my own without the help of a simpleton that barely knows his way around his own head."

Harry let go of his professor and watched with smug satisfaction as the man slumped against the wall for support and was barely able to move. Said man now glared at him with venom thought only to belong to a snake. Again Harry stepped into his teacher's personal space and pushed him up against the wall. Fully aware of the blush that tainted his cheeks and not missing the slight color that touched the man in front of him.

"Professor Snape," harry watched as the man's blush deepened at the stressed s's that made it sound as if he was hissing. "I'm helping you to the infirmary whether I have to stun you and carry you over my shoulder like a child. If you would rather walk on your own, show me you are able to and I will walk away to finish my musings. Though you'll probably pin it to my idiotic Griffindorish tendencies but I am much more partial to throwing you over my shoulder. But seeing as you would probably curse me the second I let you go, I thought it would be much simpler to assist you this way for the both of us." Harry paused to look the taller man in the eye. "Seeing as the second I let go you are unable to walk without any assistance I WILL be helping you to the infirmary. Are we clear?" he watched Snapes dark eyes flicker from shock to anger then to amusement.

"Well it seems that you do have a brain every once in a while. Too bad you don't use it in your studies." Snape then had pushed Harry away and let the boy help him the remainder ten feet to the infirmary.

Once Harry had managed to get his professor into the hospital wing and into a bed he went to wake the medi witch. Needless to say Pomfrey had been less then pleased with Harry for waking her in the middle of the night when there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. And had screeched at him for several minutes before she saw the amused professor behind him. Quickly running to her patient Harry watched as she healed the gash in Snapes side and administered potions to help with the after effects of being under the Cruciatus. When she was complete she had tried to usher him out of the infirmary to leave her 'patient' be, much to the displeasure of Snape who had immediately stopped her ranting by saying he was completely capable of resting in his own quarters but first he had a student out after hours to escort back to his dorm. And the two had immediately left.

They had walked in silence for most of the walk to Gryffindor tower before Snape suddenly stopped and pushed Harry to the wall a few feet away from the portrait.

"Potter I will forget you were out after hours in exchange that you never mentioned what transpired this night." Snape had growled at him.

Harry had merely glanced up at the man with a smirk and merely answered cheekily, " Now sir what would that have been?" Snape had looked at him for a solid minute before pushing away from him.

"Minus ten from Gryffindor for your cheek." he said as he walked towards the portrait hole turning to make sure harry hadn't disappeared. Harry had said the password and was walking through the entrance when he heard Snape whisper to himself. "Thank you potter"

[End flash]

Harry had helped his professor many times after that night. And each night his professor had grumbled and growled and each time threatened him to tell nobody. Harry eventually looked forward to helping his profess, to the banter. To just being around the man. But today was the first time he had found the man unconscious. Putting the travelers cloak on the back of the chair next to the bed, he looked once more at the man breathing haggardly on the bed. Walking over to the door as he had also done every time, Harry knocked on Pomfreys' door, waking the woman up. Poppy had also become accustomed to harry assisting his professor. And she joked with him every night. "Yelling" at him before "noticing" her patient. And tonight was no different.

"Harry potter! how many times do I have to get on you about disturbing a matrons sleep so she can prevent you from severely injuring yourself the next time you get in trouble?" Pomfreys stern face showed in the door. Harry noticed the barely suppressed smirk.

"Now Pomfrey, I wouldn't call you a matron." bowing slightly. "That suggests an elderly hag, which you defiantly are not." Harry however did not suppress the smile that spread across his face. "Maybe I just enjoy coming and enjoying your company?"

Pomfrey looked at him for a moment and laughed heartily. "Well it's a good thing I do not have to worry about a young lad seeking my affections, because he is seeking some others isn't he?" her smile lingering on him before she disappeared back into the office to grab the necessary potions and salves. She returned with a knowing smile still on her lips.

"Ah Pomfrey to the subject of your patient." and he had looked back towards the bed and surely the man was still unconscious. "He was unconscious when I got to him and has yet to wake. I am just a tad worried this time. Though if he ever asks ill deny it and say I would rather worry over a baby basilisk." his eyes had lingered on the prone form before moving back to Pomfreys.

"Dear child how many times have I told you to call me poppy? And no need to worry. This is not the first time nor the last I shall have to revive him. "She walked over to the bed and started on her work.

Harry had watched from the chair, until she was done with her ministrations. She had taken out her wand and cast a simple spell to check his progress. When the light on the tip of her wand glowed blue. She swished it his way and cast "enerverate" but nothing happened.

Poppy had tried a couple more times and still the man hadn't woken up. "I'm sorry harry." her face had creased with a frown. "I don't know what else to do for him." she lowered her wand and looked towards him, frown still stuck on her face.

"It's ok. poppy." he had stood up and moved the chair closer. "If it doesn't bother you, would it be fine if I stayed here?" he had looked back on the bed and inspected the man's face.

"Of course harry. Just pretend he's a baby basilisk and no one will know any better. If he wakes come get me." and she had turned and walked back to her office.

Harry had looked at his professor and watched him for a few moments before leaning back into the chair and closing his eyes. He didn't know how long he had had them closed but he opened them the second he heard raspy breathing. Looking over to his professor he had seen the man struggling to breath and shaking horribly but the man's eyes were still closed.

Standing up he sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on the gits forehead as he had seen his aunt do to Dudley many times when the boy had complained he was sick. But the man before him acted nothing like his cousin as he grabbed Harry's wrist and pulled him forward in a vice grip. Harry didn't struggle knowing full well that it could make matters worse.

Snape had flipped harry onto his back, his wrist twisted and pulled out. His other arm captured behind his back with Snapes other arm holding his body still. Harry lay still for a few moments before Snapes voice sent chills down his spine.

"I'm so sorry Harry." his voice was hoarse and quiet. Right next to his ear, his breath ghosted his neck which made harry very glad that Snape had decided not to face him. But harry was shocked most by the use of his name. Months had passed and Snape had never said his name "I failed my promise to Lily. To protect you. I never thought the person sent to protect you would use you, destroy you."

Harry froze at the reminder. A reminder he had buried in his mind. Upon Sirius's death, Dumbledore had come to harry. At first harry thought the man was comforting him. Until the man had finally spoke.

"Stupid foolish harry. I thought better of you. That you would not fall blindly into his trap. And now look what has come of your stupid decision. Sirius is dead. You may not have shot the spell that killed him but you may as well have." Dumbledore stood and paced the room. Disappointment etched on his face. He looked at harry and had sighed and shook his head. "I was planning on telling you this later but I feel you should know about it now. You were never meant to survive this war. And that is the only thing that gives my heart light. For retribution for an innocent man." Dumbledore then looked straight at harry and laughed. "There is a piece of his soul inside you. He will never die as long as you live Harry. So train. Kill him. And die. That is all the wizarding world wants of you." and he had walked away.

Harry hadn't been the same after that. His insomnia had gotten worse. He ate less and a growing, ever present hunger grew stronger. His so called friends had stopped speaking to him. "It's your fault we almost died. That Sirius died. Since we've known you Harry Potter you have put our lives and our families lives in danger." and they too walked out of his life. The only ones that cared to bother with him were Neville, Luna, and the twins. And for some strange twist of fate harry and Draco had gotten closer over the past year. It had happened by accident, getting into an argument and both losing their nerves. And then Draco let slip the very reason he despised Harry so much.

"We would not be having this petty fight if you had only taken my hand back in first year!" And from then on harry learned. That Slytherins were not what he expected. He should have let the hat put him in this house. Was the first thought he had the first time he stayed in the dungeons. And they trained. Harry spent his summer with the Malfoys. Learning what he felt was natural to him.

"I'm so sorry Harry."Snape whispered again.

Harry pushed himself off the bed and away from the man. "Why the fuck would you be sorry? I don't blame you for any of it. Not what that vindictive old fool did. Not what that snake faced bastard did. Unless it was you who pointed the wands." he had raised his eyebrow in a very Snape manner and Snape only shook his head. Harry walked back towards the bed and sat on the edge. Raising his hand he brushed the man's long black hair out of his face. "I don't blame you for what any of them did. Why would I when I can't stop worrying about you?" And he stood. Leaving behind his professor. Walked over to Poppy's door and knocked. When she opened the door he walked away. Out of the infirmary, down the halls until he came to the moaning myrtles bathroom.

{Back to the present}

And that's how he found himself. The one place the felt like home. The only place that made him feel at home. He often came here to think and had explored most of the chamber. Finding that the tunnels went everywhere. Including the astronomy tower. Where he was now Starring out at the blizzard thinking about what had had happened in the infirmary.

Harry ran his hand through his hair and brought it down to his lip(*) running his thumb across his bottom lip, no more focusing on the snow but his memory. The feel of Snape behind him. His hands on him. The way the man felt behind him, beneath him. The slight heat that radiated off the man, and the smell that clung to his cloak. For the past year Harry had gotten to know the man just a little more. He had learned much just by observing him, and though he knew his feelings would never be returned, harry knew he was falling for Severus Snape.

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