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Salazar sat at the table in the dimly lit dining room. To his left sat his twins, to his right sat his daughter in law Naphtali. He brought the cup of coffee to his lips and took a small sip as he pulled the paper over from the spot Marius had been moments before.

"Elexa! That's my bagel!" Elexa took a bite out of the bagel and stuck her tongue out at her sister before running from the room. "Get back here you!" He smirked slightly as Kurina chased the other woman from the room. The two adults never stopped acting like children.

He smoothed the daily prophet out, and read the head line. HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED RETURNS.

He shook his head before reading through the article. "…The Minister's statement was met with dismay and alarm from the wizarding community, which as recently as last Wednesday was receiving Ministry assurances that there was "no truth whatsoever in these persistent rumors that You-Know-Who is operating amongst us once more." Details of the events that led to the Ministry turnaround are still hazy, though it is believed that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and a select band of followers (known as Death Eaters) gained entry to the Ministry of Magic itself on Thursday evening. Albus Dumbledore, newly reinstated headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, reinstated member of the International Confederation of Wizards and reinstated Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, was unavailable for comment last night. He has insisted for a year that You-Know-Who was not dead, as was widely hoped and believed, but recruiting followers once more for a fresh attempt to seize power. Meanwhile the Boy Who Lived – …"

He looked at his daughter in law and smiled sadly. "It has started again. I pray that the boy is prepared for what is to come."


Harry sat in the window sill starring absently into the rain storm that was currently drenching the outside gardens of Malfoy manor.

His head lay against the cold glass as the droplets ran freely down it. His knees were pressed to his chest by one of his arms, as the nails of his hand pressed into the soft skin under his knee. His other hand sat holding a majority of his hair, his elbow resting on his knee.

His emerald eyes stared emotionlessly into the grey landscape. A silent tear fell down his cheek.


A glimmer of dark scales could be seen briefly through the strands of dark hair as Korai, his familiar moved about on his shoulder.

Korai rubbed her head along her humans jaw. She had tried comforting him the last hour he had sat there as she was sure he was thinking the same thoughts he had while on the broom. She gave him one last nudge before slipping slowly from his shoulders to the floor.

No one could understand her but she needed someone to help her. If only the other man she knew was here. He would understand that she needed someone to help Harry. What was his name? She flicked her tongue out in thought as she fell smoothly down the stairs, landing softly on the cool marble. Neville. She needed to get Neville, he could help. She just knew it.

She slithered through the open door and listened to those around her. She smelled the scents of the family and the other man. The only one she could think of approaching was the youngest male he seemed the calmest at the moment. Everyone else had boiling emotions. It made the room stink. Fear, worry, shame, anger.

"What in hell was that about Severus?" The young ones sire was standing in front of the dark man. He seemed the most emotional even though his pale features showed nothing. "What did he mean by that? What happened down in the potions room that upset him that much?"

"Are aware that Potter has a basilisk here with him?" She tried to ignore the anger permeating the room as she made her way across the room to the young one.

The same young one that jumped up and spoke at the older male. "Korai? What about her?" The room went silent and she froze under the chair nearest him before he spoke again. "We know about Korai. Neville told me and I told my father. Harry would have told us when he believed he would not be rejected because of it." She slipped out from under the chair and tried to cross the floor to the young man. He knew Neville. So he must know how to get him.

She sensed the spell before she saw it land about an inch in front of her.

Stupid bitter man! She brought herself up and hissed at the dark man pointing the stick at her. She hoped that she looked just as frightening. If she was met with another large serpent such as herself she might be wary too. The young blonde picked her up carefully and she flicked her tongue out at him.

"Do not attack her. You realize the only reason you are not dead right now is because Harry found out that young basilisks cannot kill with their gaze."

"Be that it may, But that creature is still poisonous!"

"He has asked her not to attack and she will not. She has to be down here for a reason." She wriggled in his hands and he put her back down. She wrapped her tail around his ankle and pulled in the direction of the fireplace. She knew that the magical humans used this thing for transportation but how to get him to understand she needed Neville.

The youngling moved to the fireplace and looked back down at her. "What is it you want with the fireplace? You don't know anyone else, so it's not like you can floo anywhere… And it's not like you could use it anyway. "

She hissed at him. Stupid human! She knew one other person! She looked at the mans sire and hissed at him.

You are smart. I need Neville. He can help Harry…

"Draco who besides you knows about Harry's familiar?"

"Only Neville…" He looked down at her and she nodded. He quickly made the fire turn green before putting his head in the flames.

Out of pure intellectual curiosity so did she. Not that she would ever tell Harry this. Neville was sitting in front of them talking with the young one with her.

"Draco why are you calling at this … What is Korai doing in the fire?"

The young one Draco shook his head in exasperation. "She wanted me to fire call you apparently, I don't know why."

"Is Harry alright?"

She shook her head and hissed at the man.

He is upset and I do not know how to help him. And I don't know why I'm trying to tell you this because you can't understand me!

He told Draco he was going to come through in a moment and they said their goodbyes. Draco pulled her out of the fire; on the other side the three adults looked at her as if she was a Runespore.

As if…

The fire flared again and he stepped through, she immediately moved towards him. He hesitantly picked her up and asked where Harry was.

Draco told him where but before he could leave the room he was stopped.

Stupid human! She barred her fangs at the dark man. It is his entire fault!

"Longbottom what is it you think you are doing?" The dark man scowled at the youngling holding her.

"Excuse me Snape but Korai never leaves Harry. The only reason she would have left is if something was wrong. And as she knew she could trust me she got me. So I am going to check on him." With that the youngling left up the stairs. She flicked her tongue out at the dark man. Serves you right!

Hurry… she hissed at him.

"I don't know my way around I'm sorry if I'm going too slow for you but do you want us to get lost? It would only take longer then."

Fine… she grumbled. Coming from a serpent it must have sounded as odd as she thought as he looked at her before going up the stairs. Once they reached the top floor he put her down and she shot off to the still open room. Harry sat on the window sill still, surrounded by the darkness of the room. His eyes were redder and he was crying in streams now. The shadows seemed to pulse around them. Harry's nails had grown into sharp points but he didn't seem to notice as they dug into his soft flesh. Droplets of blood were falling down his cheek from the cuts on his forehead.

The young one immediately moved to him and she let out a breath of relief. Someone could help now.


Lucius watched as the young Longbottom went in the direction of the stairs, before turning to look at his furious friend. The young man's voice faded in the background.

"Severus what did you do?" The sharp eyes snapped to his as he scoffed.

"And what makes you think that it is I that did something?" Before Lucius could answer Draco snapped.

"Uncle whatever you did it caused Harry to fly like he did; his familiar doesn't seem to like you much at the moment. And based on what he said earlier you said something that hurt him. You can't imagine how much it would have hurt him you bastard! Do you have any idea what they did to him in that house? What they said to him? I bet you don't, I also bet you didn't realize that Harry regressed back into that place that took us months to get him out of; which explains why his familiar did not trust anyone of us. Congratulations." He bowed dramatically before running up the stairs to join Neville.

Lucius and Narcissa looked at their friend and watched as his mask slipped and the worry that showed as he looked towards the upper floors. He sank slowly into the nearest chair and his dark eyes fell to the paper that hadn't been moved since Harry had left.

Severus brought his hand up to his hair and clenched his fist tightly. His eyes never leaving the words written there.


"It seems I am a dangerous creature. Would you also wish me dead professor?"

His hand fell to the paper as he bowed his head.

"Potter that beast is deadly. What were thinking?! You weren't! It could kill someone. The only good basilisk is the one that is in the jars in storage."

"Well excuse me sir if I feel differently. But I didn't expect any less from a bastard like you."

"I really am an idiot sometimes." A hand fell onto his shoulder but he brushed it off and stood. "I am going to fix this. If you'll excuse me."

They watched as he walked swiftly up the steps mere moments after his godson. Lucius looked at his wife and nodded as they too went up to the top floor.

Severus POV

Severus walked silently down the hall as he heard urgent whispers coming from Harry's room. It seemed they were trying to calm him still.

"I didn't expect any less from a bastard like you." Was that what Harry truly thought of him? After the last school year he thought they had moved passed that. Not that I wouldn't blame him for thinking that.

He grasped the handle but waited as the voices got louder.

"Harry! Harry look at me you have to stop. Draco, can you get something to wipe off the blood? Harry… look at me…" Longbottom fell into a whisper again. Blood?

He turned the handle slowly and pushed the door open as quietly as he could. As the door opened it seemed the shadows pushed from the room stretching towards every dark corner, snuffing out any light it encountered.

The room itself was covered in darkness the only light coming from the moon shining through the window. Light fragments bouncing of the spider webbed glass, creating waves of light in the shadows. Harry sat on the window sill starring out the window, his forehead resting in the center of the web. His knees were pulled up to his chest and his hands hung lifelessly at his side. Severus felt panic as he saw the dark blotches that stained his hands, face and legs.

Severus didn't think before he rushed past the two boys to Harry. They protested loudly but he ignored them. If he had he would have remembered the serpent that was also in the room, who watched him approach from atop the bed ready to strike if he caused her human any harm.

Severus raised his hand to Harry's face lightly turning it so that he faced him. The emerald eyes starred vacantly through him before falling to the ground. With his other hand, he carefully brushed his fingers through the hair checking for any injuries, his fingers came away with red brushes along the tips. He ran his thumb along Harry's cheek.


The younger man mumbled quietly, he let his head move closer as to hear. "… Freak." He placed both his hands on his cheeks forcing him to look up at him. The green eyes focused minutely before he pulled his face from his hands.

Severus didn't notice as Narcissa ushered the two protesting teens out of the room and closed the door. He captured Harry's face in his hands again.

"Harry you are not a freak. And you more than anyone, do not deserve to be destroyed." Tears leaked from the focused emerald pools.

"Why did you say what you did? Why am I such a freak?"

He shook his head vigorously. "Listen to me. You are not a freak and I am an idiot. I apologize for my words today. All of my words. I did not think before I voiced my worries. It was not the thought of your familiar that scared me. In truth it was that you could have been hurt that scared me more."

Harry tried to pull away from him but Severus just pulled the younger man up and held him to his chest. Harry grasped his arms tightly, his nails digging into the skin through his sleeves, trying to push Severus away. They stayed that way until Harry calmed and laid his forehead against the broad chest. His hands resting lightly on his biceps.

"Your relatives were idiots too. They did not know that they were given the chance to know the most forgiving, kind, brave, strong, and beautiful young man I have ever known. You are not a freak Harry. You're anything but. You're not disgusting or evil. You are you. And you have the purest heart that I know of. Why you helped me this past year, when I have never given you a chance and always treated you like the dirt under my shoe, I will never know. But I am thankful because it allowed me to get to know the real you. Not the you I thought I knew." Harry had started shaking about two seconds after Severus had started to speak he suspect that his robes would be covered in his tears, taking one arm from around the trim waist he lift his chin to look into the shining emerald eyes. There was still a significant height difference but not so much more. Harry came to about his shoulders. He fit perfectly. "I am sorry Harry. I said all that I did out of anger and I wish I could take it back." Harry looked at him for a minute before looking down and pulling his bottom lip into between his teeth.

It caused an immediate reaction. But he chose to ignore it. Because now was not the time. He took this second to look around the room. The shadows no longer moved as if seeking for something, they no longer devoured any light; the room was normal. And harry was responding. It seemed Severus had managed to fix it.

"I truly am an idiot."

The young man laughed. His eyes closed as he the vibration travelled through their bodies. His lips quirked as he dropped his head back onto the chest. "I know you are. But I forgive you."

Severus hugged the Younger man tighter and lay his head on top of the others. The long hair tickled his wrist as he held the trim waist. They sat like that for a minute before a hiss from the bed made Harry pull away. Severus looked at the serpent and breathed a sigh of relief when it seemed she was not angry but laughing. He glared at her before looking back at Harry his eyes softening instantly at what he saw.

He blushed as he stepped away, running a hand through his hair. He hissed in pain as he pressed on the crescent cuts on the right side of his head. Severus pulled him into the attached washroom and grabbed the closest clothe. Getting it damp he dabbed at the cuts, washing away the dried and smeared blood. He wiped at the sharp cheek bones and down the slim neck. As Harry stared at the floor a deep blush spreading down his cheeks, Severus took this time to admire the new look. The way the dark hair fell around his face. He lifted one of the clawed hands and meticulously wiped away the blood on both hands. Harry looked at the nails in wonder missing as Severus kneeled and started to wipe at the deep cut on his leg until the sharp pain from the cut made him look down. He gasped and tried to move away but Severus used his other hand to grab the leg to prevent the movement. He did not want to cause any more injury.

Severus tried to ignore the position he was in, that his hand rested grasping Harry inner thigh, that if he looked up he would be in the perfect position to torture, tease, and please the younger man. He dabbed at the wound again before grabbing the counter to stand. The cuts on his arm opening against the strain.

Harry gasped as he saw the dark stain on the black sleeves. He pulled Severus up and mumbled his apology as he inadvertently banished the shirt. Making the crescent cuts stand out against the pale arms. Severus tried to cover his chest as Harry took the rag and started the same process.

"I'm sorry for hurting you." He mumbled as he wiped off the blood that was running down the curve of the muscle. He kept his eyes on the arms, trying not to admire the lean muscle that tensed under his ministrations or the firm chest that he had also uncovered. The other man sighed. And grabbed his hands.

"You have nothing to apologize for. If anything I deserved these for what I put you through." Harry shook his head and looked up into the smoldering black eyes. They were silent and he opened his mouth to say something, but Draco opened his bedroom and peaked in. He pulled his hands from the other mans.

"Harry… What are you guys doing?" Draco folded his arms and smirked at him, his eyes hardening as the met Severus's.

"He was helping me clean off when I noticed I had hurt him so I helped him clean them too."

Draco snorted as the others came in the room. Neville standing awkwardly next to Narcissa. "Bastard deserved whatever you gave him."

Lucius grabbed his sons shoulder and gave it a warning squeeze. "Everything is fine now?" They both nodded. But Harry was surprised when Lucius came and softly touched his shoulder. Severus summoned another shirt and started to put it on as he focused on the steel eyes in front of him.

"Harry you are part of this family and we care about you. You worried us. We thought we would have to bury an old friend for hurting you." Harry chuckled but shook his head. "You know we do not care that you have Korai with you. We have known since before you got home. She is welcome here." Harry smiled and looked at the nodding Narcissa and Draco.

His family. Neville stood there for a second before Harry blinked owlishly at him. He laughed. "Korai didn't know what to do when you were left alone and she got Draco to get me. Don't ask me how though."

"Harry." Lucius got his attention. "Now that we know what your inheritance is I will send a letter to the Rector and see if he is willing to send someone to teach you your races culture. If he does then they should also help you through the change." Harry nodded but dread started to creep back into his mind.

Draco gave him a pointed look. "You are not evil, dangerous, a freak or anything else that demented mind has been coming up with so stop it." Severus laid a comforting hand on his arm.

Harry smiled and nodded. He had family, even if he never found his real one. He knew that now.

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