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"If people want to know who I am, it is all in the work." – Alan Rickman

Chapter V

Salazar sat in the armchair next to the bookshelf across from Marius; his eyes scanned the list one last time before sighing and sticking it to the side for later revision. An owl tapped on the window before landing on the sill waiting for entrance. Marius looked at it from the corner of his eyes before looking at him.

"Salazar, would you receive that for me?" He went back to reading the report from the Family in Germany.

Salazar stood and walked towards the window, petting the smart looking eagle owl on the head before offering him some water and food before opening the letter.

Rector Lamia,

I have under my care a young man who is going to go through a Vampire's Inheritance at the beginning of the seventh month- Within the week. As I understand it, your culture is mostly private and closed from the wizarding world, but I would impress upon you the importance of sending someone to teach this young man about his culture and help him through his transition.

He is, at this time, in a delicate situation that he is working through and as he is a person of great interest to many parties in this war. We could only hope that he would be able to control and live with himself if he could learn the life he has missed on.


Lord Malfoy

"Marius it seems there is a child about to come into their inheritance. At least this man has the senses to ask for help. He asks if we could send someone to teach this young man."

Marius hummed and motioned for the letter. Reading it over as he absently rubbed the bridge of his nose in thought. "I think that, considering it is implied he has just come from an abusive situation that Leighara should go. She has had plenty of work with children like that."

Marius hummed a little as he scanned the letter again. "Malfoy, was that my brothers' family…" he trailed off in thought.

Salazar nodded, and a little voice knew this had something to do with the Potter heir.

Lucius read the reply and sat it next to his plate. Picking up his fork he spooned some omelet into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully. It seemed they had gotten more then he hinted and are sending someone with experience, someone they ensured would be more than adequate. They would be arriving today, sometime in the afternoon in fact. He looked up towards the mantle and tried to figure if they had enough time.

Looking around the table it was easy to tell what had happened in the last day. His dear friend didn't speak in such harsh tones, granted still scathing and harsh, but they seemed to hold more of a teasing note on them, a softer tone if you will. He was also more relaxed then he had been in the last week. He was at the moment speaking to Harry.

Harry in his mind had changed the most. His hair now reached mid back and within the last couple days the highlights had started to come in, though in an unexpected way- Silver lightly brushed the thicker portions of his black hair, giving it more of a shine then anything. Besides that it was the little things that had changed so far: the length of his fingers and nails, his height (though they surmised it would be stunted because of his past), his facial features now lacked all hints of the Potter blood line and lastly his appetite; though this comprised of two things: Greens and red meat. It was by far the largest thing to change. He still ate what was there in front of him, but there was a way his face lit up when a particularly good salad or med rare steak appeared on the table.

The elves noticed this so tended to place fresh things closer to him, as well as the rarer things.

"I received a reply from Rector Lamia. He is sending someone today that will start to teach you Harry." Harry nodded his head while finishing his fruit bowl. His eyes down cast as he chewed; Lucius knew that he was mulling over how he was to be received by this unknown, it was a new situation he found himself in and Lucius was confident he would be fine. In fact there was something in the back of his mind that told him it was to be the best thing for the young man.

The Green eyes rose as he smiled around the spoon in his mouth. It wasn't hard to miss the changes and really he had turned into an attractive young man. He just hoped that he was ready for the coming months.

Another owl landed on his arm rest, a heavy letter attached to his leg. Lucius removed it and after noticing that it was addressed to both him and Severus put it in his pocket, giving a small owl treat to the creature.

"Severus, could you join me in the drawing room for a moment?" The other man nodded and stood following him.

Lucius pulled the letter from his pocket and handed it to his friend. They both seemed to recognize who it was from, but what would the Dark lord want with the two of them and why by owl?

My faithful servants I will be joining you at the manor today around 10. I expect everything to be in order.

They both froze at the words or really their implications and the biggest problem that might arise: Harry.

"Does he know that Harry resides here?" Severus spoke first his face filled with worry.

Lucius shook his head. "No, he would have requested I bring him to him." Severus nodded.

"He would have as that was before I spoke with him, but also what are we going to do now?"

Lucius looked at the clock that hung over the fireplace and sighed. "You mean in the next half hour."

They grimaced and started back towards the dining room and opened the door to what they feared.

At the head of the table sat Lord Voldemort his red eyes bore at them from across the room. Narcissa and the boys looked at them from their seats- though it was Harry that looked almost accusatory; His knuckles turning white around his coffee cup.

"My faithful join me." He waved his hand at the last seats around the table. The frozen men felt themselves moving towards the table, Severus sat back in his seat and Lucius took the remaining next to his son across from them. "This I must admit is a surprise Lucius- Harry Potter sharing breakfast with your family as if the most natural thing in the world." The man stood and started to circle the table towards him. "Tell me my servant," His fingers trailed against the table as he neared the regal blonde. "Why it is you did not tell me of this?" The long fingers grasped his chin forcing him to look at him.

"My Lord…"

"NO! I think not. Any words from these lips will only be a lie." He started to raise his wand but was stopped. A slim hand gripped his wrist tightly.

Voldemort followed the wrist to the face and felt shock at the blazing green eyes he saw. The young man that held his hand showed such fire, a pity really he would have been great next to him. However as he looked across to his other servant he remembers Severus's words- If he could be swayed. He looked back at the boy; this was his chance to confirm what Severus told him. He probed the mind in front of him and felt himself almost recoil at the feelings that bombarded him.


How could something of his feel so much? He delved past the onslaught of feelings and found himself in calm. Had the boy just thrown all that at him knowing he detested them? He smirked to himself; it was almost brilliant way of doing it. Voldemort felt around the space he was in and soon found what he was looking for- a tether to him and his soul. However it was unlike any he had seen. The boy was indeed one of his horcuxes however it was almost like the boy was feeding off of his soul piece not the other way around.

As he pulled out he thought on his discovery. It explained what had been causing him to stew. Why hadn't his soul piece overpowered the boys and taken over? Was this not the theory of what would have happened? And now the answer seemed so clear.

The young man before him was stronger than his soul piece and using it to his advantage. If he had not been a horcrux Voldemort would need to kill him. He was too much a risk.

But was there a way to turn this risk to his advantage?

He released Lucius chin and turned fully to the boy examining him. He grabbed the chin harshly and turned it to the side. This did not seem to be the Harry Potter he remembered. He looked more like his faithful Bellatrix than the man that had stood in his way almost 16 years ago. In fact he looked even less like the mudblood. It was curious, what had brought the changes in the boy?

The green eyes glared at him through a wisp of black hair, such fight… He would be great with him.

"Tell me why I should not discipline my servant?" He watched as the eyes darkened but it seemed so did the rest of the room. It seemed there was some darkness in his soul after all and Voldemort would use that to his advantage.

The Potter child pulled his face free and let go of his wrist. "Because I will jump in front of anything you send at them. And you don't want that do you? I'm your precious horcrux; if I die you die too." All eyes seemed to snap to him- He knew? And it seemed he would use it. "I will not stand at the side while you torture them. I will get in the way every single time, and I will not stop fighting you. If you want any cooperation you will leave mine alone."

Something settled in his stomach as he stared down the younger man. "You dare make demands with me? I could kill you here and just make another then torture them as I please." He started to raise his wand towards him.

{Please Tom; you will have to come up with something better than that. Does it not even make you the least bit curious why I can sit here and hold a conversation with you without us fighting, of how I know, or why I am here? Why I am associating with known death eaters, or why I really don't give two gallons about it.}

Voldemort shook with rage his fingers gripping tightly to the yew wand. {Do not speak that filthy muggle name boy!} He crossed the space between them digging the wand into the young man's neck. Defiant eyes stared back at him, not angry, no fear- it was something that made him pause, the curse stuck to the tip of his tongue.

He wanted it.

It was a look he often recognized in one of his followers; an excited mad gleam. He felt for the first time in nearly 30 years confused. Why would the boy enjoy this?

Perhaps a kink.

No, this was not something as simple as adolescent hormones. He rethought his course of action and used the tip to tilt the face up towards him.

{Perhaps you need to learn a lesson in respect, but first tell me why you think this information would entertain me enough not to just be rid of you.}

The Man scoffed. {Really? Kill of a potential ally, a source of information and a reason you're still alive? I knew you were insane but I didn't realize it made things a bit counterproductive.}

He dug the wand harder into the flesh. {Do not toy with me boy.} Though he would not admit it, the words made sense. {Perhaps though you have a plan?}

{Well I'm sure as hell not going to call you Lord. I will give you my support, help when possible. They may think I am insane most times but what the order does not understand is that I can hear perfectly fine. They want to blame me for their problems and have me die because 'that's what's expected'? To hell with them, I would prefer to live the rest of my life then have someone else control it.}

{So you would align yourself with the man who killed your family?} The young man suddenly scowled and looked upset.

{Despite how they felt for me in the end, the Potters were not my family.}

This was new information what could he possibly mean that the Potters were not his family? He hated not having vital information, and something that contradicted a major life choice of his was vital information.


{No Tom, this isn't how this works. I will tell you everything you want to know. I however expect something in return for my services.} Voldemort pulled his arm back and struck him across the face. The loud smack echoed by an exclamation in the background. It seemed he would need to teach obedience to the youngest Malfoy as well.

{That is the second time that filthy name has left your lips. Next time I will not be as gracious.} Potter wiped his mouth before turning looking back at him.

{Voldemort then, we have an agreement- My services for your oath not to curse mine.}

This was what he wanted was it not? This powerful young man by his side in the war; He would be near unstoppable.

{For the moment you have my oath that I will not curse them. But that may change depending on how useful you really are.} He stepped forward again, grabbing the chin and inspecting the reddening cheek. {But you are mine. And if you displease me I will punish you as I see fit my Horcrux. Are we understood?}

With a sneer the green eyed man pulled away. "For the moment." He started to walk back towards his seat. "Now if you want that information you might as well sit like a civilized person so that we may finish our meal." The green eyes looked towards the mantle. "So much time wasted fighting." He murmured as he seated himself.

For a second he was tempted again to curse the smirk off the impertinent young face but held back more interested in what this information might be.

He sat in the chair giving a hard look towards the young man. {You push your luck.}

Harry smirked back at Voldemort. "I guess it is a good thing I seem to survive on sheer dumb luck alone right?" He looked down at his food. Voldemort did not seem to appreciate jokes, if the sharp glare was anything to go by. "I was able to read my parents will last week and found out that when I was a couple weeks old they stole me from another family, temporarily blood adopted me so that everyone thought I was theirs. It seemed to them that Dumbledore knew you would believe in the prophecy and they wanted a 'sacrifice' to trap you, and here I was not even born 'as the seventh month dies' rather when it rises."

The others around the table seemed lost to the conversation though considering they had not been able to understand half of it. He shrugged it off and picked up his spoon; if he was going to share a bed with the devil might as well make it a good time. Grimacing he pushed the bowl of fruit away. Maybe that was a bad way to put it. The man may have been attractive at one point but the man in his near 70's looked less like the man he was. He tried to shake his head of the thoughts; it was a bit unsettling where he found his mind wandering.

"However I'm not entirely sure who my real family is. My tree had it shaded. I know what my name is but that's about it."

The man looked to be contemplating something before speaking.

"Very well for the moment that will suffice. I do have concerns about my other items. Severus has spoken that Dumbledore has started to hunt for them, do you anything further to add on the subject?" the man's eyes bore into his as he felt bile rise in his throat, how much would it anger him to know he had already destroyed one? He snuck a glance at Lucius before looking at the clock.

"To be honest one has already been destroyed that I am sure of. He seems to think you have an obsession with the founders and used their items also. He seemed sure that it was Ravenclaws' missing diadem since its last known location was the forest of Albania- a place you were thought to be at one point." He paused for a moment and put order to his thoughts. "He was sure that there was a cup of some sort and a locket, a ring that was in your family, that and your snake and me." He ticked them off on his fingers. "Yup, that's seven."

There was silence as everyone processed the information. Harry looked at the shocked expressions of Severus and his family. Voldemort also seemed intrigued.

"Okay so Dumbledore likes to monologue, not unlike you I might point out." There was a violent hiss from the man as he moved on. "My opinion is that you should keep your valuables close to you, starting with what is left, I could possible also get the diary if you want that back as well; as useless as it may be now. They sit in his office like some sort of trophy."

Harry stopped in his babbling with a slight blush as he looked towards Voldemort.

The man sneered; a disappointed glint entered his eyes. "You have confirmed what he has told me and added some missing information." Harry felt himself rise to the hint of danger to Snape. The man looked to make up his mind and stood walking swiftly towards the fireplace. "I will collect you tomorrow for some… training {My Horcrux}. Do not disappoint." He threw some powder into fireplace hissing quietly to the jumping green flames before disappearing.

Harry sighed deeply as he slumped into his seat, chuckling slightly. "Well that went well right?" he looked up to meet everyone's eyes before they all seemed to speak at once.


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