This is my first fanfic so nothing to harsh please! I DO NOT own any of the characters, names, or anything from the book Love, Stargirl.

This is a letter written by Stargirl to Leo after they are both grown up. Hope you like it!

Dear Leo, December 1st

Okay, I give up. I don't know what to say. Let's see...

It's been 5 years since I last wrote to you. I finally sent that endless letter, but with no response. I guess I didn't expect anything, I never told you were I lived. But I was hoping that somehow, just like how you got my question so many years ago, you would just know. But I guess that's not the way it works. Anyway, let me get down to life. Let's see, a lot has changed in so many years, and yet it all seems the same. I went to college, mom and I decided it was finally time to try public school again. It worked out pretty well, but college life is difficult to adjust to even for the most well-seasoned public schoolers! They wouldn't allow me to keep Cinnamon in the dorms, so during the day I would hide him in a shoe in the back of my closet! I also had to find a whole new enchanted place, but that didn't take long. I found the perfect spot about a mile or two away from school, and if I bike fast enough I can spend a little time there between my last class and dinner. It's a large, moss covered rock in the middle of a beautiful, crystal clear pond. It's in amongst a small patch of evergreens, and on clear days I can see the mountains in the distance. I have to wade to get out to the rock, but when the water's cold an emerald green patch of moss next to the pond suffices.

The next 4 years were an overwhelming swirl of classes, classes, and more classes. Dori helped me through with it though, teaching me how to get along (slightly like you and Evelyn Everybody, but she's not trying to change me in any way). Oh I almost forgot, it turns out that Dori Dilson came to the same school as me! It was a great surprise. We ended up being roommates by choice for sophomore year. My freshman roommate was alright, pretty boring though. Not much to say really.

Anyway, this letter is getting long enough (and my pen is running out of ink), and my mother is also calling me (I'm visiting for dinner). I have to go now but I hope you enjoy Iceland (A little birdie told me you were doing some self-erasing time there. I wish I could be there as well.) It was great to see you that one last time. You finally held up to your promise you made so many years ago. I hope we can get together again sometime, I know we would all be grateful for another visit.

Missing you dearly,


P.S., I'm holding one of my famous Solstice parties again this year. I would love it if you could come. If you are interested, be at Calendar Hill, December 21st BEFORE sunrise. I could use someone to celebrate with ;)