Author's Rather Important Note!: I've been working on this project of mine for the past fourteen days and I didn't want to submit it until all stories were done. You see, my favorite band, Within Temptation, have just released a new album full of such exquisite win I decided to write a Camteen songfic for each and every new song there was. Insane, you say? Probably. Hard? As hell. Unbelievably fun? Undoubtedly!

Some of the fics fit the lyrics more, some not at all. From almost like canon to utter absurdity, natural to terribly OOC, from humor to AU and lots, lots of angst. Timeline randomly changes with each ficlet and I, in fact, have only a vague idea about which season they take place in, but Chase and/or Foreman's existence is denied in most of them. I didn't write these in order (more like sort of backwards, actually…) so when it gets crazy and/or lame, you'll know that's where I was running out of ideas. If you feel like you've got your period while reading this series, do not worry, it's my fault entirely. Or you just got your period. You never know.

If you want to experience this series as intended, listen to each song as you read its respective short fic. Besides, the songs kick major ass. Oh, and English is still not my native language. :( I sincerely apologize for any grammatical errors.

1. Why Not Me (Prologue)

Genre: Romance/semi-kindofhumor that makes you giggle?

Rating: Completely PG, I promise.

Warning: Utter silliness ahead. Reader discretion is advised. Sense – this thing makes absolutely none. Proceed at your own risk.

Some may call it a curse,

A life like mine

But others

A blessing

"Oh no, I let it go!" She could hear the familiar voice all the way up to her cabin on the Ferris wheel. Usually, the voice was associated with irritating things to come, such as a patient file or a tournament in verbal insulting. Interestingly enough, this time, it sounded as if someone stepped on the tail of a puppy.

"It's just a balloon, Allison," the Australian sighed loudly. Apparently, he was the one stricken by the irritating part. She couldn't help but giggle as she watched the scene.

"But I won it myself," Cameron whined. She refused to move from the spot and glanced back at the runaway string.

"We'll get you another one, I'm sure there are plenty of unicorn-shaped balloons around here."

"It was a zebra!" If voices could pout and compete in it, hers would have won outright.

She tried to keep herself from bursting out laughing. She couldn't believe the always calm and collected Allison Cameron would make such a fuss over a balloon. Then again, she had won it herself! Oh God, this was too good to be true. If she were a really bad girl, she would tell House about this as soon as possible. But she decided to consider that later, right now, there was a show to watch.

She noticed the naughty plastic bag drifting dangerously close to her cabin.

Someone has to take a stand against evil

Why should it not be me?

She sighed and rolled her eyes. She knew she was going to regret this one way or another, but letting this opportunity go would be just plain evil, an attribute she couldn't forgive while with a sad little kitten like Cameron. It was the manipulative, childish sulking kind of sad, but it surely worked.

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Thirteen; here to capture all balloons on the loose," came from behind the two doctors.

"You got it!" Cameron glomped the young woman, almost running her over in the process.

"You're grateful, I get it, just take the damn thing already before it flies off again!" cried Thirteen's muffled voice from somewhere under Cameron.

"That was very nice of you," the delighted blonde said when she finally took the string and tied it around her wrist, at which Chase gave Thirteen a thankful nod. The woman nodded sympathetically in return.

She shrugged. "I was there and your whining could be heard for miles. So, a zebra, huh?"

"I like zebras."

"Yeah, they're similar to unicorns." Thirteen grinned.

Cameron pursed her lips. "You be quiet!" she hissed before chuckling at the other woman's impish grin. Whatever, she was used to people mocking her.

She leaned in and gave Thirteen a peck on the cheek.

"You do realize this could be easily misinterpreted, especially with a mindset like mine, do you?" Remy responded, brushing her fingers against the spot where the blonde's lips had touched her.

"I might." The air around got strangely thick for a second.

Suddenly, Chase felt a little left out. He cleared his throat. "So, um, what are you doing here, alone, anyway?"


It's certainly a lonely life

But a fulfilling one at best.