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And here they are. The worlds most wackiest racers, competing for the title of the Wacky Races 2011. The cars are approaching the start line.

First in line is Top Cat with his gang in the Trash Cat.

Next Scooby-Doo and Shaggy driving the Mystery Machine.

Following them is Honk Kong Phooey and his trusty side-kick Spot riding the Phooey Mobile.

Snacking their way is Yogi and Boo Boo Bear in the Picnic Racer.

Fred and Barney are riding the Bedrock Jammer.

Making things green are Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo (80's) in their Turtle Van.

Spooking along is Danny Phantom with his friends Sam and Tucker in the Specter Speeder.

Joining them is The Mew Car rode by the Tokyo Mew Mew's.

Next in line are Naruto and his friends Sakura, Sai and Sasuke in the Leaf Racer.

Driving the CatMouse is Tom and Jerry.

Coming along on the Cyclotrons are Razor and T-Bone.

Floating along on the Silver Star is a little witch, Leila Spark.

Sneaking along last is that no good doer Dick Dastardly and Mutley.

Who seem to be already planning some scam. AAANND their off…to a standing start. And why not. They have been chained to a post by shifty Dick Dastardly, who shifted into wrong gear. And away they go. On the worlds Wackiest Racers.

Leila looks like this: Mid-waist midnight black hair, silver eyes, a silver witch hat and a silver dress.