After The Wedding

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: T for Owen's potty mouth.

Summary: Owen and Jack have a conversation after Gwen's Wedding

Disclaimer: All character's belong to the BBC.

"You're being a twat."

It wasn't so much Owen's use of bad language that surprised Jack, that was par for the course, it was more that it was directed at him. Sure, he had kept them tidying up Gwen's wedding for the last several hours, and they were now in the process of moving unconscious retconned guests back to their rooms, but that was work, surely Owen understood that?

"Excuse me?" he asked finally.

"You heard me." Owen answered, grabbing the ankles of the next body. They started off down the corridor and from behind one of the doors he could just make out Ianto's deep voice murmuring the cover story to another group. "What was all that about with Gwen tonight?"

"I don't know what you mean." Jack replied, firmly, hoping to end the conversation before it truly began.

Owen dropped the ankles of the man they had swung between them.

"Dammit Jack, she's married now! And not three hours later there the two of you are prancing about the dance floor gazing at each other all lovey dovey!" Owen's exasperation was clear.

Jack did not want to continue this conversation, and remained pointedly silent. However it appeared that Owen wasn't going to give him any option.

"Right in front of all her family! There you were gazing at her like she was the only person in the room. You just didn't think did you Jack?"

"I was dancing with the bride Owen!" Jack shouted in exasperation, "That's what you do at weddings!"

"So if that's what you do at weddings then why the hell did Ianto looked like a kicked puppy?" Owen's voice was low, almost dangerous.

Jack's head jerked up in surprise at his words.

"What? Owen what do you mean?"

"Fucking hell Jack!" Owen's anger was tangible, "How can you not have noticed? Ianto Jones, remember him? Makes the coffees, apparently looks good in a suit? He bloody loves you Jack. And you treat him like you love him back for a bit – then you rub his nose in with Gwen bloody Cooper, at her wedding in front of a load of people of all bloody places! Are you a complete wanker by accident Jack or does it come naturally?"

Jack finally laid down the head of the man he was carrying and stared at Owen, his normally unreadable blue eyes filled with pain.

"Has he said something?" he asked cautiously.

"About what? Loving you or you being an arse?"

Jack chewed on his lip.

"Either? Both? I don't know Owen!"

Although he was genuinely angry at Jack, Owen had to bite down a chuckle at the Captain's obvious distress. Owen hadn't been sure whether he was doing the right thing by bringing up the events of earlier to his boss, but he liked to think that Jack did actually care about Ianto and hadn't deliberately meant to hurt him. But he guessed that when you were however many years old Jack was, the intricacies of relationships might well pass you by.

Didn't excuse him from being an ass though.

"Yes, Ianto loves you. Not that he walks round the hub shouting it, but I have discovered that the atmosphere of a wedding and three glasses of champagne is like a truth drug to tea-boy..." Owen shook his head, remembering Ianto's slightly hazy confession before they had start working again. "And yes. He did notice you dance with Gwen, and yes he did notice how you looked at her and finally yes he did look like a kicked puppy so I'm guessing that yes you upset him!"

"Shit," Jack whispered.


Jack was filled with guilt and remorse. He had never in a thousand years, wanted to hurt Ianto. He felt more for the young Welshman, more than he'd felt for anyone in a long time. Yet he couldn't deny there was something between him and Gwen. Perhaps it was because she was so full of fire and passion, but unavailable enough to flirt with safely. Though now, he reflected, that was stupid. It might have been safe for him and Gwen, but it had obviously hurt Ianto, something Jack had never wanted to do. He could have kicked himself.

"What do I do?" He wasn't sure Owen was the person to ask for relationship advice, he didn't have the best track record. But even Jack had the sense to realise that now was not the time to ask Gwen.

"First," Owen instructed, enjoying his discomfort, "You go and beg his forgiveness, preferably in the hub in front of all of us on your hands and knees, I could use the laugh. Secondly, have you ever thought about telling him the truth about how you feel? I mean, it's acceptable for me to tease him about being your part time shag Jack, if I started to be nice to him he'd probably die of shock. However it's not acceptable for you to make him feel like he's just a part time shag."

Jack nodded silently, and finally Owen smiled.

"He'll be fine Jack. Honestly. Just, try not to be so much of a jerk all the time."

Jack rolled his eyes.

"Fine! But Owen?"

"Yes Jack?"

"If you ever call me so many names in so short a space of time again, you'll be out on your arse, get it?"

Owen laughed and picked up the man's ankles again.

"Sure thing Jack."

Author's Note: I'm not sure about this one but there we go. I haven't marked it as complete as I'm thinking about possibly adding another chapter with Ianto and Jack or Owen. Opinions?

I'm also working on a long AU fic, but I only have the first three chapters so want a bit more under my belt before I post it.