A high pitched wailing shattered the peaceful night. The sleeping figures stirred, a tall dark haired man slid gently from the bed, so as not to wake the blonde sleeping beside him. He padded barefoot across the cold floor into the adjoining room.

He smiled and dipped his hands into the cot, the tiny toddler screamed, hands balled into fists, legs kicking. He picked him up, cradling him to his chest, he soothed him. "shush shush baby boy, we don't want to wake your mother do we" the little boy blinked his eyes at eudorus, large brown eyes framed with thick black lashes, pink lips and very light brown hair, he was beautiful. And not his.

Two months after arianna had been declared fit by the healers, she had turned up at his quarters, late at night in distress, she had sobbed and broke down, before telling him she was with child, her family name would be disgraced if she gave birth to the baby without a father, eudorous had never seen her this way, so upset and helpless.

Three months later eudorous had the woman of his dreams as his wife and a child on the way that wasn't his. Aside from Achilles, no one knew that the baby was hector's. Eudorous had always loved arianna, more than just as a friend, and he hoped that one day she would love him back in the same way.

Two years later and he had the life of his fantasies.

He made his way back to the bed chambers, Lysander tucked into his arms. Arianna lay on her stomach, arms thrown above her head, her bright blonde hair spread over her shoulders and back, the scars on her shoulder and waist glowed silver in the moons light.

She shifted and turned onto her front, smiling blearily up at him and his heart caught as he took in her beauty. "is he hungry?" she asked quietly and eudorous shook his head with a smile

"he's gone back to sleep now" he said softly sitting on the bed beside her, she rested against his side and he wrapped an arm around her, kissing her hair. She stroked her finger down Lysander's cheek. "I love you both so much arianna, you know that"

"we love you too, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done" she said back, kissing his shoulder, her head snapped up as she heard a banging at the door.

Eudorous tensed, handing lysander to arianna, he stood up, taking his dagger from the dresser and making his way down the stairs. He opened the door and gasped, the dagger slipping from his fingers.

Arianna stepped behind him and gasped, her grip on Lysander tightened, her eyes wide.

There, stood looking slightly more ragged, hair longer and his skin darker from time spent in the sun, but the twinkle in his dark eyes remained the same.


The end?