In Halo Beth and Jake were supposed to write a poem for English, I added some on to it, I used their poem, and I used some of the notes Jake sent to Beth. Read and review ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Xavier, or any of the other characters (sigh).

She had the face of an angel

I saw mirrors in her eyes

We were on and the same, she and I

Both bound by potent lies

In him I saw my future

In him I saw my friend

In him I saw my destiny

Both my beginning and my end

With her the angel came

With her the angel saw

Now in her the angel falls

Through him I see the demon

His revenge bittersweet

Because the love he had asked for

Was not mine to give

Angel's tears shall flood the earth

The gates of Hell shall see rebirth

When the demise of angels doth impend

The human boy shall meet his end

Then this angel shall be brought down

Never to be found

The lake of fire awaits, my lady

To the lake of fire I shall not go

For the demon did show

The horrors of life

Shall end without strife

For the human boy showed true love

His kisses as soft as a dove

Inside him strength greater than Hell

Together he and I are swell

Be gone filthy demon, unwanted here

If you stay you will have much to fear

I see my angel and the heartless demon

Fight for the greater victory

The angel full of love

The demon full of hate

So to him I tell a last phrase

Love conquers all