The heat between them was rapidly becoming too much to handle. Sam couldn't get enough of her sweet flesh under his hands, enough of her beautiful mouth on his. While caressing her cheeks, he felt moisture on his thumbs. Afraid she was crying he drew back and opened his eyes to find her face smeared in blood, as well as his hands.

"Oh my god, Raven…" Sam said.

Raven registered the fear in Sam's eyes and glanced at his hands. They were covered in blood and it was on his face as well. Her hands untangled from his hair in time to catch the stream gushing from her nose. She jumped from the bed, ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Sam immediately began banging from the other side, begging to be let in. All Raven could do was stare at the woman in the mirror. Her hair mussed, face concealed in blood but with the heat of the moment still burning in her dark blue eyes. Reaching for a towel, the hem of her shirt rose revealing a bloody hand print where Sam's hands briefly skimmed her ribcage and she began to shiver. She began to remove as much of the red stickiness as she could from her cheeks, rubbing hard, as if she were trying to eradicate the memories of what had just happened.

Sam was about to kick in the door down when Raven finally unlocked the knob but did not turn it for him. It was her way of telling him she was alright but needed a minute and he understood. He heard the shower start and waited a few minutes before entering. She was behind the curtain and the smell of honeysuckle and lavender filled the space. The air was already sultry with the steam of the hot shower.

"Raven, are you alright?" Sam almost whispered.

"I don't know," she said simply. He knew she wasn't going to say any more at the moment.

"I am going to clean up and wait for you outside. Ok?" There was no response.

He did the best he could to clean his face and hands quickly and left the bathroom without another word.

The water was as hot as she could stand. She went through the ritual of the shower like a robot, trying so hard to quell the shivering that had started and threatened not to stop. There is no reason she should be feeling this way. Sam had not forced himself on her. It was she that kissed him first. But her ragged emotions felt like she had somehow been violated; like what had transpired had not been what she had wanted. The smell of her shampoo settled her nerves somewhat. And the knowledge that Sam was never going to make her do something she did not want was comforting. The thought that would not leave her be was the fact that even though she did not feel those sorts of feelings for Sam, she could not help herself.

Sam was pacing the worn carpet, trying to be patient and let Raven have her space but it was damn frustrating. She was the one who started the encounter and was now acting as though she had been wronged somehow. And her nose was bleeding again. This all HAS to be connected, he thought.

His thoughts shifted to the feel of her mouth on his neck and his hands on her skin. She was so much softer than he had imagined. Had he not discovered she was bleeding, they would be making love. And that realization rocked Sam to his core. He still wanted her. He had always wanted her.

"Damnit,"he cursed, "What am I supposed to do now?"

Raven had stalled as long as she could. Sam was waiting and there was no way to avoid the inevitable conversation. How was she going to explain that she didn't want that to happen but she was the one who started it? Taking a deep breath, she stepped out into the room and spotted Sam on the phone.

"Thank you for calling, Mr. Turner. We'll coordinate with OSHA from this point forward. Yes…. and thank you again. Good bye." Sam ended the call and turned to look at Raven.

She was standing in the middle of the room, wrapped in the big fluffy robe, looking as small as he had ever seen her. Sam could feel the tension rolling off her and wanted to do what he could to comfort her… from a distance.

Raven was unsure what to do or say. She didn't want to insinuate that Sam was to blame but that's how she felt. This was so confusing.

"Sam, I'm sorry. I have no idea what happened. My feelings for you haven't changed. I still feel like we aren't supposed to be in a romantic relationship but I couldn't help myself."

He smiled softly, "Am I that hard to resist?"

She smiled back, "Apparently so." She crossed to the bed, sitting with her feet tucked under her. "I have tried to figure out how to say this without it sounding just horrible but there's no way so… Sam, I didn't want to do what we did. I feel as though I was forced into it."

He was at her side instantly, "Raven, I am so sorry. I never wanted you to feel that way!"

She interrupted him before he could go any further, "I don't believe it was you that forced me, Sam. It's difficult to explain."

He relaxed at her words. The thought he had forced himself on her make the bile rise in his throat.

"It's as though I had no control over my own actions. Like my own emotions weren't a consideration."

Sam straightened where he sat, "Like you were possessed?"

"No, no, "she explained, "I have an anti-possession tattoo the same as yours. Get the holy water, if you like."

"If you are sure, I trust you. But this is sounding more and more like something bigger than what we can handle on our own. I think we need to see a specialist."

"Sam, we have a job to finish. We can't just abandon it. The plant may be shut down but there are still people there who could get hurt. I am not going to let this get in the way of the job whatever it is."

Sam shook his head in disbelief, "My god, you are stubborn. But I understand."

"Did you still want to try a nap? We still have a couple of hours to kill before we can go." Raven suggested.

He sighed, "Probably not. I wouldn't be able to rest under the circumstances. Why don't you lie down? I'll make sure our plan has no holes."

Raven looked worried. She hadn't slept without Sam in quite some time. And yet again, he read her mind, "Don't worry. I won't be far away."

All she did was nod and crawl under the covers. She curled into a ball and was asleep in seconds.

Sam was supposed to be checking the plan but he watched her sleep. She looked so young, so peaceful. He felt a storm coming, one that might rock them to their very cores.