Britannian Colony Japan
"Err, what time is it?" a girl asked looking at the red numbers on her alarm "7:35, okay" she said before "7:35!" she shouted bolting out of bed "I can't believe it I'm going to be late for school" she panicked pulling on her Ashford Academy uniform "man I hope the others are there already" she panicked.

Okay so maybe I should explain my situation a bit, the year is 2022 a.t.b the current Emperor is Lelouch vi Britannia the world's champion, he defeated the Fallen over the skies of Britannian Colony Japan when it was still Area 11, alongside Supreme Autobot Commander Optimus Prime who is currently finishing off the Decepticon stragglers somewhere in Britannia Colony Hawaii with his team, Meanwhile Colonel Camilla 'Milly' Ashford runs NEST Network Elements Supporters Transformers to protect Japan and the surrounding areas. Who am I you asked, the emperor's little sister and current Ashford Academy Girls soccer club captain, Gymnastics team Captain and nice girl Nunnally Vi Britannia current third princess of Britannia.

I raced past the twin flag pole that stood in the centre of the now named victory square, one had the Britannian flag, the other the Japanese flag, I remember the day the Prime Minister /Governor of Japan was chosen because it was unexpected.

"Good day people of Britannian Colony Japan" The Emperor said on a massive view screen. The people gathered to hear what the new emperor to say, "As you know all the other colonies have selected a governor to represent them, all expect for Japan. I have taken the liberty to select your Governor: Prime Minister Suzaku Kururugi!" Lelouch said as the view screen switch to Suzaku standing at the Special Admistration Zone which was renamed into the summit "I, Suzaku Kururugi hereby take up the title of Japanese Prime minister and local representative for the United Britannian Empire" Suzaku said making everyone cheer.

I stood there looking at the two flags when my watch beeped signalling ten minutes "Oh no" I moaned "Late again?" a female voice chuckled behind me "ARCEE!" she said joyfully grabbing the helmet on her seat "No shorts?" Arcee asked me "Um, no I left them in my locker at school" I admitted. "You should start living on campus not halfway across the city" Arcee said. "You're just as bad as Rolo and Lelouch" I said "You know your brothers care for you sweetheart" Arcee said "I know but this way I have more freedom" I said to her "Remember when you couldn't see or use your legs?" Arcee asked me "Don't remind me." I remembered when I first gained the use of my legs back.

Prima and Dr Kozuki were down in the recovery room of a patient "The operation went well I take it?" Prima asked "Yes, it did I managed to removed them all but it's going to be another three operations to undo the damage and rebuild the nerve clusters in her legs" Naomi said "Not if I help" Prima said as her hands developed a soft glow. "Of course" Naomi said leaving. Soon the patient woke up "Where am I?" she asked "Good Morning Miss Lamperouge" Prima said "How are you feeling this morning?" Prima asked "strange" Nunnally said "How, and what do you mean by strange?" Prima asked jotting down notes on her board. "I don't know it's like something I can't explain" the young woman continued "Like something you lost returned?" "Yes why?" "Try standing up" Prima said holding out her hand. Nunnally took it stumbled but soon she was fully standing "I'm standing" she gasped.

"That was a good day, but I thought you were in Hawaii?" I asked the Autobot I had befriended "We finished over there yesterday and came back last night" Arcee said "Okay" I answered as we managed to reach the gates of Ashford Academy with five minutes to spare. Sometimes I think I should have just become a minister back in Britannia but Lelouch insisted I finish school. "You were nearly late again my dear sister" "Rolo I was not" "If it wasn't for Arcee you would be, this is why I want you to live at the school" "Its fine Rolo" "No its not, look I know you don't want Ashford to be your home after you stayed here most of your life, but now with Megatron gone I can't help but feel if one day he comes back he might target you" Rolo said "why me?" "Because Lelouch took out The Fallen and he may target you as a way to get back at him for destroying the Fallen" Rolo said looking at me, I knew what he feared for I also feared it. Every day in the back of my mind that warning was there, but I knew if Megatron came after me The Autobots would be after him.

At lunch I sat underneath a large willow tree providing a nice shadowy are to sit down. Often I come out here at lunch when I wasn't at a lunchtime game or club meeting. "You look down" a kind voice said "Oh Euphie I didn't think you were coming today, neither were you, Zero" I said looking at Euphemia Li Kururugi and NEST General Zero otherwise known as, my siblings Euphie and Lelouch. "Let me guess, Hawaii mission?" I asked Zero "No I was with Wheeljack's team; up at Mt Fuji recovering Teletraan1" Zero said "So you actually found the Ark?" I asked excited. The aspect of seeing an Autobot cruiser was amazing. "Yes we did but unfortunately, there is heavy damage to the engines, hull and weapon system" Euphie said. I still remember the aftermath of Lelouch's first battle as emperor.

Lelouch snuck back into the castle considering it was night and he didn't want to wake up Kallen who would be beyond pissed if she found out. "Your highness" a knight of the Round said "Yes what is it Knight of Four?" The emperor asked his fourth knight who hailed from Australia, "The Empress is still awake, just in case you know" The knight laughed "Thank you Andrew" Lelouch said. Soon the South African Knight of Five came up to the Australian Knight of Four. "He is trouble" she said as the moonlight caressed her peach coloured skin, "Oh yeah" Andrew said holding his beloved knight "Come on Sir Weinburg is going to be upset that we're not patrolling" Jewel said smiling as her garnet hair swished.

Once in his bedroom he let out the breath he was unknowing holding "That was close" he said "What was my beloved?" a sultry voice said "Kallen" Lelouch said surprised "I'm glad that you're back, but next time tell me!" Kallen barked "I'm sorry but you know how I am when they come here to try and destroy Earth in retaliation for Megatron's defeat" Lelouch said brushing Kallen's cheek "I know that is why I fell in love with you, but every time I thought about you in battle during the war my heart sank into despair" Kallen said as Lelouch embraced "I'm sorry that I didn't know that" Lelouch said holding his empress "I love you" she whispered.

"Nunnally, NUNNALLY!" Rolo shouted making me jump "What" I yawned "You fell asleep" he laughed "I did, please I didn't miss P.E" I panicked "Nunna, you didn't miss anything accept a meeting of the Gymnastics club" Rolo said sitting down next to me "Oh man" I groaned "Relax, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself Nunna" Rolo said "Thanks Ro" I said smiling "Bad dreams?" he asked concerned, Lelouch may be in Pendragon running the empire but he knew as well as Rolo about my bad dreams. The dream was about when I was empress, only Megatron won and enslaved us all, those who fought back died brutally. They came in waves or swarms I don't know which but I have a feeling about them. "Tell the next teacher I'm heading to Alpha base" I told my brother.

More paperwork, I hate paper work, how it piles up when you think your done blam another ton of it pounces on you like a lion on a rabbit, "I hate this" I muttered darkly looking at it hoping it would go away or into the jaws of Grimlock. I could hear him now 'Me Grimlock me eat nasty paperwork' I had to admit after my first initial encounter with the big lug I didn't like him however after the invasion of Tokyo four years ago; he's become better at certain things. "GRIMLOCK HATES PERV!" that is not one of him, wonder who he caught perving on who? "GINO WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU'LL REGRET BARGING IN LIKE THAT!" Ah Kallen, Gino had better chances with Grimlock than my snookums Kallen vi Britannia, the red imperial lotus and the first multi-background imperial wife or empress, I changed the system from my father to a better one where the wife of the emperor was co-ruler and not a trophy, many people liked this, none of them better than my Prime Minister Cornelia Guilford wife of Gilbert Guilford her knight, anyway paperwork that's right, I looked around before I started to push it towards the bin, "Lelouch" a warning voice said. I look up to see Kallen standing there. "If you needed help you should have told me" she said dividing the pile before kissing me. Sometimes a simple kiss could be what I needed from her to be happy, as most husbands and wives did.

I looked at my husband with that goofy lovestruck look on his face. He is such an idiot, but as he would say "I'm your idiot" he said "You can't read minds" "I don't have to when I knew you and what you were thinking" he smiled again. "I hate it when you do that" I laughed as he got up and came over to me, "That dress is a lot like one of my mother's one only different colours" "What do you mean?" "Her's was blue not red" "Well I am the red imperial lotus flower" "And I am the Dark Knight Emperor" he laughed holding me; "When we first saw each other in the shower at Ashford did you think it was going to be like this?" "No, I didn't" "Neither did I" "Because this is better than what I first thought" "really?" he was so sweet towards me and any girl he met. He was my husband though. But I could something coming in the winds, something not good.

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