Commander Potter of the Starship Ascension

Chapter 9: First Contact

A Harry Potter/Battlestar Galactica Crossover

By: C.W. Smith

Three ships took off from Ascensions starboard launch bay. Two of the landing craft with the nacelles extended and one Runner ship-to-ship shuttle. Elara had recommended the escort to Galactica be done using craft of harries design. While the Lander's were armed with his armament designs they weren't the kind of fighter a Viper or Raven was. However he had blown up all his Ravens and was already improving the designs before beginning construction of any new craft.

"Are my Wizengamot robes REALLY necessary?" Harry asked from the back of the Runner.

Everyone else in the Runner just chuckled at Harry's discomfort. He had told them he held a seat on the Wizengamot, although had a proxy handle the regular affairs for him. Apparently however being a member of one of the many governments on Earth meant he had to dress for the occasion. Not that he hadn't tried to make the plum colored robes more... tolerable. Instead of the full on judicial robe he was wearing a white shirt and black slacks with a hooded plum colored over robe tossed on like a long coat. The silver W on the right breast and the crest of the Houses of Potter and Black on the left.

He had absolutely refused however to wear the hat.

Harry just sighed and said, "Why the Hell did I pack this thing anyways?"

Elara smiled gently at him and said, "I believe the phrase you used was, 'Always be prepared.'"

Harry shook his head, "Still, my wardrobe wasn't exactly what I would have considered important to a standard test. Frankly it would have been much better for me to have packed the colonization packs I left back on Earth. At least then there would be something that served a purpose on board."

Chief Tellus just looked back at him, "Maybe, but we're doing okay with what's in the World Room right now. That and all the hydroponic gardens that keep going up all over the place."

Harry sighed and asked, "How are we doing on reintegrating the jettisoned evac pods?"

"We got the important stuff back where it belongs, including sickbay. Once everyone got back to where they normally are supposed to go Lily just absorbed the pods back into the deck and put them where they belong. I still don't understand how that works."

Harry just shook his head, "Basically she moves things through the superstructure using holes in space-time. A lot of our individual compartments and rooms are just artificial pocket dimensions with a connection through the hatches. The storage areas have had their internal dimensions that have been expanded significantly to fit everything in. Granted, the ship looks a lot smaller on the outside, but it does the job."

"We going to need some materials though to replace a lot of what was damaged in the attack. That primary capacitor isn't going to make itself," the chief said.

"Lets see if we can't get the waste product from the tyllium refinery. They don't really need all that rock and slag and I can break that down using an alchemic process, maybe get some of the tyllium out they couldn't."

Castleman grunted from the co-pilot's seat, "I'm more worried about what we are going to say about our Cylon on board. I understand your reasons Commander, but the rest of the fleet won't like it."

Harry just sighed, "I know, but I'm bound by a separate set of laws, laws I've already broken just by rescuing any of the people of the Colonies. There is only so far my hypocrisy will go."

"Of course you don't approve of killing unless under extreme circumstances," Elara reminded everyone.

Harry nodded, "That and with the Cylon resurrection technology it's just for all intents and purposes allowing a prisoner with possibly useful intel escape."

That information had been more then enough to still Castleman's argument towards flushing Leoben out the airlock. No one wanted to give the force hunting them any advantage. And the amount of information they already had on Ascension from the other infiltrators that had been killed and resurrected was bad enough. Knowing they were still licking their wounds would have have given the Cylons enough incentive to try and take them out as is.

"It's just a shame we don't have more information on who the infiltrators are," Castleman growled.

"And nothing in my bag of tricks will help. I've run every scan and analysis I can think of on Leoben, and I've had Lily looking for anything that could differentiate him from a base-line human being. Physiologically and biologically he's completely indistinguishable from you or I. And the only thing that makes me different from the rest of you is my magical energy core. It's going to be a while before we can detect Cylon's specifically, if ever," Harry said. He had Lily running a genetic analysis and comparison of Leoben's DNA against the Colonial base genome as well as his own. That would take time however, and would not allow for a sensor sweep to pick anyone up.

"At least we can keep up with the fleet when they jump," Chief said.

The Runner was approaching Galactica's port flight pod. The Lander's broke off and entered the pattern to land behind them.

"I'd prefer a flight of Raiders to this Dog and Pony show," Harry growled.

Elara set a calming hand on his shoulder, "I'm certain the others would as well. But, traditions must be observed."

Harry just nodded as he took a chance to look at the great Battlestar before him. He had to admit the ship was intimidating to him at least. He didn't know if Ascension could stand up to something of this power, and frankly he didn't want to find out. It had been luck and his unpredictable tactics that had saved them once, he didn't want to bet on that happening a second time.

The Runner came in and landed, time to put on a good show at least.

President Roslin, her aide Billy, Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh and several members of the Quorum of Twelve were all gathered in the landing bay to welcome the Ascension officers. The Quorum was extremely interested when word came out that the Commander was Terran, not Colonial. That this man could be from the fabled Thirteenth Tribe had everyone wanting a piece of this event. Roslin had felt her skin crawl when Tom Zarack showed up.

Roslin and Adama stood side by side waiting for the shuttle to dock. Roslin whispered so only the Commander could hear, "We need to confirm where he is saying he's from without the rest of the fleet knowing."

"Agreed, scuttlebutt through the fleet is already getting out of control. I had Apollo and Starbuck coordinating pickup of the escape pods Ascension launched before Potter stabilized his ship. Some of their reports frankly don't make a lot of sense. If I didn't know better I'd wonder what drugs they were taking," Adama said.

"Why?" Roslin asked.

36 hours ago...

The escape pods were four feet by four feet square and about 8 feet in length. Barely big enough to support two people. The pods were laid out in the hanger bay along their sides Medical personnel were waiting but there was a problem.

Capt. Lee "Apollo" Adama and Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace were going over the pods, trying to figure out how to open them.

"This doesn't make any sense," Kara ground out as she stood with the help of her cane.

"No seams, no controls, not even a hint of where the hatch is," Lee said as he ran his hand along one of the pods.

"What good is an escape pod if you can't escape from it?" Kara said as she limped over.

Suddenly all the pods in the bay tipped over and ended up standing straight up on the square edge. Apollo and Starbuck both jumped backwards as the Marines targeted the strange pods with their rifles. Carefully Apollo walked around and looked at the pod. He was just making it back around the strange pillar of metal when suddenly a seam appeared splitting down the middle of the side facing him. Apollo jumped as it opened like an elevator and a line of twenty people started to walk out. Each pod held upwards of twenty to thirty people.

Starbuck met Apollo's eyes and saw they were just as shocked and amazed as she was. Once the last person came out of the pod they slowly made their way to what could only be thought of as the hatch and looked in. Instead of what they thought should be maybe a harness to hold a person securely, was a room that frankly looked like it belonged on some home back in the Colonies. The two Viper pilots looked at each other, and without a word went and walked around the pod, confirming that it was what they thought on the outside.

Apollo looked up and yelled out, "Chief! Come over here for a second. Could you measure this?"

Chief Galen Tyrol walked up and had Callie hold one side of a tape measure. Apollo and Starbuck did what they could to keep them from looking inside the pod while they measured it. Once that was done and they gave them the measurements, Apollo and Starbuck looked it over, turned to each other, nodded and Kara said, "Chief, take a look inside there."

Tyrol looked at the two pilots confused for a moment and went and looked inside. Callie was startled when she heard the Chief scream out, "WHAT THE FRAK?"

"Should I have you checked out?" Roslin asked.

Adama chuckled, "I read that report, took Tigh down with me and looked inside. We had every one we could spare walk through and they all reported the same thing. That's not the strangest of it. We put four viper pilots in there blindfolded and told them to report any strange change in orientation and had a team outside to move one of those pods around. We even tipped it over on it's side, and completely inverted it. The pilots didn't feel any movement. When we told them to remove the blindfolds while the pods were inverted they walked around. Gravity was still holding them to the floor. It's strange to watch a person walk on the ceiling."

Roslin had a look of disbelief on her face, "So his escape pods are bigger on the inside then they are on the outside?"

"According to the people we pulled out of those pods those were actually crew quarters prior to being ejected from Ascension. A larger compartment was found that was a fully functioning sickbay. Of course none of us can really make heads or tails of how any of it works. The medical personnel in the compartment frankly don't understand how it works, just that it does work," Adama said.

The President shook her head at the apparent level of technology being demonstrated here. She waited as the shuttle hatch started to open and a ramp lowered. Two marines took up a guard position at the base of the ramp, and were followed by a small group of people. The first man wore a strange colored hooded robe over a simple wardrobe of black slacks and a white business shirt. The hood was down, showing a young man with raven black hair that seemed to have never seen a hair brush and eyes a shade of emerald green she'd never seen in any person before behind simple glasses.

He was joined by a an older man with graying hair in Colonial military uniform on his right side. Behind them was a young woman dressed in priestess robes, a man that looked around the same age as Doctor Cottle, and a man dressed like one of Galactica's enlisted crew who looked like he had been retired before the Fall. The small group approached the President and Adama, the man in the strange cloak that seemed to be the color of a plum approached them.

The younger man stopped and President Roslin spoke, "On behalf of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, I welcome you. I am Laura Roslin, President of the Twelve Colonies. This is William Adama, Commander of the Battlestar Galactica."

The young man smiled and in perfect Colonial Standard said, "I am Harry Potter, Lord and head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Lord Stewart of the Ancient and Noble House of Black, Commander of the Terran Starship Ascension, and member of the Wizengamot of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. And allow me to say, what an honor it is to be the first of my people to meet you and yours."

Harry turned and said, "Allow me to introduce Major Jack Castleman, acting Ascension XO and commander of the Colonial Military personnel on board. Elara Amezad, Priestess and civilian representative. And Chief Walter Tellus, Chief Engineer. I should point out that aside from myself right now my entire crew is made up of Colonial survivors."

Adama was curious and asked, "What happened to your original crew?"

Harry smirked, and in a self-deprecating tone said, "I'm it, Ascension is a prototype and I was on a test run of the Jump drive to the fourth planet of our star system. I haven't quiet pinned down what went wrong just yet, but with the help of Chief Tellus and a few others we have the drive working as it should be."

Adama could tell from years of experience that the other man wasn't being entirely truthful at the moment. He couldn't help but wonder what it was he was hiding about his FTL problems, but for now he would let it slide and remember it for later. He waved towards the Quorum and as introductions were made he thought on what he knew so far. Just from the escape pods they had picked up it seemed strange that the entire ship was a prototype platform.

Roslin moved off to introduce Potter to the delegates as his command staff kept close by. Elara was right at his right shoulder while Castleman stayed on the left. Once all the introductions were completed Harry turned to the President and said, "Madam President, I think for now that there a few issues that need to be discussed between you and I. Frankly Commander Adama as the highest ranked military officer here probably should be involved as well. Major Castleman is probably more capable of coordinating our CAP flights with Galactica's XO then I am. I brought Elara to check in on our civilians and begin to make arrangements to have them transferred back to Ascension. Chief Tellus can start getting a list of parts you may need for your craft as well as schematics so we can start getting you some replacements."

Adama asked, "Are you sure you have parts to spare?"

Harry turned to the older man and smiled saying, "We should be able to generate whatever is needed. Frankly the only thing I need to do this is whatever waste mater you have available like slag from refinement or other processes that leave behind considerable waste product. All that matter as is does no one any good. I'm able to actually put it to good use. Don't ask for food from that process though, I still haven't been able to get that part functional if it ever will be."

Roslin raised an eyebrow as they walked through the corridors of Galactica. This was a frighteningly advanced level of technology to rearrange matter into anything that is needed. But it seemed to have limitations in that it could create food. So how did they take care of that need? Did they have to carry supplies like Colonial Fleet did? Could they only recreate needed parts but nothing else?

Roslin and Adama showed Potter into the Commander's quarters and offered him a seat. Once all three were settled down and Adama offered something for everyone to drink. They sat there for a moment before Adama asked, "So you aren't from the Colonies?"

Harry shook his head, "No, I'm from a star system in the Orion arm of the galaxy about twenty-six thousand light-years from Galactic Center and fourteen light-years above the Galactic Plane. I was testing my ships FTL drive when something went wrong and I came out of the jump over Caprica. I'll tell you, I hadn't been planning a weapons test so soon."

"You dropped right into the Cylon attack?" Adama asked.

Harry nodded, "It was only through luck I was able to disable their capital ship and make planet fall. Took maybe a week or so to get the ship space worthy, along with about two extra days for the refit and reconfiguration to be able to carry, launch, and maintain the Vipers and Raptors we picked up. I know, it sounds strange, but then again everything in the last couple of months has been strange."

Roslin nodded, "We've all had to adjust to circumstances. You said you were a Terran?"

Harry smiled and nodded, "I had to start calling myself that after the second transport we picked up went nuts from hearing it was an Earth ship. Thought we were a space faring version of the Flying Dutchman."

"Flying Dutchman?" Adama asked.

"A supposed ghost ship from my Homeworld. It is said that the ship would ride the seas, doomed to sail for all time and unable to ever make port. Seeing the Dutchman is usually considered a portent of doom," Harry explained, then took a sip from his drink.

Adama nodded and leaned back in the chair behind his desk. President Roslin then asked, "So you are from Earth then?"

Harry chuckled and shook his head, "That is a point of heated debate back on Ascension. I'm the first human being from our world to even attempt a trip to any other planet beyond our moon, to say nothing for going outside the Solar System. Frankly, I was shocked to find the first extra-solar civilization I encountered was made up of Humans. Finding out that a world with the same name as mine is mentioned in another peoples holy scripture was a bit unnerving as well you understand."

Roslin smiled a bit, "I think I can understand that."

"To us, Earth is little more then a myth. Something to live for but little more then that," Adama said.

Harry nodded, "I've been going back and forth with Elara a few other scholars we picked up. While I accept the possibility your Thirteenth Tribe made it to my homeworld, the timelines just discount the possibility of them being the only source of humanity on Earth."

Roslin's scholarly background gave way, even as Adama paid a bit more attention, "How so?" the aged Commander asked.

Harry sighed, "There is archeological and anthropological evidence to conclude humans evolved on Earth back approximately one hundred and fifty thousand years ago. We have evidence of primitive civilizations going back no less then ten thousand years. While I don't discount the possibility of an extraterrestrial landing around three thousand years ago, I do disagree with the idea that all Humanity on Earth is descended from them."

"So you don't believe that Humanity started on Kobol and then migrated to another world," The President asked.

Harry nodded, "I frankly have two theories with what we know. One, they never made it to my world and the Earth in your scripture is a different planet. Two, they did make it but encountered an already established branch of Humanity. Primitive yet kindred. Considering there are recordings of flying chariots and the like in ancient text it's plausible. I think they would have landed and integrated themselves into the indiginous culture."

"Why is that?" Adama asked.

Harry sighed and looked at the both of them wearily, "The same reason I sort of prefer theory number one over the idea that your Thirteenth Tribe arrived on my world. About three thousand years ago, an ancient civilization sprouted up on Earth in the area now known as Greece. They were some of the most socially, technologically, and philosophically advanced people of the age. The important thing however is that they worshiped a pantheon of many gods. This pantheon, the Gods of Olympus, matches exactly with the Lords of Kobol."

Roslin was a little confused and asked, "Why would that make you want to believe the Thirteenth Tribe didn't reach your world?"

Harry smiled, "Because it begs the question of how we developed not just the same pantheon of gods, but even the same words and names for them. I find that the more compelling and interesting question."

Roslin smiled at that, "You don't seem to be having issues with the language barrier."

Harry smiled and pulled his holly and phoenix feature wand and tapped his head with the tip, "I've been using a translation matrix in order to understand. It's been helping me actually learn the language so I don't have to depend on it."

"That seems rather advanced technology since I can't see any device except for that ear piece you're wearing," Adama responded.

Harry smiled, "That's something that frankly is going to bother some people I bet. The translation matrix and my means of matter replication rely on certain things that frankly my people have been capable of for millennium."

Harry closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose for a moment, "What I'm about to tell you isn't much of a secret back on Ascension. With all the people here as well as the civilians from my ship I wouldn't be surprised if your entire fleet knows."

Harry set his glass on the Commander's desk and swished his wand at it, casting a simple levitation charm on it. Both Roslin and Adama were shocked with the cup lifted into the air without any assistence. Harry returned it to the desk then transfigured it into a replica of a MkVII Viper, then a Raptor, then a Raider, and then a red rose. Harry offered the rose to President Roslin for her inspection.

The look of shock on the Presidents face as she discovered that it looked, felt, and smelt like a flower was clear. She handed it to Commander Adama for his inspection, and once he was done Harry took the flower and turned it back into the same glass he had been drinking from. He looked at the pair and said, "On my world there are two seperate civilizations. One of them is really no different from your own. We don't have as advanced space travel as you do but for the most part it's pretty much the same. Then there is my world. We call ourselves by various names, but most people from Europe and Britain call ourselves Witches and Wizards. We are magic users, and aside from humans there are many other sentient races among us. Most of our banking is handled by the Goblin Nation. The lake at the school I went to as a child is inhabited by merfolk, the forest by centaurs. We have little four foot tall elves who help us with our everyday lives. We are for the most part completely seperate from the rest of the world.

"Our world is not unified on either side of the line. The only thing that makes us Magicals more united is our upholding of our Prime Directive, the International Statute of Secrecy. We do not allow anyone who isn't a magic-user or immediately related to a magic user to know of us. The fear of being hunted down by the rest of the world even now so long after the last witch hunts frightens us. Much like yourselves and the Cylons."

Harry looked directly at the two and continued, "I sit on the British Wizengamot, and frankly the only thing that's going to save me from prosecution is the fact that our Secrecy Laws do not take contact with anyone beyond Earth's atmosphere into account. My people are very strict on the wording of the law, if not always it's spirit."

"Why is that?" Roslin asked.

"Because words have power. If I were to swear an oath to you right now on my life, and then break that oath, I would immediately fall on the deck dead. For us the law isn't open to interpretation."

Harry smirked, "If it weren't for magic I wouldn't have been able to create Ascension. I designed her, tested her, I spent pretty much my whole life working on her when I wasn't in class or dealing with something else."

Adama tried to keep his voice steady, "So the escape pods we pulled in?"

Harry nodded, knowing that would have gotten their attention, "Expansion charms, I based it on a common charms used for many things, even tents. I think I have a few tents like that, but I am not sure if I packed them on board. Making things bigger on the inside then they are on the outside is something we've been able to do for centuries. I've got ten square kilometers of farmland and forest on that ship, and it was much smaller then it is now when I first jumped from Earth."

"That is simply amazing," Roslin said, still stunned from the revelations. Adama was much better about it at the time due to his experience.

"I suppose that we will need to discuss the disposition of the Colonial citizens on your ship then, as well as the military personnel."

Harry shook his head, "I'm as lost in the wilderness as you are Commander. As far as I'm concerned they can stay on board until we reach wherever you call your new home. If that happens to be my home world then I can use some of my non-magical contacts to smooth things out. But, I want to try to avoid bringing a war we'd be unable to fight to our front door. All I ask is that Ascension be considered Terran soil and governed by Terran Law. There are frankly some parts of Ascension that I'm certain violates Colonial law but isn't illegal back home."

"I'm certain we can come to an agreement on those particular issues. We do need to discuss the possibility that you might have a Cylon spy on board," President Roslin pointed out.

Harry sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose again, "I have one Cylon in custody, at least three others blew themselves up and got two more trying to take us out just before we jumped here. I was able to hack the Cylon data network during the attack, didn't get much but what I did get tells me that he's better off staying where he is."

Adama perked up at that and seemed to become much more intense even though he didn't really move much. It frankly intimidated Harry, "What intel is this?"

"The Cylons have a way to download and save the consciousness and memories or any Cylon that is terminated. Executing any Cylon is little more then sending them back with potentially vital information. I have to insist that for security reasons if nothing else that the execution option is tossed out," Harry replied, trying to get the seriousness of what he told them out.

"We've heard that before from other Cylon's," Adama pointed out.

"Well I'm confirming it, the Basestar I hacked had an entire facility on board for it. They may also have a larger platform in order to do the same for all their personnel, including Raiders. Since Leoben probably knows more about my ship then the others barring one that was posing as a Colonial Viper Pilot I really don't want to do it."

"That answers the question of which one you have. We've encountered two previous versions of him before," Adama said.

Harry smirked, "He give you the swimming in the stream, standing on the shore argument?"

Adama chuckled, "He used that on one of my pilots. The one I dealt with went on about God, singular, giving the Cylon's souls."

Harry couldn't help but laugh, "He said the same thing to me. Doesn't help that I know of artifacts that were created a while back either intentionally or not that have a life all their own. Hell, I did the same on my ship, that's one of those things that I know are illegal in the Colonies but aren't on Earth due to pretty much our lack of anything resembling a Cylon."

"You created an Artificial Intelligence?" Roslin asked.

Harry sort of hemmed and hawed for a moment before answering, "In a sense. Think of it this way, we human beings leave a part of ourselves behind on everything that really matters to us. Take Galactica for instance. She's over fifty years old. Thousands of people have walked this ship, served aboard in one form or another. People work here, call it their home, love each other in her bunks, fight for what they believe in, all of that. You take all that, and you keep it up over time it's going to leave it's mark. Blood has run across her deck plates and over time all of that builds up, comes together and creates a spirit all it's own born from everyone who has ever set foot on this ship. Lily, the Artificial Intelligence if you will, acts like you would expect an AI in regards to ship operations. But she's more then that. She's the culmination of all the blood, sweat, tears, and hopes I put into creating Ascension. In a very real sense she is the soul of my ship, born from everything I put into creating it and I don't just mean the physical. In a very real sense she is still a child. She knows but doesn't understand, has intellect but no wisdom."

Adama folded his hands on his desk, "That is very difficult to accept."

Harry just shrugged, "When Magic is added into any equation you have to through out what you know should happen and understand that you can't always predict what will happen. I once saw an enchanted car take on a life of it's own. No where near as intelligent as a Cylon, more like a very big, loyal, blue metal dog."

With that they turned the talk to more mundane and boring topics.

Back in some other part of the Galactica, Col. Tigh and Major Castleman were going over assignments and manifests when Tigh asked, "So, what can you tell me about Commander Potter, or whatever the frak title he goes by?"

Castleman was going over a list of needed parts of Viper repair when he said, "Officer's Discretion?"

"Of course."

"Frankly Colonel, there are times he scares the frak out of me. He's got a Gods damned AI in control of major functions on that ship. If it weren't for some of the things he can do I know the Cylon's can't I'd swear he was a Cylon at times."

Tigh raised an eyebrow at that, "What do you mean?"

Castleman shook his head, "During the attack, he actually took full control of that ship. I don't mean pushing someone from their console and doing the job. I mean he leaned back and it was almost like he was a part of the ship. His brain, whatever, was in full control of all system for a period of time. I didn't do anything then because of our situation. But... I don't know. It's like he knows what is working and what isn't like it was his own body at times. He tried to explain it but I honestly don't understand a single bit of his so called magic."

Tigh poured a couple of fingers of ambrosia and offered Castleman one. The Major thanked him and sipped the liquor before saying, "He's inexperienced when it comes to commanding a ship, he'll admit to that himself. He relies on instinct more then anything. I won't say he thinks he knows everything like some young officers just out of the academy, but he's about at their level of experience. Which means he heavily leans on our ad-hoc command staff. If he were one of my lieutenants though I'd say he had the makings of a fine officer once he got more time in."


Castleman actually let out a small laugh, "Very. He's much more capable in hand-to-hand combat and uses that magic of his. I watched him go through a training session once against what he called training dummies. It's not like a gunfight. Wand combat, at least the way he does it seems to be more a martial art then a gun fight. He's also one of the craziest damn pilots I've ever seen. Hell if I know how he pulls off some of those maneuvers of his. He actually flies CAP every now and then."

Tigh shook his head, "Sounds like another Lt. Thrace."

"She would have a run for her money against Potter if it was just about flight. Trust me," Castleman said as he finished his drink.

Chief Tellus was going over parts requasitions for the Galactica hanger bay. He sighed as he looked through all the needed equipment. As he flipped a page he turned to the younger Chief Tyrol and said, "I think we can get you what you need, we're just going to need one of each to get started. All we have are parts of the MkVII's."

"What good would a part do you if you don't have any in stock?"

"Commander Potter has a device on board that makes things from practically thin air. We'd need them to scan them in and get it loaded into the Ascension computer so we could generate what you need. I don't get how it does what it does, something about recombining matter or some other crap. I just know it works," Tellus said.

"How'd you end up over there?"

Tellus sighed and said, "I retired years ago. During the attack my son and his wife were in Caprica City while I babysat my grandchildren. Harry picked us up and got us out of there without any questions. All he asked was if anyone could help him with his FTL problems. I can see why he'd want someone to ask. It's not exactly a good thing if your FTL misses it's target by several thousand light-years."

Tyrol's eyes widened at that, "How bad off was his FTL drive?"

Tellus chuckled, "That's the thing, it wasn't. It's not built like any jump drive I've ever seen, but the basic principles are the same. Everything I know says it should have got him where he was going. As much as I know he wants to get home, I thank the Gods they brought him to us."

"I bet," Tyrol said. He was silent for a moment before he asked, "You have any idea how he made something the size of a phone booth fit thirty people?"

Tellus chuckled, "Magic."

Gaius Baltar sat in a conference room with the other Quorum delegates and thought about what he had heard. For a moment he could have sworn Potter had looked at him with a bit more curiosity then he had the other delegates. Baltar couldn't help the slight feeling of unease when he looked into the other man's eyes, or the tingling of fear as he had shaken his hand.

"Be careful with this one Gaius. He can look into your very soul and see things no one else can," she said.

"You mean he can read my mind?" Baltar asked, a bit scared by what might be revealed about him.

"Nothing so cliché. The mind is not a book to be opened and flipped to a certain page. But he can pick up on what you are thinking right now. I wouldn't worry though. He has to look you right in the eye for that," she said as her arms wrapped around him.

"Why didn't you tell me this before? It's going to be rather strange if I look anywhere but his eyes," Gaius pointed out softly.

"Even if you do, don't worry. He won't find anything there."

"Why pray tell does he need eye contact for that sort of thing? It seems as if it would be... limited in it's usefulness."

Six smiled in that strangely amused way of hers as she slide her hands over his shoulders, "The eyes are the windows to the soul. How else would you peer in and see what is inside?"

"Of course, because some stranger from a mythical world has such powers only described in fables and scripture," Baltar retorted with his usual air of logical disdain.

"He's not too different from you Gaius. Like you he also acts as one of God's instruments. But where you are guided and lead, Potter acts as the sword and shield. He is a protector, a savior. Unlike you though, he accepts that as part of his purpose," Six told the scientist. Baltar could feel her wrap her arms around his shoulders and her breath along the back of his neck. It excited him when she did that.

"He actually believes in your One, True God?" Baltar asked, a bit skeptical.

"Potter has died and seen the other side, his life has been dominated by prophecy and he knows that there is a higher power then himself. He believes, maybe not in the same way I do, but he believes," Six said just before she kissed the back of Baltar's neck.

A moment later President Roslin, Commander Adama, and Commander Potter walked into the conference room. The delegates took their seats as Roslin addressed them from the podium, "This meeting is outside the planned discussion for the meeting on Cloud-9. No motions will be accepted or discussed until then.

"Commander Potter is acting as a representative of Terra. It has been agreed that his ship will be considered Terran soil and governed by their laws. We've reached an agreement concerning our civilians and military on board as well as coordinating our mutual defense, though nominally Ascension will be considered outside Colonial Jurisdiction."

Tom Zarack raised a hand and asked, "Will Terra be granted a seat on the Quorum?"

Potter stepped forward and answered, "No. I am the soul citizen of Terra in this fleet at this time. As Terra is not a signatory to the Articles of Colonization, nor frankly even aware of our existence I can not and will not act in anyway to speak for our whole planet. I can not and will not agree to anything that frankly should be decided by more then one Wizengamot member."

Baltar raised his hand, "When can we expect assistence from Terra?"

Harry sighed and said, "We can't. Understand that we do not have FTL capability back home. Ascension is the first of her kind and I was on a test run of her Jump Drive when I ended up off course and right in the middle of the Cylon attack. Even if I could get a signal there, Terra just doesn't have the capability of assisting in any way, shape, or form. That is not to say that Ascension will not provide aide and support. We'll do what we can to help get us all to safety. I will act as more an Ambassador to the Colonies of Kobol unless or until we reach my home star system."

Roslin took the podium again and said, "Further arrangements and details will be available prior to the meeting on Cloud-9. Any requests for supplies or assistance for now will go through the normal channels. This meeting is now adjourned, I look forward to seeing you all at the official meeting."

The delegates started yelling out questions and demands as the trio left the room. Zarack could be seen with a thoughtful look on his face, as if he was taking this in and adding it to his plans. Baltar however thought for a moment as Six rubbed his shoulders, "Remember Gaius, he's a protector of the people. He'll strike at anything he thinks is a threat to those under his protection. Even if they aren't Cylons."

That didn't offer much comfort to him.

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes: Okay, got this one out faster then the last chapter. Now I know this was dialog heavy, but it was dealing with politics and the like. Frankly I hate that shit, but it needed to be done. Also I wanted to make sure Harry couldn't just solve all their problems and reveal all the secrets everyone is keeping. Legillimancy is not like Professor Xavier grade Telepathy. It has serious limitations, and can only pick up on surface thoughts unless it's a full on attack. He's not going to be able to pick up Boomer as a Cylon unless she's thinking Cylon thoughts and he's looking her right in the eyes. Hell, I doubt Veratiserum could get her to admit she's a Cylon. And if there is something in Baltar's head, it's going to have it's own defenses.

I will be honest, this is probably the most boring chapter so far. What do you expect from discussions and political crap. I just hope that the bit with the escape pods lightened the load. I was sort of envisioning the TARDIS when I thought them up.