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Artemis. The goddess of the hunt. Mistress of wild animals. Patron of childbirth. A deity worshipped by the mighty Greek Spartan's from Earth's ancient days. Warriors; every man, woman and child, much like the Furyans.

Aereon stood in the main conference room on the massive ship carrying the universe's last hope for balance. The Rosaline is currently housing top scientists, philosophers, horticulturists, carpenters, historians, physicians, geologists and zoologists. All of them brought together by this ethereal woman to put a shattered culture back together. Now they must wait. Wait for him to answer the call. Wait for Richard B. Riddick to fulfill his birth-right.

Until then they were currently landed on a small agricultural planet gathering supplies and picking up the last members needed for the restoration project.

Off to the side a mousy, spectacled scientist scurries over to one of the head directors of this whole endeavor.

"Sir. The samples have all been gathered from the last of the female employees…but…"

The poor man wrung his hands a bit as his superior began to lose patience.

"Well spit it out. Has there been a complication?"

The mouse grimaced and nervously adjusted his glasses before hesitantly replying.

"No Director Groves. Only…we failed to receive a preliminary blood sample with her work forms from a woman in the Zoology division. One of the caretakers we are receiving from this planet. Diana Lynn Arrio."

Aereon smirked ever so slightly as she lifted her hand and blew across her fingers. Making her hand flow like warm wind. What she saw, there, confirmed her thoughts.

"Diana. Roman equivalent to the Greek Artemis."

"Gentlemen." Her quiet voice drew their attention.

"Include her department in the tour. I would like to meet her personally with our guest this evening." The Elemental lifted her eyes with a mischievous gleam. Feeling no need to elaborate further she watched as a small ship began docking next to the Rosaline.

A fleeting look of relief passed through Aereon's eyes. He had arrived after all; the odds had been good that he would…but he had that stubborn streak and could have easily chosen to go his own way.

Aereon now stood in the main corridor of the Rosaline with the 'reception committee.' Military Officials, Political Ministers, and the Scientific Director Groves. There, coming through the open bay before her, was Riddick. Wearing his goggles, black sleeveless shirt, dark cargos and black boots. Arm guards strapped to his muscular forearms and signature shivs undoubtedly concealed somewhere on his person.

And he looked anything but pleased to be there.

He wasn't sure why he was there. He had very nearly stayed away; but then he began having odd dreams. Since dumping those Necro fuckers at their precious Underverse he hadn't been visited by Shirah. That is…until the Elemental contacted him again with her outlandish proposition. It seemed the more he became determined to ignore Aereon's message, the more intense the dreams and pain at night became. He couldn't remember specific images when he woke. Only the sense of dread heavy on his chest and the handprint glowing and throbbing painfully. One night, after waking with the throbbing the most intense it had ever been, he changed course of his skiff on a whim. The closer he got to the little farming planet Aereon was supposed to be on, the dreams eventually disappeared and the print stopped acting up.

Might as well hear the old hag out, he supposed.

Now he stood in the main conference room on the Rosaline and stood before the large observation window that took up a whole wall. Overlooking the goings on of the simple farm people in the rural city below.

"So basically you want me to knock up a bunch of women, re-colonize a dead planet, and take the position as fearless leader. All outta the goodness of my heart." He chuckled darkly as he turned to face Aereon who was sitting at the conference table, staring blankly at him while he crossed his arms over his chest.

"The few survivors we have located need someone to lead them back from extinction. Yours is a lineage of strength unmatched by any Furyan alive today. Your bloodline is what's needed. Once we have that ensured it matters not to me if you choose to leave." She watched him tense imperceptibly. Sometimes he was all too easy to manipulate.

"Hn. I know what you're doing Aereon and I aint bitin." He moved closer to her and leaned down into her face with a smirk. "Come on. You can do better than that." Riddick straitened and turned back towards the window. He spread his arms wide, and began speaking mockingly grand.

"Tell me Elemental. Tell me why I should give a fuck about the universe's balance. Why Richard B. Riddick should be the one to shepherd all those lost souls back home."

Aereon stood.

"That's quite enough theatrics Riddick." Just then there was a knock at the conference double doors. "Enter."

The same mousey man from before timidly stepped inside.

"The tour is ready to commence ma'am." Aereon kept her gaze on Riddick as she replied to the terrified man.

"Thank you Mr. Brooks, we will be out momentarily." Brooks nodded and hastily retreat, closing the door quietly behind him.

"So tell me. What will it be? What will you do with the life she gave you?" With that Aereon turned and glided out the door. His fists clenched at the mention of Kyra's sacrifice. Riddick turned and looked out at the sunny day outside.

Diana stood and wiped the sweat from her brow. The midday sun beat down upon her shoulders as she stretched her tense muscles. A beeping came from her denim shorts pocket and she reluctantly dug out her comm. Reading the message from Dr. Rivas she frowned slightly in confusion.

'Return to clinic immediately. Envoy touring.'

"Why the hell do I gotta be there?" She grumbled as she gathered her pliers, gloves and barbed wire. Casting one more calculating glance at her fence-mending she began walking back through the pasture towards the Veterinary Clinic that acted as the headquarters for their animal reserve.

The breeze felt nice on her heated skin; adjusting the strap of the duffel bag holding her tools and supplies Diana smiled at the leaping deer-like creatures not far to her left ahead of her and absently wiped dirt from her hands onto her gray short sleeved shirt.

Tomorrow they and other species would be loaded onto Rosaline and put into special enclosures for the trip to Furya. These little guys shouldn't prove too difficult; it was the Hellhounds acquired from Crematoria that would be the challenge to transport into the ship. Especially with the alpha male's mate in the last stages of her pregnancy.

Cresting the final hill Diana stopped a moment and took a deep breath. Her brown eyes intently observing the group of people entering the facility she's worked at her whole life. Director Groves' balding and blindingly white head gleamed at her before disappearing inside the building.

She heaved a sigh and cursed under her breath. That overweight pasty blow-hard had it out for her, she was sure of it. He didn't like her and she most certainly didn't like him.

"This is gonna be a long day…" She trudged reluctantly toward the building in resignation.

As Diana covertly snuck in through the back entrance she tried to go as long as possible without being noticed by the entourage of visitors. Especially since Director Groves had his jowls quivering with the tirade he was 'privately' directing to Dr. Rivas.

"If she fails to submit to providing a blood sample I cannot allow her to be part of this project." Ever one to fail at keeping her tongue in check, Diana spoke up in outrage.

"Why the hell does it matter if I submit a blood sample or not? It's not like I have anything to do with operation Baby-Mamma-" Dr. Rivas turned and held a hand up to her, signaling for her to stop speaking. Director Groves glared at her as he began spluttering in her direction.

"For the purposes of this entire endeavor all eligible women are required to undergo screening! If you are found to be a suitable candidate you will most certainly present yourself alongside the other women for his inspection and choice!"

Diana clenched her fists and raised her voice to match his. "Inspection? What are we cuts of steak being chosen for dinner? I understand the need for breeding. Believe me I do. But I will not be treated like some bitch in heat!"

"That is enough!" At Dr. Rivas' tone she clenched her jaw shut with a stubborn set to her face. "Go into the reception area and assist Charles with our guests." She didn't move for a moment before she looked to the man that had been a father to her. She gave a curt nod and swiftly exited the room to do as she had been told.

Diana entered to find Charles fidgeting and at a complete loss at how to preoccupy these people. He looked like a scared bunny. All eyes were already trained on the door she came through, having obviously heard the argument in the other room. All eyes but for those of the infamous convict. She wasn't quite sure where he was looking behind those dark goggles.

Dr. Rivas and Groves were conversing more quietly now, leaving the reception area with a heavy silence. Glancing to the quivering bunny Diana decided he'd be of no help in this situation and took matters into her own hands.

"So…I'm not a scientist or doctor or anything but if you have any questions I'm sure I can answer them while we wait for Dr. Rivas and Director Groves to finish their…discussion."

Before anyone could form a question, the two men re-entered the room. Groves looking too smug for Diana's liking.

Dr. Rivas addressed her in a matter of fact tone that brooked no argument. "Diana, take Charles into one of the exam rooms and have him draw you a blood sample for Director Groves. Once you've done that meet us out at the cages. Do not dawdle." With that he turned his attention to the political big wigs and officials and began the tour of their facilities.

Diana again clenched her fists and sent a dark glare at the smug Groves. Charles grasped her elbow and whispered to her. "Please Diana. Just come get it over with." She grit her teeth.

Casting a glance at the big bad Furyan she finally turned and followed Charles to the exam room.

He had the physique to be put out to stud; there was no doubt about that. Besides, the chances of her being picked to be a baby-mamma were slim to none. So there was no harm in humoring the geeks in the medical ward.

As the Rivas guy was yammering on and on about some deer thing Riddick caught the scent of that brunette Groves was arguing with earlier. Her and the scrawny guy stood behind the main group silently, but not unnoticed.

Finishing his knowledgeable rant Rivas spoke up.

"Ah. There you are. Diana why don't you lead the group on what's in the next section?"

She made her way through the group, passing closely by him in her route to the front. He silently took in the scent again as she passed. She'd been outside all day, she smelled of earth and wood. Her natural smell brought to the forefront by the fact she'd been sweating during her work. Slightly musky. Hint of a lemony-flowery lotion or deodorant as well.

He watched her shoot another glare at Groves before sweeping over the group with her gaze. He notices her pause slightly on him before moving her sight elsewhere.

"Alright. If all of you will follow me. Next we have the Hounds." She gave a sardonic smirk over her shoulder at him as she began walking toward a large caged area. "Mr. Riddick might be familiar with this species."

Stopping in front of the chain link cage she gave a word of warning. "I must insist you not get too close to the fencing. In here we have the Hellhounds previously kept at Crematoria. Some tentative research has shown that though these animals were engineered for their purpose at the prison, they were actually a re-creation of the top predator on Furya. They were one of the unfortunate species that did not survive the planet's destruction as they were only native to Furya. And…well" She chuckled here "No other planets really had ever shown any interest in having them terrorize their ecosystem."

Suddenly there was a loud roar as a large form crashed into the fence. Causing it to shake violently. Riddick smirked slightly when Diana even jumped a bit.

She turned so that she could keep an eye on her glaring opponent while still presenting.

"This is Luana. She is the alpha male's mate and is currently in the last stages of pregnancy." Diana stopped talking as Luana swiped at her again. Dr. Rivas stepped to the front of the group and took over the speaking duties again, knowing that Diana needed to focus on the pregnant female.

"Normally Luana and the rest of her pack are a bit more cooperative when Diana is around. It's really quite fascinating. You see, they have developed an intriguing relationship with Diana. For whatever reason, they interact with her using the same behavior as they would another respected pack member." At this point Luana had calmed down and was sitting, staring at Diana with intense silver eyes and the red tinges on her scales fading away after her attack. Glimpses of the rest of the pack could be seen in the foliage behind her. Diana turned as Groves posed a question.

"I want to see a demonstration of your claims. I'm sure I speak for the entire group when I say that this is most unbelievable." The nasty smile on his face belied his innocent tone. Diana could tell he was doing this out of spite for her.

Daring her. Testing her.

She set her jaw and spoke before Dr. Rivas could form a refusal on her behalf.

"If you go in there with me…sir. To show how truly intelligent these creatures are." She gave a nasty smile of her own. Before the wind-bag could gather his righteous air a deep voice spoke up from an unexpected source.

"I'll go in." Dian's eyes widened a bit and darted onto the large convict.

"I was joking. No one needs to enter the enclosure right now. Especially not with me. The alpha female, as you just witnessed, has been really aggressive towards myself and anyone near me this past week. In her vulnerable state she currently sees me as a viable threat to her status in the pack due to certain…physical reasons…on my part."

Riddick smirked. He knew exactly why the female was reacting to her that way. It was all in her scent. She had recently finished her monthly cycle; making her pheromones signal she is currently at peak fertility. Whatever made these animals relate to her on their level also made her appear as a competitor to the weakened mate.

He could tell by the way she had interacted with the angry female earlier. She gave them respect and respected the alphas' positions. Not showing any intent to over-turn them. But yet they still recognized something in her that told them she could very well become an alpha.

He began walking over to the gate of the cage. "I think we'll be alright short-stack." Riddick wanted to see if they reacted the same to him as the one on Crematoria.

A small but forceful pair of hands shoved uselessly at his frame.

"Wait a minute! At least let me fuckin go in first! They don't recognize you at all and are likely to attack. You have that whole 'imma alpha dominator dude' thing going on and I know they will see it as a threat." He allowed her to push him back from the gate and silently chuckled as she unlocked the enclosure.

Diana felt his hidden gaze on her but ignored the chills it sent down her spine. Instead turning her attention to finding where the hell Luana went. The female was no longer sitting where Diana had left her. Not good. There was no sign of the pack at all…double damn.

Diana slowly opened the gate and slipped inside, closely followed by the six foot wall of muscle at her back.

She spoke quietly to him in a neutral tone without taking her eyes from the line of forest. Dr. Rivas secured the enclosure behind them.

"Mr. Riddick. Keep a sharp eye not only on the ground but the tree tops as well. We recently learned they have developed a penchant for climbing from time to time when they stalk their prey. Especially Luana, the alpha female." She risked a glance at him as he moved to stand beside her.

Bad move.

That's when the dark shape of Luana flew out from the foliage with a growl. Instinctively Diana threw an arm over her own throat to prevent a good bite as the weight of the beast knocked her to the ground. The claws scratched her side as the pregnant female pinned Diana to the ground and just stood over her, her jaws clenching mostly her arm and parts of her neck.

But Luana didn't apply the amount of pressure necessary to kill Diana. The beast just stood there growling with her in its maw.

Riddick stood. Observing how the creature was giving Diana a fighting chance; knowing it could easily break the shielding arm and snap the slim neck. He then saw the others poke their heads from the tree line. Rather than assisting with the kill like the pack hunters they are, they stayed back. Observing like him.

A larger and darker one walked out from the trees and tinges of red began showing on its scales as it caught scent of Riddick.

They stared each other down. Riddick unable to remove his goggles in the bright sunshine. But his stance said it all to the alpha. And the male turned his attention to his mate.

Riddick smirked. The male never showed signs of complete submission but still didn't dare attack, just like the runt back at Crematoria.

Diana just lay very still, mind racing, her body pumping adrenaline throughout her system. After letting the female pin her for a few moments Diana began emitting a quiet whimper like noise as a sign of submission since she obviously couldn't turn her head and expose her neck in this situation…

Riddick looked down when he heard Diana making that noise on the ground and tilted his head with interest. Her blood smelled sweet and coppery in the air. The female hound released Diana's throat at that moment and took a step back. When Diana made a move to sit up, however, she growled and made as if to lunge forward again. Before Riddick made a move, Diana had seen it coming and soundly boxed the alpha bitch on the nose and sounded a snarling growl of her own. Diana moved into a crouching position while the female backed up a couple steps. It didn't take long for the animal to approach again, this time Riddick stepped in before the thought had even registered in his brain. Blocking the female from Diana as the male leaped forward with a roar; blocking its mate from Riddick, the stronger male.

Diana was so locked on Luana that she didn't notice anything that had been happening with Riddick until his legs were right in front of her and his deep voice rumbling down from above.

"I suggest you stand if you can and get outside the cage." She looked between his legs to see Sloane and Luana holding themselves back. Diana slowly stood and backed herself out of the enclosure. Dr. Rivas readily opening the gate at her approach.

Riddick stood staring down into the intelligent silver eyes of Sloane and Luana before smirking darkly and turning to leave through the gate. Confident they wouldn't dare fuck with him.

Out of the enclosure Diana looked about ready to blow a gasket as she listened to the complaints being led by Groves. She interrupted him loudly before he could work the others up any further.

"I told you that I shouldn't accompany anyone in there today! These animals are highly intelligent predators what do you expect from them? The fact she even gave me a sporting chance rather than snap my neck on the spot is testament to that!" She was gesturing wildly with her hands and gestured to Riddick. Causing his eyebrows to raise slightly.

"And the way they instinctively knew he would most likely kill them rather than try to beat them off like I usually do shows even more intelligence! They don't know Riddick from Joe down the street and yet they recognized someone who would rather kill them than suffer any inconvenient injuries they might inflict. They are survivors, without them on that planet there will be no balance against some of the other predators that survived on the planet. These guys are top on the food-chain other than humans, and even then they can make dinner out of the un-wary."

Seeing Groves was getting ready to yet again start huffing and puffing, Riddick began walking off knowing the rest of the envoy would follow him. In his head it was because he was bored and hungry as it was now time for dinner, but the animal inside him whispered about how she was bleeding and smelled so sweet. He chuckled to himself as they made their way to the Rosaline, earning a few nervous glances from his travelling companions. To think, earlier she had argued against being treated like a 'bitch in heat.'

The next day was again warm and bright. The breeze danced playfully through the air. Diana walked agitatedly through the halls of the Rosaline. She should be cheerful on such a lovely day; all the animals had transferred easily enough, even the Hellhounds. But no, early that morning she had received the most disturbing message from the genetic scientists via Dr. Rivas. Her blood tests had been completed; the results effectively forcing her hand.

Diana glanced at her comm to check the time. She was twenty minutes late. She grinned, taking satisfaction in that small victory as she arrived at the conference room. Opening the large doors it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dimmed lighting, the large window overlooking the town was shuttered. The eyes of six women and the heads of the project turned at her intrusion. Her eyes immediately sought out her nemisis, Groves, and delighted at the annoyance in his eyes.

"Sorry. Hounds were a bit rambunctious during the transfer. Took me longer to get away than expected. Please, continue the inspections." Her voice was mocking as she went and joined the ranks of the other six women before the board of 'judges'. The corner of the convict's mouth held a hint of a smirk, but then again it could have been her imagination as he turned his attention back to the woman being presented to them.

The nameless secretary began reading off the pros and cons of each woman as if they were on some sort of dating show competition.

After preliminary screening from the blood tests the top candidates were chosen and brought here to be presented for 'Lord Riddick' to choose from. Those he did not wish to personally impregnate were to be inseminated with his seed in a laboratory.

The tall blonde next to her kept casting scathing looks Diana's way and it was starting to piss her off. The tall blonde was clearly fit in her revealing skin tight tank top and blue jeans. When it was her turn to step forward for scrutiny she sashayed before the table and stood cockily with a hip jutted out. Obviously wanting to be there and knowing how to use her appearance to her advantage. The green eyes locked hungrily onto the man of the hour. "My slut senses are tingling."

"Whitney Collins. Strong military background. Extensive hand to hand combat expertise. Physically fit. And…former gymnast…" The secretary seemed a little uncomfortable, knowing exactly why the woman had insisted on that bit of information being shared.

Riddick stood and the light caught in his uncovered eyes as he circled around the confident blonde. As he circled the merchandise Diana didn't notice the glance he sent her way once or twice. He inhaled the lithe Whitney's scent and hummed deep in his throat. The woman smiled enticingly as Dr. Rivas excused her back to the line.

Whitney again put a sultry sway to her hips as she returned to her spot, tossing a triumphant look at Diana as she passed, as if to say why even bother you worm. Stuck up whore.

Diana stood where the others had been. Stubbornly staring at a point on the wall just above the seated board members.

In her mind's eye she compared her appearance to that of the eager Whitney. She was short and disheveled. Dirty and sweaty from working with the animals all day. Though she was healthy and strong from exercise she still had more curves in more places than the trim blonde before her. She was naturally of rounded hip and thigh than the angular beauty of Whitney. "At least I don't gotta worry about being his fuck buddy this way. Less interference to my work if they just inseminate me."

The secretary cleared his throat nervously and shuffled through his papers a bit.

"I… I don't appear to have anything written by Miss Arrio…" Diana dared to risk a glance at Dr. Rivas, only to see slight reproach in his eyes at her refusal to supply a list of descriptors to be presented. The Elemental had an amused glint in her eyes as she voiced her curiosity.

"Why did you not wish to present your assets child?" Diana tensed a moment as Riddick simultaneously began to circle her as he had Whitney.

"To be honest…I didn't really see the point. He's not necessarily here to get to know any of us. Either we get to be his play-toy or we get to have his test tube baby. Simple as that. Besides…the only reason I'm here is because of the blood test results…if it weren't for that I wouldn't have showed up no matter what anyone said or did." The determined look in her eyes confirmed that she had indeed never planned on coming.

Riddick spoke from behind her in a deep and quiet voice. "Then why are you here short-stack?" She tensed further. Taking a deep breath to compose herself and catching the slight smell of musk and spice.

"According to the geeks in the lab, I'm Furyan. It'd be a shitty move on my part if I sat back and let my newly discovered race cease to exist. Even if I'm not the super-voodoo bloodline like you." Something in her felt like it was tugging and tensing. Responding. To what? What was happening? She was so confused by this reaction.

At her words something in Riddick responded. Something primal. Interesting. He moved into her line of sight and saw the stubborn look in her eyes. She didn't want to be there and yet she was. But there wasn't even the slightest hint of submission there, and for some reason that stirred his inner beast. He took in her scent deeply again, comparing it to the other woman's. Her confusion was evident to him, he wondered if her beast was talking to her as well. He had a feeling she had never really been in tune with her primal side other than when she worked with the animals. How fun it could be to introduce her to that part of herself. Riddick returned to his seat at the conference table.

She would definitely be a challenge. "I'll take the last two."

The blonde would be an entertainingly willing release of the frustration the shorter woman would be sure to provide.

Riddick heard the curse muttered under Diana's breath as the other five women were led from the room. Leaving only the two choices.

A tall willowy redheaded woman stood, Dr. Malcolm, the head of the Genetics department.

"Both of you ladies will need to come with me now for further testing and scheduling. Regular appointments with my doctors will need to be arranged so that your conditions may be monitored." Whitney strutted out of the room behind Dr. Malcolm after winking saucily at the ex-convict while Diana cast a brief glance heavenward at her plight before slouching behind them dejectedly.

This was not how she wanted to first experience motherhood. Sigh. God…the sex was gonna be awkward…

A few hours later found Diana finally away from that green eyed harpy Whitney and the affectionately named 'Doctor Brigade'. Diana knew they meant well and were just doing their job but jeeze. At least she didn't have to ask animals some of the shit they were required to ask her when breeding a species. The pokes and prods couldn't be helped either, she knew, but damn were they annoying.

Both Whitney and Diana had been informed that their quarters were being moved next to the illustrious Lord Alpha so that they were 'more available' to him. Ugh. And though he could solicit them as often as he liked they were put down for a 'meeting' with him every seven days to ensure both women would become pregnant.

Diana checked the calendar on her comm and sure enough the event was already added there for her. Fantastic. She couldn't feign forgetfulness now. Apparently it had been decided she would meet with him on Saturdays and Whitney would meet with him on Wednesdays. "And it's Friday night already. Maybe Luana will give birth tomorrow evening and I can get a free pass for this week."

Finally arriving at her door she turned the knob and entered, not surprised to find her possessions already within. To her left was a large bathroom, ahead a spacious bedroom. The head of the queen sized bed flush against the right wall, strait ahead a dark wooden desk and chair, and directly across from her bed was another closed door.

"Bastards." They had failed to mention the fact that her room would adjoin with his. "That's just fan-fucking-tastic." She continued to grumble as she loudly shut the door behind her and shuffled into her room, rolling her tense shoulders.

Diana began unpacking her belongings; two photos went onto her desk, one of her as a child and a younger Dr. Rivas in bathing suits at a river. The other one was of her as a teen, smiling brightly at the camera wearing eagle feathers in her dark braid and proudly holding up the antlered head of her first kill. A smidge of blood traditionally smeared upon her forehead and again Dr. Rivas smiling next to her like the proud father he was. She smiled at both memories of her and her adopted father. She briefly wondered if he had known anything about her lineage but quickly dismissed it.

It didn't matter at this point, it could only breed resentment if she were to ever find out he had hidden it from her. And she didn't want that between them.

It didn't take long to unpack her few books and clothes, her digital music player was docked in her speaker alarm clock and playing a random shuffle of her music.

'S is for the simple need.

E is for the ecstasy.

X is just to mark the spot cause that's the one you really want.

SEX is always the answer it's never a question

Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's yes.

Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question

Then it's always yes.'

Diana cringed at the inappropriate song and hit the next button. "That's not necessary…"

After hitting the next button six more times in a row without receiving a suitable song she gave up and turned the device off. She then sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the adjoining room's door. Reluctantly wondering what he was up to and quickly decided she didn't care. Diana took off her boots and stripped down for a nice warm shower. Pushing the silver eyed nuisance to the back of her thoughts.

Riddick wasn't required to seek either of the women out tonight. But he found himself entering Whitney's quarters that night. Fighting the urge within him to seek out Diana instead.

He didn't like the way his inner beast had become so infatuated with the short woman so quickly. It had never been so stirred before and it unsettled him somewhat with the strength of its insistence. What was it about the ordinary little woman that created such an instinctual response?

As he repeatedly entered the arduous Whitney he found his focus wavering from the task at hand. He clinched his jaw. This was ridiculous. And with renewed fervor, he determinedly carried on with the lithe blonde throughout the night. Stubbornly believing he would be able to slake the lust brought on by the other woman's hormones. Stubbornly believing that was the only reason his beast was so interested in Diana and her scent.