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Learning To Love Again The Epi!

Babies, Love & The Happily Ever After

Bella's point of view

The months have past quickly since Tanya got arrested. Charlie recovered well and started his treatment. He's responding well too. Carlisle is happy with his progress and looking forward to telling him that he's in remission we all have everything crossed that he's going to get there after the next round. We have no reason to believe that he's going to get worse as all the signs are positive. Having a doctor in the family definitely has it's benefits. Carlisle keeps an eye on Charlie and kicks his butt when he gets stubborn. Which is very often and when he didn't like his doctor, Carlisle talked him around with a fishing trip and beer. He really is a guardian angel.

Rose and Emmett welcomed a little girl into their lives after a long labour and Emmett getting a black eye. Yeah, Rose didn't think the pain relief was doing enough so she hit Emmett for a release and it worked because not long after she pushed a 7 pound little girl into the world. My niece Emma is gorgeous. She's 3 months old now and totally amazing, just like her mommy. She has her daddy's curls and dimples and his cheeky smile to boot. There going to need to watch the boys with her when she gets older. She's going to have them wrapped around her little finger.

As for me, well, I'm ready to pop my boys out. As soon as possible. Yeah, we're having boys, identical twin boys. I'll never forget Edward and Ellie's faces the day we found out.

Flash Back

''Momma, are we theirs yet?'' Ellie's asked this about fifteen times since we left the cottage and it's only a ten minute car journey to the Heidi's office.

''Nearly baby girl, we'll be at Heidi's place in a few minutes.''

''And we can see my baby brubbers?''

''Or sisters.''

''No boys Daddy! I knows this stuff.'' Edward laughed and took my hand in his.

''Well let's see what Miss Heidi says when we get there.''

''When is that?''

''Two minutes.'' We pulled into the lot in front of Heidi's in exactly that and Ellie started to bounce behind Edward.

''We're here.''

''We are. I'm coming to get you out, don't move until I get there.'' Kissing my palm, Edward got out of the car and opened Ellie's door. ''Ready?''


''What about you Momma?''

''Yep, I'm ready.'' I got out of the car and met my two favourite people on the side walk. We walked hand in hand through the door to the practice and signed in.

''Momma, what we gots to do now?''

''We need to sit down until Miss Heidi calls us.''

''Okay.'' It didn't take long for Heidi to come out. She shook hands with both Edward and myself then leaned down to Ellie.

''You must be the big sister I've heard so much about.''

''Yep that's me. I come to see my brubbers.''

''You think it's two boys?''


''Well how about we go and find out?''

''Yes please.''

''Follow me then.'' Edward picked Ellie up off the floor and we followed Heidi through to the back room. When we got there, I got settled on the bed and lifted my top as she instructed when she put the cold gel on my stomach. Ellie moved forward on Edward's lap.

''What's that?''

''This is magic gel that helps us see the babies.''

''Cool, where we see them?''

''On this screen right here.''

''Oooo.'' Carlisle advised us not too stop her asking questions when it comes to the babies because it might make her resent them if we don't include her enough and I don't want that. Once Heidi had everything set up, she put the wand to my stomach.

''You need to look right here big sister.'' When Heidi zoomed in on baby number one's face, Ellie's eyes widened.

''That's just one.''

''That's right, the other ones, you see?''

''Yep.'' I don't think she knows what she's looking at but she's excited enough.

''Are they both okay?''

''They're both fine Edward. Let me just take some measurements and we'll see about finding out whether they're boys or girls.'' After a couple of minutes, she smiled over at all of us. ''Well as you know, you're having identical twins and it seems your little girl was right, you're having two boys.''

''I TOLDS YOU!'' I don't know when I started crying. I think it was in between my little girl and two boys. When I looked over at Edward, he leaned over and wiped those away tears streaming down his face too and Ellie was bouncing in his lap.

''I knews it! I want to tell Nee and Nana.'' Seeing both my favourite people so happy made me feel on top of the world.

End Flash Back

Just thinking about that day makes a wide grin spread across my face. Rubbing my hand across my huge bump, I sigh when Junior kicked. This seemed to wake his brother up and Anthony is soon making his presence felt. I swear some days I feel like a tumble dryer especially when they really get going. Edward thinks we have two baseball players on our hands and he's constantly attached to my bump now as is Ellie. They both like to feel the babies as often as possible.

Flash Back

''Bella, Ellie, where are you?''

''In the babies room Dada.''

''What are you two up too?'' Edward's footsteps got louder as he came closer and Ellie started to giggle.

''We're not ups to anything Dada.'' Edward poked his head through the door way and grinned at us both.

''What's all this stuff?'' Edward dodged the paint sampler cards on the floor as he leaned into kiss me.

''We picking paint for the babies room.''

''Are you baby girl?'' He sat down pulling Ellie into his lap.


''And what have you decided?''

''Wells, Ant like gween and Junior likes blue so we can't side.'' Edward tapped his chin and looked around.

''What about a jungle theme like the jungle book?'' A strong kick from both the boys had me clutching my stomach.


''You okay baby? Bella? Is something wrong?''

''Feel this.'' Grabbing his hand, I put it under mine and waited both boys gave another strong kick and Edward kissed me hard.

''That's amazing baby.''

''What's mazing?''

''You want to feel the babies sweetie?'' Ellie looked hesitant but moved off Edward's lap and took my outstretched hand, I laid it on my belly.

''S'not moving I can't... IT MOVED!'' She started jumping up and down on the spot and Ant moved again, ''WOW!''

''That's your brothers.''


End flash back

Overall, I have enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy although my hormones have ruled my head at times. I don't know how Edward has put up with some of my mood swings. Poor baby has really got the wrath of it. The most annoying thing is I don't mean any of it, it's just heat of the moment stuff that takes over and I can't stop it. I even stormed out and left him once because he left his shit all over the floor AGAIN and I nearly fell bump first.

Flash Back

Opening my eyes slowly, I let them adjust to the morning light coming through the windows in the bedroom. I do love a Saturday morning lay in. Moving my hand over my basketball shaped bump, I rubbed it a little. Junior shifted slightly moving himself onto my bladder. I have no choice but to get up now. Great, I have to pee. I swear I've spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else during my pregnancy.

Once I'd relieved myself and made myself feel a bit more human, I made my way out into hall. I didn't get far before I stubbed my toe and nearly ended up falling for the third time this week.

''FUCKING HELL!'' I grabbed onto the sideboard and stopped my fall before I hit the floor, protecting my bump with my other hand.

''Baby, what's wrong... Shit, Bella are you okay?''

''Don't you dare talk to me or touch me Edward Antony Cullen! I swear to God I might actually slap you if you get any closer. I told you to put your bike and the rest of it's shit in the shed but did you listen? No, you're such an asshole!'' Once I got to my feet and steadied myself, I stalked back towards the bedroom, slamming the door. Grabbing some clothes I got dressed quickly; I need to get out of this house and now.

Once dressed I grabbed my purse and stomped back out to the front of the house avoiding the stupid bike. Yes it's still there. I'd just put my hand on the door handle when he came out of the kitchen.

''Baby, please talk to me.'' He sounds really hurt but I just can't talk to him right now. I'm so glad Ellie spent the night with Renee and Charlie. I'd hate her to see us fighting like this.

''I need some space Edward. I'm too angry to talk right now.''

''Bella, I'm sorry.''

I didn't turn around to look at him as I walked out the door and shut it behind me. I can already feel myself falling apart. I got in the car not knowing where I was going until I pulled up in front of my parent's house. Edward must have already called ahead because Charlie's sat out on the porch swing waiting for me. Shit, what have I done. I'm such a bitch. Sobs escape my chest before I can hold them back and my door is pulled open by Charlie who engulfs me in his arms.

''It's okay Bells. Edward called, he's on his way... Those hormones are a bitch, huh?''

''I was...such...a...bitch daddy. I really hurt his feelings... I didn't mean too.''

''He knows that Bells and if it makes you feel better, he did this to you, it's his own fault really.'' Charlie chuckling brought a small smile to my face. I'm glad he finds this funny. His moustache is even twitching a little; he's such a dork. ''Lets get you inside baby girl, it looks like it's going to rain.''

''Okay.'' As we walked in, I was met with a sympathetic smile from Renee who took me into her arms and kissed my head.

''I know you probably feel bad baby girl, just think about how Rose was the same all hormonal and silly at times. It's not your fault you lost your temper a little. I could even tell you some stories about when I was having you. I'm sure Charlie wanted to leave the state at one point.''

''She's right Bells, I nearly did too.''

''Come on, lets go get some tea then you can go sit with Ellie and watching some cartoons.''

''Was she okay?'' Mum took me into the kitchen where I leant against the counter top with my head bowed.

''She was perfect as per usual. Charlie read her a bedtime story and she was out like a light until about eight o'clock this morning.''

''Bells, Nee, I'm taking Ellie down to the station, I won't be long.''

''Hi Momma, I'm going with Grampy.'' After a quick kiss and a goodbye, Charlie left with Ellie perched on his hip. It wasn't five minutes before the door opened again and my heart jumped into my throat.

''Bella, you here?'' Renee kissed my cheek and left the room with a small smile on her face.

''She's in the kitchen Edward.'' When he walked into the room, I broke down again. I was engulfed in his arms in seconds.

''It's okay baby, I'm so sorry. I should have moved my stuff out of the hall last night.''

''Edward, I'm sorry. I was so awful. I don't know what came over me.''

''No baby, don't apologise. I couldn't live with myself if you hurt yourself or the babies because of my laziness."

''I love you so much Edward.''

''I love you too. I just flipped out. I'm-''

''Don't say sorry again, there's no need. At least you didn't slap me.'' Laughing, he rubbed my bump gently. ''Where's Ellie?''

''Charlie took her down to the station to protect her from my hormones.''

''Baby, you're the last person she needs protection from. I'm more worried about Rose to be honest.''

''God help Emmett when she goes into labour.''

End Flash Back

Rose went into labour at a family meal that she was meant to leave with a ring on her finger. Yep, it didn't happen again. I really don't think Emmett is meant to propose in a over the top romantic way. Every time he tries, something major happens and this time was no different.

Flash Back

''Girls, are you ready? We need to leave before Emmett has a heart attack and backs out.'' Edward called from down the hall just as I started to fasten Ellie's new princess converse that Alice brought her a few weeks back for this very occasion.

''Coming baby.'' I almost rolled as I went to get up and Ellie started to laugh.

''Dada! Momma needs your help! She's stuck!'' Edward's footsteps rushed down the hall made me want to giggle a little.

''I'm okay.'' Just as I got to my knees, Edward came behind me and pulled me up. ''Edward, I could have managed. Your sons just get in the way a little when I want to do things like get off the floor.''

''You should have called me. You shouldn't be on the floor in that dress.'' Ah yes, the dress that made Edward's mouth fall open. It's black, it shows off my legs and it really makes my bump look good. Alice was so excited when she found it for me. She knew it would emphasise all of 'Edwards favourite parts of me and it didn't disappoint. I'm sure if Ellie hadn't have been with us, that the dress would have ended up on the floor pretty sharpish.

''We needed to do our shoes up didn't we little lady.''


''I could have done that Bella.''

''I'm pregnant, not sick baby. I'm okay. Remember what Heidi said, I can't stop.''

''I know, I know.''

''I'm hungry Dada, lets go.''

''Okay, okay, we need to go pick up Grampy and Nana then we'll go get some food, yeah?''

''Yes.'' After getting Ellie strapped safely in her seat in the back of Edward's new Volvo, we made our way to pick up Esme and Carlisle. The journey to the restaurant was full of baby and proposal talk. Ellie is aware that Uncle Emmett is going to be asking Aunt Rose a very important question tonight but she knows it's a big secret so she isn't allowed to tell anyone. She's really been good with it. I thought we might have to keep her and Rose apart so she didn't slip up but she proved once again that she's wise beyond her years. Sometimes I think she's almost middle aged, she's so smart.

Edward's phone ringing over the loud speaker in the car put the conversation on hold.

''Emmett calling, Emmett calling.''

''Answer.'' Edward spoke to the blue tooth thingy and Emmett's voice boomed through the speakers.

''You okay brother?''

''No... why aren't you all here yet! Did Bella have to pee a hundred times or something.''

''Hey, I haven't pee'd once on this trip.'' I'm proud of that too.

''Oh hey Bella... and it makes a change.'' I huffed loud enough for him to hear and he laughed.

''We're not far away, are you nervous?'' Edward changed the subject back to the matter in hand and I'm quite relieved. If I think about peeing too much, I'll end up needing to go before we get there and we're only ten minutes away.

''Me nervous... Nah.''

''Sure you're not?''

''How long exactly?''

''Ten minutes if that, where's Rose?''

''She's in the bathroom. Jasper and Allie aren't here yet. I need some support here, it's actually going to happen now.''

''Just relax bro.'' After a long pause, Edward raised an eyebrow at me. ''Emmett... Em... Emmett?'' There was a shuffle at the other end of the line and I could faintly hear people talking.


''Hello? What? Sorry, Jas and Allie just showed up.''

''We're just around the corner. I'm hanging up now.''

''What? No Edward, don't I...'' Edward didn't give him time to reply before he shut the phone off.

''I swear that he's going to give himself grey hairs soon.''

''Give him a break son, he's nervous. He wants this to be perfect.''

''I know dad, I know.'' As we pulled into a space at the front of the restaurant, Edward's phone started ringing again.

''Emmett calling... Emmett calling.''



''Mom, we're right outside, he can wait two minutes.'' Edward got out of the car and walked around the front of it to open my door. Once I was safely out, he retrieved Ellie. His parents met us on the side walk, hand in hand, looking as in love as they did the day they were married. Those photos are truly amazing.

''Come on baby, let's put him out of his misery.'' We weren't even through the door fully when Emmett rushed toward us from the small bar, knocking the host on his way through.

''Emmett, where are your manners! You nearly knocked the poor man over.'' Esme chastised Emmett and quickly apologised to the gentleman in question. As my eyes reached or table, I caught eyes with Rose. She raised her eyebrow at me and I just shrugged. Not like I can tell her why he's acting like a rude ass.

''Momma, can we go see Rose?''

''Yes we can. Lets leave daddy with Emmett. I think he needs to give him a time out.'' Esme and Carlisle followed us to the table. After saying hello and hugging everyone, I sat down between Rose and Ellie.

''I have no idea what's gotten into him. He's acting so weird.''

''He's just stressed out about being a dad and that Rose, ignore him. He'll snap out of it soon.''

''I hope so, he's being ridiculous.'' The boys joined us a little while later. Conversation flowed easily through the starters and main course. Emmett started to get more edgy as dessert got closer and Rose started to fidget a bit, maybe she can sense something is going to happen; women's intuition or something. When the dessert got served and Rose got her cake, Emmett made his move. He turned towards her slowly and smiled.

''What are you looking at me like that for you big oath?'' Typical Rose. All the family is sniggering at her words of endearment and that's exactly what it is where Rose is concerned. She may be brash and she doesn't take no shit but you know that she loves her family dearly.

''Rose, I've wanted to ask you a really important question for a while now.'' He stood moving his chair back and got down on one knee. Rose visibly pailed but had a big smile on her face. She doesn't look quite right but she's happy I think. ''I love you more than anyone else in the world. You're it for me Rose, will you marry me?''

''Oh my god.'' She didn't say anything for a while. She just look likes she's in shock. After a couple of minutes, Emmett started to get fidgety.


''My water just broke.'' WHAT! I looked at Edward just in time to see his jaw hit the table. It's quite comical really everyone at the table but Ellie who is happily eating her ice cream is wearing the same expression of pure shock. Emmett still hasn't moved from the floor. He's looking at Rose as if she's grown another head.

''Did you hear me Emmett? My water just broke!'' He jumped up quickly from the floor and looked from Edward to Carlisle and back again a few times before he seemed to take in what's happening.

''WE'RE HAVING A BABY! WE'RE HAVING A BABY! SOMEONE CALL 911!'' I've never heard Emmett's voice reach that level of scream before. The whole restaurant is looking at our table now. ''WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR? DO SOMETHING!'' Emmett threw his hands in the air in exasperation and started to pace it sounds like he's talking to himself too.

''Emmett, calm down. We need to get Rose to the hospital now.'' Carlisle seemed to break him out of his shock and he nodded.

''Damn, I wanted to slap him.'' Jasper stood and tapped Emmett on the shoulder, ''I think you'll need to walk him through this granddad.''

''Bella, are you okay? You look a little pale.'' Edward took my hand in his and I realised I'm probably wearing the same expression as everyone else.

''I'm okay. I don't think Emmett is though.'' Esme has moved round to Rose's side and is talking to her calmly. I think she's helping because Rose is smiling happily.

''WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!'' There was suddenly a rush of movement from the men around Emmett and they dragged him outside to stop him making a massive show of himself.

''Well it looks like it's up to the women to bring this little lady into the world without panicking.''

''Yep, I'm ready ladies, let's go do this.''

End Flash Back

And do it is exactly what she did. She's one brave woman. I have no idea how I'm going to push two out but I really, really want it to happen now. Being overdue sucks. Edward's being amazing as usual and Ellie loves helping mommy with the baby stuff but neither of them can do what I really want and that's to make these little men come out. We've tried everything and when I say everything I mean it. Poor Edward has been trying to sex the babies out of me. We've been for walks, ate hot curry, had spicy food, we've even driven down the bumpiest road in Forks and still nothing. I don't think they want to meet me, that must be it. I'm so uncomfortable, everything takes a huge amount of effort. Twins are never late! Why is this happening to me, we've been ready for weeks. I want to meet my babies and if I have one more false set of labour pains, I might scream.

Pulling myself off the coach where I've practically lived for the past couple of weeks, I waddled into the kitchen and grab myself a cold drink.

''Baby, where are you? We're back.'' Ah Edward and Ellie are back with my ice cream. I've been waiting for this all day. You can't beat Ben and Jerry.

''In the kitchen.''

''Momma, we gots you lots of ice cream, can I share?''

''Of course sweet girl. I'll get us some bowls.''

''No you won't. Go sit down, I'll get the bowls." With a huff, I did as I was told with Ellie following my every step.

''What did you do with your hour's peace?'' Edward handed me and Ellie a bowl of joy; I love this ice cream so much; and sat down beside me.

''I just day dreamed really.''

''What about?''

''The last nine months.'' Yes, I gave my bump evils. Not that it'll make any difference, they won't budge.

''It has been an amazing nine months.''

''I agree.''

''Me too Momma. Now we just need the babies to come.'' Tapping my belly, Ellie got chocolate ice cream all over my white tank top, lovely. ''Sorry Momma, I didn't mean to.''

''It's okay baby, I need a shower anyway. This can go in the wash when I'm done.'' Edward's quiet chuckles earned him an elbow to the gut.

''Hey, that was mean.''

''Don't laugh at me then baby, you know you always loose when you're mean.''


''Go put it in the kitchen then baby girl.''

''Okay daddy.''

''How are you feeling, really?'' Stroking the hair out of my face, he kissed my forehead gently, being careful not to get in the way of my ice cream consumption.

''I'm okay, just so ready for these two to come out.''

''I know baby. Once I've bathed Ellie and put her to bed, we should take a bath together and relax. You've been too uncomfortable since your due date, I don't like it.''

''That sounds good.'' Balancing my bowl on my bump, I leaned back on the sofa and let out a sigh.

''They'll be here before you know it baby. The nurse said they're both fine, don't stress over it.''

''I'm trying not too, I just want to meet them already.''

''I know you do baby but they're healthy and happy right now so let them be.''

''Dada, I need my bath and my story.''

''Okay baby, I'll go run it now. You stay here with mommy.'' Ellie climbed up next to me and move to rest her head on my bump.

''You need to come out now little babies. I need to meet you and mommy's sad because she has a big belly too. So come out I'll share my ice cream with you and I'll show you your room, it's a jungle.'' Two little bodies started to move causing my bowl and Ellie's hand to go up and down she giggled sweetly and kissed my bump lovingly just like her daddy does.

''Ellie come on, your bath's ready.''

''COMING! ... See you in a minute Momma.''

''Okay baby.''

It didn't take long for Edward to get Ellie down. She had a busy morning with her Grampys at the lake. All the fresh air must have worn her out. She was asleep before the end of her first story and it usually takes at least two. Edward kept his word and ran us both a bath and now I have to say, I'm in heaven surrounded by warm water bubbles and candles. My man knows how to treat a lady.

''You ready to get out baby. The water's getting cold and you're falling asleep.''


''Come on, you're looking all pruney, you need to get into bed and snuggle with me.'' He carefully stood behind me and stepped out of the tub, wrapping a towel around himself. Then he helped me stand and grabbed a towel for me too. He helped me out of the tub and instead of just wrapping the towel around me he didn't stop until I was completely dry.

''Bed now, come on.'' He led me into our room and pulled out one of his t-shirts for me to sleep in then he led me to the bed and pulled back the sheets. ''Get in baby.'' I did as I was told and snuggled down into the bed, closing my eyes slowly as he covered me with the comforter.

''Sleep well baby. I love you.''

''Love you too.''


A sharp pain through the bottom half of my body startled me awake. I put my hand on my bump and sat up slowly. What was that? It felt different to the fake labour I had last week. Stronger than even the most painful one. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it's just severe back pain or something.

Fifteen minutes later another pain hit just like the one before. Not stronger or anything, just identical to the previous one. If this is fake labour, it's really taking the piss. I can't deal with another hospital run ending in disappointment. I don't want to disturb Edward in case it's nothing. I've been effecting his sleep these past few weeks because he's constantly worried about me, poor baby is probably exhausted.

''Ahhh shit.'' So much for not waking Edward. Okay so that was stronger but that's not the point. This shouldn't be happening so quickly should it? I mean that one was no closer but it was definitely more painful.

''Bella, baby, what's wrong?''

''I'm okay.''

''Bella.'' Okay so using the stern voice is not okay right now. I burst into tears before I could stop myself.

''Baby, what is it?'' Sitting up quickly, he pulled me to him and I tucked my head into the crook of his neck. ''Are you getting pains?'' I nodded in response. ''Okay, how many, how long?''

''I've had three in fifteen minute intervals. The last one was a lot stronger than the ones before. Don't worry, it's probably nothing.'' He held me close as I watched the minutes on the alarm clock tick by. I sat up sharply as the next one hit and Edward rubbed my back sweetly talking me through it.

After another hour of the same thing, Edward kissed my head. ''I'm going to call mom. I need to take you to the hospital now.''

''No, it's probably nothing. It'll wear off soon.''

''Bella, it's been over an hour and the pains getting worse. We're going, no arguments. I'll help you get dressed when I come back.''

''I can dress my damn self.'' I muttered under my breath as he left the room. I stood slowly and walked to my dresser. What does one wear for an occasion such as this. Okay so I have no idea why my inner thoughts have a posh British accent right now but I'll take it if this actually happens tonight. As I reached down to pull my sweat pants out of my bottom draw, I felt a sharp pain and then a rush of liquid run down my leg. ''Oh shit.''

''What's wrong Bella? Why didn't you wait for me? I could have helped you.''

''I think my water just broke.''

''You think what?''

''I said, I think my water just broke''

''Holy fucking shit.'' You can say that again. ''Holy fucking shit!'' If he starts doing an Emmett and wakes Ellie, I will murder him. This will probably take hours and Ellie will not want to sleep if she knows we've gone to have her brothers.

''Edward, please don't do an Emmett on me. I need you... SHIT!'' Edward held me through another pain and seemed to pull himself together.

''It's okay Bella, everything's going to be okay, let me help you change.'' Just as we both finished getting dressed, there was a light knock at the front door and Edward's phone bleeped. ''Mom's here.'' We walked out to the den, hand in hand and opened the door to Esme and Carlisle.

''You didn't have to both come. I'm sorry we woke you both.''

''Nonsense Bella, I thought you might want a lift to the hospital. How far apart are your contractions?''

''Around twelve to fifteen minutes. They've been getting stronger since she woke up.''

''How are you feeling Bella?''

''Scared, excited, I really don't know... I need to call Charlie and Renee.''

''I'll call them Bella. You concentrate on you. I'll get them to meet you there.''

''Okay, well I suggest we get going. There's a good chance those boys are in a rush. Esme, I'll call you as soon as Bella is ready to push so you can meet us there.''


And boy did they get a move on. On the journey to the hospital, I thought I was going to give birth in the car at one point. Everything has been a flurry of activity since we got here. I've had tests, examinations. The babies heart beats are being monitored and the pain ... don't even get me started on the pain. Heidi has come in to say hello and gone to get changed. She seems to think I'll be pushing soon. I think Edward's secretly hoping for that. I think I've almost broken his hand already.

When it came time to push, I swear I was ready to pass out. Every part of my body is screaming out for sleep. Edward's comforting words are the only thing keeping me from punching Heidi in the head for suggesting not to go for the strongest pain killer because I'd be out of it and might not remember things, her words not mine. I'll be having that shit next time, believe me.

All the pain was worth it thought when I heard my first little boy cry. Anthony Charles Cullen was born first weighing in at five pounds and five ounces and Junior Carlisle Cullen followed five minutes later weighing in at six pounds on the nose. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions that came when I first held my boys, seeing them in my arms is like nothing I've ever experienced before, it's just amazing.

''I'm so proud of you baby. Thank you so much.''

''We did it Edward.''

''No you did it. You're amazing, you've given me the best gift a man could ever ask for. I love you so much. Since you came into my life, I couldn't have been any happier. You've taught me how to love again, how to trust, how to be a family.'' His kind words added with my emotions caused another round of tears. The look of pure and utter joy on his face is something I'll never forget. He's looking at me like he did the first time we made love, like I'm the centre of his universe.

''Edward I..''

''Marry me Bella.''

''What?'' Did he just propose? He wants me to marry him?

''Marry Me Bella. I know I don't have a ring right now but I can't think of a more perfect time that I could ask. You are my life now. I don't want to live a second of it without you. You've given me the greatest gift a man could ask for. I love you. Marry me?'' Anthony and Junior both chose that moment to gurgle. A smile almost split my face in half and I lent over to kiss him.

''Yes I'll marry you. Of course I'll marry you. I love you.''

The End

Thanks again for reading Kirsty xxxx