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"Damien, Athena, Damon" my twins came down and in the middle of them was my 2yr old son came downstairs they were 4yrs old and I am 20 yrs old, it was 17 when I got pregnant.

"Yes mama" they said. Athena had black Locks, baby blue eyes, heart shaped face and lips. Damien had jet black hair with a tinge of midnight blue on his tips, he had silver eyes; I found Damien abandoned on my door steps and I took him in, he was just a cute little baby.

Damon looked exactly like his father, he had black hair, vivid green eyes, he even acted like his father too, he was rude to kids he didn't know, protected his family and was very cautious of guys around me and always looked out for Damien, because he is small and shy.

I smiled "Dinner time" they squealed except for Damon of course. I put out plates of lasagna. If you want to know who the father.

I was so happy I was going to tell Derek I was pregnant. I was 17 and he was 18 I loved him so much and so did he. A year ago he told me I was his mate and he wouldn't leave me. I opened the door to our apartment "hey Derek" I said smiling up at him then frowned he had a suitcase in his hand. "Derek are we going anywhere?" he shook his head "I am but you're not" I cocked my head to the side, "Chloe I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry" he whispered. My heart broke crumpled to the ground, he left with a word. The door was still opened and I knew he heard my heartbreaking sobs as he left.
I still had no idea why he left; we were so happy, I guess I was and he faked it but he wouldn't you could tell he wasn't lying, it was pure love.
I was stilling crying that morning, when Tori visited me. She came in since I gave her family the key to our or my apartment. "Hey what happened" she exclaimed and came to my side. "He left, he left" I sobbed, I threw my arms around her neck, "why did he leave, please tell me" I sobbed. "Chloe shhh it's okay" she cried with me that day. She literally tucked me into bed after the war was over she became a motherly figure to me "why did he leave please tell me why?" I whispered. She stroked my forehead "I don't know Chloe but I wish I did so I could tell you" I nodded, she kissed my forehead "I was going to tell him something yesterday, we were supposed to celebrate, but he left" she nodded "what was you were going to tell her" I took a deep breath "I'm pregnant" end of flash back:

Tori freaked out she went to go find Derek but he was long gone by then, "mama?" Damon said, "Hmm" I replied he walked over and sat in my lap and wiped away my tears "why you cry" he whispered. I smiled and kissed his forehead "I cry because someone broke my heart" I whispered, "I'll tell you guys someday okay" they nodded.

I gave my boys a second helping, since they both were werewolves they ate a lot. Athena was sitting there looking at her brothers in disgust. I laughed and they grinned at me, "finished!" Damien called first making Damon pout, I laughed again. I took their plates and set them in the sink.

"Go clean up and change" the raced upstairs, "I win!" Damon called, I faintly heard the other two whines, and I smiled and shook my head. I did the dishes and walked upstairs into my kid's bedroom. They both shared one, the room so big that three twin sized fit, and space for each child. Damien side was colored a nice ocean blue color with pale green carpet, Athena had her side painted a pretty lavender color and her carpet was black. Damon had the other side it was a forest green color with midnight blue carpet.

I tucked each child in and kissed their foreheads "good night" I whispered, putting on their nightlight. "Night mama we love you" I smiled "love you too" I closed the door leaving a crack open before going downstairs; cleaning the kitchen and the living room. Ring-Ring I sighed and went pick up the phone, "hello?" I said "hey! Chloe how are you" "Tori?" I heard her sigh in frustration "yes Tori, hey listen me and Simon are coming over okay" she said it in a tone that she was going to bring somebody I didn't want "Tori, are you bringing someone else" I asked hesitantly, there was a silence and hush whispered "uh um no…" I growled a bit then she laughed "did you just growl, jeez you spent too much time with…" she trailed off "Chloe I'm sorry" she whispered, I took a few deep breaths from breaking down "it's okay" I breathed, "Okay me and Simon are coming over we are just in the drive way" I shut the phone, and went outside and saw a bright yellow car.

I weakly waved, they honked a few times. Tori got out the car and Tori bounded out of the car and came to tackle me in a hug. "Hi" I said a little of breath, "Oh hi, sorry" she said and got off of me. Simon laughed and brought his girlfriend with me, "dude you know how people say blonds are dumb for real she is" Tori whispered, I glared at and she smiled sheepishly. "Hey Chloe" Simon said, and hugged me "Hey" I said and looked at his girlfriend, she had white blonde hair, big brown eyes and soft features she was very pretty "Hi I'm Chloe" I said, "Oh hi I'm Melody" she had such a soft voice "we'll let's get inside, but please be quite I just put the kids to sleep" they nodded "oh Chloe where's your husband" I froze, "Melody her boyfriend left her so it's just her" she nodded. I took a deep breath and we went inside, "beautiful place, it reminds me of heaven" I looked at Tori who had to stifle a laugh, but Simon was looking at adoringly.

I shrugged "would you like something to drink" I asked, "oh no I don't drink but some water would be fine" she said. I rubbed my temples and Tori looked at me amused "sure, Simon and Tori would you like some water" they nod. I go and grab a few bottles and handed them. "Thanks" I nodded and sat down next to Tori, "so Chloe what do you do for a living" Melody asked "well, I'm a screenwriter" she looked so surprised "really that's so awesome, but what is a screenwriter" my jaw dropped.

I explained what it was for at 45 min. till I gave up "so guess what I'm pregnant" she said. "Really awesome" I said, a bit envious of her that she had someone to take care of her when she was pregnant. "What are you going him or her" Tori asked. "There all girls, and I'm having three" we all looked at her "how do you know" Simon asked her. "The flowers told me" I pinched the bridge of my nose, another second of this women I would probably explode.

I took few deep breaths "okay so what are you name them" she smiled "I'm going to name them after my favorite fruit. Melon, strawberry, and pineapple" she said smiling at Simon who nodded smiling at her "excuse me" I said, I went to hallways and started to bang my head a few times "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" I moaned. I had to stifle a scream; I finally came back to myself. I walked back outside Tori and Simon started at me really amused I smiled sheepishly back "were you having sex with yourself" I chocked on my tongue "what?" I shrieked "no I started to bang my head on the wall" I shrieked, "I think we should leave" Simon said sensing my distress.

I had my fist clenched at my side using all my self control not to strangle the girl's scrawny little neck. "Okay bye Chloe, I'll wait by the car" she said skipping outside. I finally screamed in frustration, when I stopped Simon had his fingers in his ears "Simon" I growled in warning and he ran outside. Tori burst out laughing "don't worry I have to deal with her for at least 2yrs" I nodded and hugged "me and the kids are having a picnic tomorrow why don't you come" she nodded but I saw this wicked glint in her eye before she bounded out the door.

I sighed went to the kids room to see if they were awake, I opened the door and found their beds empty. I screamed and saw the window was empty a note was on Damon bed I quickly read it "you can run but you can't hide, we are regrouping, stronger and larger than eve; E.G" I started to cry, the Edison group stole my kids. I quickly called Tori, "hello, Chloe what happened" she asked as soon she heard my crying "they stole them, the Edison group is back they stole my kids" I sobbed and shut the phone, the door banged open a second later. I ran downstairs and saw Tori, and Simon. I let out another sob and hugged Tori to death, "come on" she lead me the car, I locked the house and Simon drove us to their house. I got out of the car and my knees buckled underneath me. I went down; Simon scooped me up and carried me inside. I was sobbing loudly in his chest.

DPOV I was sitting in the living room, I really wanted to go with Simon and Tori to see Chloe, but I knew she hated me for leaving her. I had a reason to leave her,

Flash back: "Derek you can't make me stay here" she growled. She was getting on my nerves finally snapped and shove her and she went flying and hit the wall, my eyes widened I quickly went to her side. "Chloe, please wake up, please I'm so sorry" she hesitantly got up and smiled weakly at me "it's okay I know you didn't mean it" I sobbed and held her as I cried promising I won't hurt her again, the next day I decided I'm going to leave so I won't hurt her again, end of flash back:

I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I quickly wiped away her sobs still haunted me. I heard Simon's car on the driveway, then I heard sobbing it was the same sobbing that haunted me. The door banged open and I saw Tori running towards me "it's Chloe" she gasped, my head snapped towards Simon as he carried my mate in his arms she was crying so loud it echoed our mansion. I ran to her and took her in my arms and cradled it, sat down and set her on my lap rubbing my hand up and down her back, in a few seconds she was asleep.

"What happened" I growled at them. "Melody why won't you go to bed" Simon said looking at his dumb girlfriend she nodded and skipped towards their room. "Now" I waved towards them, "Derek you remember when you left Chloe" I nodded and looked away "well she had to tell you something that probably changed your life, but in a good way. But then you broke her heart and changed her life the bad way, do you know what she wanted to tell you" I shook my head not bothering to wipe the tear that fell down.

"She was pregnant Derek" that's when I broke down tears were falling down fast; I cradled my mate in my arms and cried in her hair. "She stayed all alone during pregnancy but I helped her sometimes, so then she finally moved after she gave birth. She was blessed with three kids, two boys and one girl. Damien and Athena are just like their mother, Damon is the exact image of you" I couldn't help the have the small smile on my face, "today we went to her house when her kids were asleep, we stayed there for a few hrs, then left a second later Chloe called and read this" Tori gave me the note, my eyes widened "they took your babies" she cracked and leaned against Simon as she silently cried.

Simon was glaring at me "if you fucking stayed with her this fucking would have never fucking would have happened!" he screamed, I looked away nodding. "We have no idea what there are doing with her kids, but they want something with Chloe" I couldn't hear anymore I took Chloe to my room. I stripped off her clothes and put her in my clean boxers and a shirt. I stripped into my boxers and shut the light before climbing under the covers with Chloe.

She had dried tears stains on her cheeks, she has grown very beautiful since the last time I saw, she was beautiful then but now she looks like a goddess. With her straight/curly blonde hair following down her back, her pale glowing face, with her pink pouty lips and flushed cheeks. I wrapped and arm around her and pulled her close into my chest. I kissed her forehead, her closed eyelids, cheeks, nose and chin before kissing her lips gently. I shut my eyes and finally fell asleep peacefully.

CPOV I cuddled closer to the warmth next to me, and then I remembered my babies. I snapped open my eyes and froze. Derek's face was in front of me, he looked so peaceful when he was sleeping and he had a ghost of a smile on his face. Derek tightened his arms around me and nuzzled my neck, I had to stifle a gasp but he heard and his eyes snapped open and he looked at me. We just stared at each other until I felt his leg between mine.

I quickly pulled away went to the other end of the bed. "Chloe" he started but I shook my head fast, tears falling down he reached to wipe them away but I moved my head away and wiped them myself. "Chloe please just let me explain" I nibbled my lip, "please just let me explain, then you can choose if you want to come back or don't want me in your life" I nodded. He sighed and whispered a thank you. Then he told my he left he said he thought me hurt me "Chloe, I'm so sorry if I knew you were pregnant I wouldn't even think about leaving, you were so happy when you came home that day, but I didn't think I just was so scared that if I stayed any longer I probably would have hurt you so bad" he said.

"you did hurt me Derek you left me" my voice cracked at the end. "I don't think I can forgive you, if I wasn't pregnant Derek what would you have done, still left so no Derek I don't think I can forgive you" I looked into his eyes and saw he was broken, he didn't even try to cover the hurt "if you want me back you have to win my trust back" I whispered, and he looked hopeful again "but right now, I just want to find my kids before you even start" he nodded, I noticed he flinched a bit when I said 'my' I sighed this is going to be a long while, Derek got up and handed me one of Tori's clothes and walked out, I quickly changed and brushed my teeth and hair walking down stairs, "come on you are staring here until we find them" Simon said, I nodded. Derek led me to his car and we drove to my house.

DPOV we got to Chloe's house, it was a small house nothing big, but not that small either. She led me inside, there was a photo on the coffee table, I picked it up and my eyes watered a bit and I had a smile on my face. It was a picture of our kids, "that's Damon" that looked like exactly like me, "that's Athena" she had black locks, blue eyes, heart shaped lips and face, "and finally Damien" he had jet black hair with midnight blue tips, silver eyes he didn't like us. "There so beautiful" I whispered, it Damon, and Damien with Athena behind them her arms wrapped around her brothers all of them smiling. The background was white with pink flower petals on the floor "it was a photo shoot" I nodded.

"Athena was small when she was born, so her brother's like to tease her a lot, Damien and her are the troublemakers and Damon exactly like you" I nodded, "Damien doesn't look like us" I whispered, "that's because I found him, and took him in, now I'm going to go pack and you wait here" I nodded and she left.

CPOV we arrived then I remembered something "Derek!" I screamed, he slammed the brakes "what?" he searched around, "I think I know how to know if the kids are safe" he smiled and we ran inside. We called Simon, and Tori."I remember telling that to watch the kids no matter what, because she didn't want to move on. So she helped me watch over the kids when I wasn't around" Tori looked excited "so call her" I nodded and it took a few moments before she appeared

"hi Chloe!" she said looking perkily, "Hi Liz, but could you look for them" she nodded and disappeared. We waited Derek was pacing in front of us, "Chloe!" I looked to my right "did you find them" Derek's, Simon's, and Tori's head snapped towards me. "Yeah, there at new York, in a small town called 'middle island'" I nodded "keep an eye on them, if they hurt them tell me" she nodded and left "we need to get to new York fast, their holding them in a place called middle island" we quickly packed and I used my dad's money and we got a last minute plane to new York.