"You have got to be kidding me" I muttered as I felt his boner poking my ass. "It's not my fault" he murmured kissing my neck "You a twit" I whispered turning my head to kiss him.

We were currently sitting in a van there was no more room so I was sitting in Derek's lap; we were driving to the airport in a minivan. You see we found the parents of the four werewolf children, their parents couldn't thank us enough so they bought gave us their house in Ireland, it had furniture and everything.

I sold my old house and Simon sold their old mansion, so putting our money together we had enough for living. Plus Derek's going to get a job.

"You love me for it" Derek whispered huskily in my ear, on hand traveling up my shirt caressing my flat stomach "You guys disgust me" I heard Tori gag from the front.

We looked at her and narrowed our eyes "you guys are even nastier" I hissed back, Tori blushed while Max sent her a grin while turning to the right at McDonald's.

Martha accepted that fact of Tori being Max's mate. She was kind of pissed off at first cause she wanted to spend time with her son but let it go knowing that he'll come and visit her.

Frank moved in with Klaus and his wife, and Raven manor was destroyed by the demon of course we didn't have the money to fix it.

Ella and Mark are living with Trinity and her mate Rex who bought a house and are already expecting 2 twins girls…we found out that they been doing the nasty while to relieve stress trying to figure out how to save Derek...should have seen our shocked expressions when they told us.

Simon was in the back with Melody sleeping together his hand on her bulging belly. Athena was asleep leaning against Simon in the back. Damien was in his car seat next to door we had to put on a child lock on that door just in case if he opened the lock of the car seat.

Damon was sitting next to Derek glaring at his hand which were on my waist…he was still having a hard time accepting Derek as his father.

"Hey bud you hungry?" Derek asked Damon, he nodded silently "me too daddy!" Damien cried throwing his hands up in the air "Alright then let's get something to eat" Max commented parking the car. Immediately I opened the door and jumped out glaring at Derek.

He smirked at me "Daddy what's that!" Damien asked pointing at the bulge in Derek's pants. "Oh god" I murmured my face heating. "Oh nothing it's something mummy did" he whispered sending me a smug smile. Damien sent me an upset look "Mummy you should not huwt daddy" he said.

"I'm sorry baby" I said going to the other side opening the door and helping him out of the car seat. Setting him down on the ground I leaned back and threw my book on Simon's head "OW! What, oh, um?" he cried then noticed where we were and woke up Melody then Athena.

Athena climbed over the seat and over Damon who was still sitting in his seat then out from Derek's side. Damon got out and Derek pulled the seat forward letting Simon and Melody out.

Once everyone was out, Max locked the car and we went inside. Once we were inside there was only 2 other families there, a little boy with his father and mother.

And teenage looking girl with her parents, we got our food and sat down. "I'll be right back" Derek whispered at me, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and left to go to the bathroom.

Just when he was out of sight, another family walked in. It was a little boy in jeans and a tank top wearing sneakers. A man around four years older than me, he was wearing a muscle shirt with faded jeans and cowboy boots.

They got their order and sat behind us in an empty table. "I'm going to get another cookie" I said to them, they shrugged. I got up and went to get another cookie when a cry was heard.

Everyone's attention was to Damien who was looking on the ground where is ice-cream had fallen "Aww poor baby" I whispered going to his side.

"Mummy!" he cried throwing his arms around my neck. "Wow what a baby" the little boy commented and I glared at him "sir you better tell you son to mind his own business" I hissed at the man who just smirked.

"What can I say my son here is tough as a bull" he slurred in a slight southern accent. Glaring at him I whipped Damien's tears "it's alright baby, mommy will get you another cone okay" I cooed at him.

He sniffled and nodded, a man came by and cleaned up the mess and I went to order another ice-cream with a chocolate chip cookie.

"You see here my dad's tough and he taught me out to be tough nobody can out beat my dad" the boy said grinning at us. Simon was too busy with melody in another table to hear us. Same thing with Tori and Max who were off in another table in the back "Well I'm sure your dad is tough but please stay out of this" I said to him politely.

"You dad's not tough as mine!" Damon cried glaring at the boy who was shocked well so was I. "We'll see about that. My daddy wrestled a bull when he was 15" the boy commented "now Travis, there's no need to flatter me" the man said.

Oh god he was so full of himself, I glanced a worried expression at Damon. He gets really competitive "really my dad wrestled with wolves" now that's true.

Travis blanched but recomposed himself "my dad really strong and tall" he hissed. Damon stepped closer and I stood up holding Damien in my arms. "My dad is way taller and stronger, he's a…a…a police man!" now that's a lie!

"You lie!" Travis accused. Damon sighed and looked down at his nails calmly "no I don't…he's really strong, one time we went crazy and whipped out a whole wolf pack. They had to control him or he would have done something worse. He protects me all the time…right mama."

I nodded and smiled at Damon, the man and Travis glared at us "you liars!" they both yelled. "We don't lie" Athena cried standing up as well.

Suddenly Damon looked behind Travis and grinned "hey dad!" he exclaimed running to Derek who was confused but picked him up in his arms.

"Hey bud what's wrong?" Derek asked. Travis and his father eyes widened at the sight of Derek…yes I know he's a smexy beast BE JEALOUS!

"Oh nothing's wrong" he said grinning then went to whisper in his father's ear. Derek's eyes widened then a crazy I mean seriously crazy grin appeared on his face.

"Oh no" I groaned turning away, "well hello…I see you met my sons, daughter and my sexy wife" Derek said with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Uh y-yeah" the man said "I'm Derek and you are?" he said. "I'm Tucker and this is my son Travis" he gulped out. "Ahh nice I met a Tucker once…a long time ago we were working on an experiment and he used me a test subject. Messed up my genes" Derek whispered gravely.

Tucker and Travis looked like they wanted to puke; Athena and Damien stifled a giggle behind their hands "it was a sudden tragedy, the experiment went wrong and Tucker blew up. I have scars all over my back" he grinned like a maniac.

"Wanna see?" Damien asked this time "n-n-no we'll be leaving" they exclaimed grabbing their food and running out of the restaurant.

Athena and Damien couldn't hold it they busted out laughing, with Damon not far behind them. I even giggled once, Derek even cracked a grin.

"Are we going to leave?" Tori asked annoyed walking up to us. Max was with her his arm wrapped around her waist. "Yeah let's go" I said packing up the food and bringing it in the car with us. Simon and melody followed.

Everyone got set and we were back on the road heading towards the airport…this was my life now…this is what I wanted nothing more than this happiness with my family.

Damon seemed like he finally accepted Derek because his pack was being threatened. Like Father like son that's what they say. Once we were in the car, Derek had kissed me quickly then kissed all of our children a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you" I whispered to him. "Love you more" he breathed going in for another kiss. "Ewe! Mummy, daddy! You cannot eat each othews face…it is gwoss!" he cried glaring at us.

Everyone laughed besides Damien and the twins who were confused…. "I'm so glad I'm back" Derek said softly into my hair "I'm glad also" grinning Derek gave me another kiss until I felt something poke my ass again.

"Derek!" I cried in shock, he chuckled "couldn't help it" he assured me. "You twit" I murmured "but foxy I'm your twit" I glared at the nickname but agreed "yes you are"

"Enough of those disgusting words of love we have a mansion to get to!" Tori cried glaring at us, I sent her a air kiss and she rolled her eyes. "Hurry up" I cried "I wanna see my new house."

Max turned to the road that led us to the airport. We got out and Derek had to calm down his excitement before he got out. We held out suitcases.

In my empty hand I held Derek and he held tightly into mine. Together we were going to start all over…the past was the past nothing more we could do only to move forward and see what happens next in our lives….this is how Derek renewed my love for him and I love him for that.

(bit of a cliché ending but eh there's nothing I can do about it) ^_^ omg! so haha finally done with this Story hope you guys are happy that i'm done and I'm so happy myself also! my first fanfic for ChloexDerek finally done!

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