A/N: HEY! LittleK3 here! So, a couple nights ago, I had a really weird dream that tied into one I had last year. The big theme of the dreams: elevators! I have taken the main idea from the dream, tweaked it, added things, and turned it into a story! If you are wondering, I do not normally have dreams about elevators. I have weird dreams, but only one or two about elevators. I'm not writing this from an asylum. Yet. JK! Anyway, I'll finish the authors note here before I scare away you readers.

Disclaimer: Do I wish I owned Hetalia- Yes! Do I own it in reality- No! :( But, I can dream...


Alfred awoke to a throbbing in his head and a cold, hard surface beneath him. He opened his eyes, only to find more darkness. Panicking, he called out franticly for his brother and fathers. "MATTIE! PAPA! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?" His calls were met by low moans coming from his right. As his eyes adjusted, he saw his brother, Matthew lying next to him. "MATTIE!" Alfred called, happy that his brother was with him, but became increasingly worried when Matt did not respond to his touch. His skin was ice cold.

Taking off his jacket, Alfred laid it over top his younger brother in an attempt to warm him, and began to look around. He was in a dark, metal shaft, sitting on top of what appeared to be a large box. Cables ran from the middle of the box so far up that Alfred could not see where they ended. Just as he summoned his hero's courage to stand up, the box jolted and began to slowly inch up ward. A loud voice spoke from the darkness.

"Hope you boys enjoy the ride. It will be your last! Mwahahahaha!" The evil laugh echoed in the darkness. Alfred was petrified with fear. He grabbed his brother, not liking the large lump he felt on Matt's forehead or the wet feel to it. The little boy did not move.

"Mattie...?" Alfred whispered, "I'm scared."

A/N: Yes, I know, evil cliffy! So, what will happen top our favorite duo? Will their parents find them in time? What man is so sick to do this to two small children? You'll find out! Please review and tell me what you think! I'm I get a good response, I'll continue. If I don't and there a just a couple of you who want me to finish it, I will. Also, I probably will change the title, but at the moment, this was the only title I could think of.