A/N For the purpose of this story, Remy's is a couple of blocks away from the precinct

"Did you know it was nearly midnight?" Castle asked. He'd just looked at his watch for the first time since lunch.

"Paperwork tends to make time travel abnormally fast," Beckett sighed. She stretched her arms out behind her head. "Thanks for that last coffee. I don't think I would have made it through without it."

"Neither would I, and I'm not even working."

"Then what were you writing all this time?"

Castle turned his notebook around and revealed pages covered in cartoon drawings. Beckett rolled her eyes.

They both put their coats on and headed to the elevator. "Dinner plans?" Beckett asked.

"Hopefully there are still leftovers from last night in the fridge. That said, Alexis had Ashley over today for lunch, so I doubt it. You?"

"Remy's. Haven't been there all week."

"It's only Tuesday."

Beckett smiled. "You wanna come?"

Castle shook his head. "I've gotta catch a cab – I took one from home to the crime scene this morning, remember? And I don't care how hungry I am, I'm not walking there."

"Come on Castle. You paid for lunch. I'll take you to dinner. Come on," Beckett instructed. They walked to the parking lot, where Castle made a discovery.

"Your car isn't here."

"Your point being…?"

"Detective Beckett, the purpose of offering someone transportation in a vehicle is to then provide them with transportation in a vehicle. This is false advertising."

"In case you hadn't noticed," she said, "our transport is right here." She gestured next to them.

The bike.

The '94 Harley softail.

"The bike…" Castle said. "…can you put two people on that?"

Beckett opened the bag that was strapped to the back of it and laughed. "No, Castle, I brought you out here to tease you. Come on, it's not that far. You won't fall off."

Castle moved towards the bike, but Beckett stopped him. "Safety first." She handed him an extremely old-style helmet.

"Oh, come on. That's what you've got? The dag helmet?"

She laughed. "For you, yes. For me, no." She pulled out another helmet, this on being much more attractive. From the looks of it, Castle had been given the first helmet she'd ever owned.

He pulled it onto his head. "How cute am I?"

Beckett adjusted his straps. "Very adorable," she agreed, slapping him on the top of his head. She got herself ready before getting on the bike. "You're next. Get on." She turned on the ignition.

Awkwardly, Castle swung his leg over, positioning himself so there was a space between them. Tentatively, he placed his hands on her sides. Beckett rolled her eyes, placed her hands over his, and pulled them to the front so they overlapped over her middle and he was sitting against her. "Wouldn't want you falling off now, Castle, would we?"

Castle gripped his hands together. "So, do you really have a navel ring?" he queried, wondering if there was even a minute chance of feeling it through her leather jacket.

"Ah, Castle. The things you may never know." Before he had a chance to question that statement, she hit the gas and they were riding off into the night.