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"No 'but's, bro. Tweek can take care of himself around the big, bad wolf." Wolf is right, motherfucker. Glad we're on the same page. I regretted not cracking my knuckles or saying my line at that point.

"Did you really have to use that analogy, man?" Tweek's body shuddered against my own and I prayed to everything that's ever existed that he didn't notice the way my hold tightened. "Wolves are scary shit, dude." Kenny just smirked, drawing Thomas away from us, and gave me a thumbs up. Goddamn it. Not the thumbs up. "We'll skate later once I figure out how," he offered to his friend's pouting features.

Was it bad that I was relieved as hell when they finally left?

Fuck no. I was relieved when everybody just got the fuck out.

Chapter Two

"Alright. I need to move in front of you," because being close to you from the front sounds a lot better than the back, "so hold onto the wall." With a tentative hand, Tweek released one of my arms in favor for the much sturdier concrete. Since I was selfish, and now that I had the blonde I didn't want to let him go just yet, I kept my arms around him as I moved to his front, hands sliding with ease across his sides. When I looked down, I noticed how rosy his cheeks were. The sight caused my heart to speed up, almost in time with the thunderous music.

My fingers curled against his hips, taking their time to sidle his body closer. His chest bumped against my ribcage. The hand that was on the wall moved to capture my bicep in an imperceptibly tight clutch. His warm breath hit my collar bone, sinking through the material of my shirt and I wondered if he knew exactly what he was doing to me. "Maybe this doesn't help that your high," I said, unsure of what I was talking about specifically.

"Am I still high?" He asked curiously, looking up at me with thick clouds of pink in his eyes.

"Oh yeah." My assurance made him giggle. Now that he wasn't so frightened, I thought about coaxing him into moving. "Here, you don't have to move at all, just let yourself be pulled." When I started sliding my skates backwards, Tweek's hands turned stiff, nails stabbing my arms, but he let it happen and even looked down at our feet.

"We look really stupid," he observed, bringing his head back up to show me that he was smiling. I gave him a hint of a grin, although it was breathless, because that was all I seemed to be able to manage. "Everything gets really funny when you show up." Yep, obviously still high.

"Yeah?" I released the hold I had on him a mere inch, keeping close to the outer ring of the wall so we wouldn't be disturbed. "Everything's always funny when you show up, too." He snickered in a modest sort of way, cheeks glowing underneath the multi-colored lights.

"I'm always funny to laugh at, that's why." The insult toward himself wasn't hard to miss. The inch I had separated us with disappeared. He was looking at me again, but there were no negative emotions playing on his face or in the depths of his eyes. Had he gotten so used to the ridicule that he didn't even care anymore?

"That's because people are douche bags."

"You wanna know how I know that you're not a douche bag?" A petite smile curved the corners of his lips up and he looked off toward the side either shyly or flirtatiously. His lashes reflected the neon colors above us. "You start breathing really fast when you're around me." And just like that my pulse jolted. My next breath came out harsh against his forehead.

"You're good at this, aren't you?" I accused him, dropping him a few inches now. He fumbled, hands about ready to start cutting off my circulation. I liked it better when I was in control.

"I watch and read a lot of romance," he sputtered, trying to find the right footing. That's why he's not an amateur. My smirk was like dry ice, smoky under the hazy lights. I spun on the heels of my skates, turning us around in one fluid motion. Tweek cried out in alarm but I paid no heed, pulling him back against my body with a slight shift, causing my leg to fall between his. The blonde choked on his own breath, arms somehow sliding around my torso to hug me tightly, fingers tangling in the back of my shirt. He turned his head against my chest and I imagined he was trying to hide his blush from prying eyes.

I twirled us back around, chuckling now at his caught-off-guard cry. "Start moving your feet like your walking, except your sliding them against the ground." Tweek twitched momentarily before detaching his face from my chest. I looked down to find his feet working against the rink.

"Good job." I smirked at his attempt. "In a few years, you might actually be able to move across the floor."

To say I was startled when he pinched my back was an understatement. I was outright shocked because god damn, this kid knew how to pinch. For all the times he'd gotten beat up, if he'd just pinch the fucking assholes like he had me, there wouldn't be a problem anymore. He'd be scot-fucking-free.

"Shit!" My feet lost friction at the surprise attack and I definitely knew we were falling. The air whooshed out around me and my head smacked against the ground, the sound rippling through me for a instant. Tweek had screamed like a dying pigeon, or maybe it was more like a terrorized cat, and landed on top of me—the soft, cushy, pillow.

"Oh my God!" He cried out, unleashing his laughter into my chest. I stared skeptically at the ceiling, unsure if I had actually just fallen. "Oh my God!" Tweek repeated, laughing all over again. My stare continued unwaveringly for some time before I finally cracked a smile. Tweek just scored a point.

"You're a little shit," I told him, one hand still gripping his hips. He sat up, looking at me with wet, red eyes and a wide smile that I'd never seen before. It was all teeth and laughter.

"Are you two okay?" One of the employees rolled up to us like he owned the place, but he was just a lackey, probably going to get fired for being a pest, under the person who actually did. Couldn't he see that I was having a moment with this kid? So I flipped him off.

Tweek sounded like was trying to say something about me hitting my head but it made no sense between the laughter pouring out of his mouth. When he tried a second time, he gave up and careened forward, forehead pressing against my chest while his body shook. I looked back up at the ceiling with a dumb smile on my face.

The blonde took a few deep breaths, hand splayed against my chest as if he wanted to push himself away but didn't have the strength to do so. The ground was cool against my skin and laying against it felt nice. It brought everything down to earth, like all my ends were meeting, but there was a part of me that was incomplete. There was a big, gaping hole where my stomach should've been. I had the munchies bad. The realization lured my stomach into action, causing it to growl and tremble against Tweek's face.

He shot up at the unexpected rumble, looking at me with something akin to fear as if he'd never heard a hungry stomach announce its starvation before. "I thought the ground was talking to me. Sometimes I'll hear it and think it's an earthquake. I'll hide in my bathtub for hours before I realize it's just my stomach." His confession was horribly adorable and there went my heart again. I swore that this kid was eventually going to send me into cardiac arrest.

"Do you want to get something to eat? Munchies are a bitch to get rid of. I've got cotton mouth too. I need a drink." When I sat up my head felt like it was spinning in circles and I could literally see it doing so in my mind. I started snickering as I fell back on my elbows, eyelids fluttering when I tried to focus on Tweek. "Damn it. I've got eye wiggles too."

"Eye wiggles! That sounds dangerous! What if they fall out? Shit, man!" Tweek reached forward and grabbed my face, trying to steady it from lolling to the side. My snickers grew stronger at the blonde's abrupt paranoia. "And what's cotton mouth? Is that some disease you get when you get high? Sweet Jesus! Do I have it now? I can't have a disease, dude. That's way too much pressure!"

"Relax, relax," I cooed, head dizzy, vision dancing under the rapid beating of my eyelids. "Eye wiggles are just—I don't even know. It's okay though. It's fun. Cotton mouth is when your mouth is dry and you spit a lot, except I haven't been spitting so it's just kind of gross and hanging out in my mouth. A drink remedies that."

"Oh... do I have eye wiggles?" The image of Tweek's eyelids fluttering, eyelashes kissing his cheeks, was enough to send my pulse into hyper drive. I wanted to rip it out of my chest it was beating so hard.

"Trust me, you'd know if you had them. I'm going to try and get up now." Try definitely being the key word. My brain was melting, my vision was blurring, my stomach was angry, and I wanted to kiss Tweek again so bad that everything hurt. I couldn't do that to him in front of numerous people from our school, though; I couldn't do that to myself. That thought alone really sucked and made getting up a little bit easier.

When I was on my feet, I let my body slink back until it rested against the wall. Tweek was still on his knees, waiting for me to help him with his big ass eyes. He looked like he'd wait for forever if he had to. I reached my hands out toward him and his fingers wound through mine, intertwining as I pulled him up while I tried to leave as little room for slipping and sliding as I could. Deftly reminded of Stan and Kyle's previous hand holding, I felt no disappointment and I found myself rather liking how his hands were small compared to mine, how his fingers slid easily between my own.

I pulled him like I would a wagon across the rink, skating backwards, dodging bodies every time Tweek warned me that they were coming with a fidgety squeak. We're a pretty good team, I noted, finding humor in the pattern the two of us went by. Squeak, swerve, squeak, swerve, squeak, swerve. "I love this song." The blonde had a thoughtful smile on his face when I glanced down at him.

"Do you want to wait to get food, then?" I asked. Two things were going through my head: Usually when people were dolts, just lounging around the rink doing nothing and their favorite song came on, it was like suddenly well, perfect time to get my ass up and skate. And: There must've been something seriously wrong with me if I was willing to put my munchies to the side for this kid.

"Sweet Jesus, no. I'd rather sit down and listen to it." I swear I was only curious, it definitely wasn't because I wanted to know what kind of music Tweek liked, when I listened in on the song that was booming from above.

"Really?" My reaction was bland when the lyrics registered as Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie. The blonde blushed under my blank canvas stare. I mentally strangled myself when I found myself getting jealous because Justin Bieber could make Tweek blush too.

"It's a catchy song, dude! I usually don't like Justin Bieber—I swear. I just really like this song."

"Sure," I teased, crooked grin sliding into place. He pouted, bottom lip growing fuller when it jut out a tad. If at all possible, I thought momentarily that his eyes got bigger. God, this kid was a fucking alien. A really cute puppy dog alien—oh God. What the fuck is he turning me into?

We rolled off the rink, onto the carpet, and it was like Clyde was a fucking magnet or something because he came barreling out of nowhere, clapping me on the back with his iron fist. Pain flared into existence along my right shoulder. Yeah, Stripe was definitely pissing in his face later. "Nice ass dive back there, dude."

"Pinch him," I instructed Tweek, releasing one of his hands so he could perform his somewhat deadly act. Clyde screamed, because at heart he was a huge pussy, slapping the offending fingers away from his neck.

"That was my neck, you ass!"

"Next time you talk to me don't be such a bitch and maybe I wont have my bodyguard pinch the shit out of you." Kicking my right leg out, I caught it between the brunette's and jerked it forward until he lost his center of gravity and ass-dived not unlike my earlier fall. "Does pizza sound good?" I asked Tweek, pushing him in the direction of the concession booth, making sure to clip my best friend's fingers as I left him on the ground.

"I don't have any money. I'm probably just going to starve. Oh God— What if that actually happens? I don't want to fucking die in a skating rink, dude!"

"Don't worry, I got it," I assured him, swerving in, out, and around the tables and booths. One hand was still holding Tweek's, the other pushing and pulling at his hip to prevent his crashing into objects. It felt kind of like we were waltzing—and now I was the biggest idiot to ever live because I just imagined dancing with Tweek.

"I thought you didn't have money and that's why you let Kenny put you on Ike's list?"

I scoffed. "Do you really think I'm that nice of a person? I have money for munchies, not to pay for myself when Broflovski's unknowingly willing to pay." My skates began to skid, halting in front of the concession booth. Tweek, still unable to stop, pummeled into chest. I told myself that that moment would be the perfect excuse, that nobody would notice now that we were already so close. So I leaned down and found Tweek's lips with my own before he slid backwards from the force of colliding with me. "Do you like pepperoni?" Act casual, bro.

The frail blonde's nod was barely visible seeing as all I could stare at was his mouth. He'd wet his lips, tongue practically winking at me. Stupid, pink bitches. Thankfully I didn't ask Tweek if he wanted some tongue on his pizza.

"Hi. What can I get for you?" A girl behind the counter looked up at me, fingers brushing her black bangs out of her face in a shy sort of movement. Girl, you could be my sister. GTFO.

"You're getting a whole pizza?" The blonde asked, befuddled when I ordered a large. I nodded my head, sliding money across the counter. Tweek watched as the girl went to take it, fingers skimming mine.

"If you don't have munchies yet, the second you take a bite of that pizza you're going to want the whole damn thing." When I retracted my hand it moved down to grab his. I slid backwards, pulling him with me toward a table near the booth so he wouldn't have to go far.

Honestly, it kind of sucked that I had to let his hands go so I scooched him over that way I could sit next to him to make up for the loss of touching, stomach grumbling as I did.

Even though I loved skating, it felt so much better to sit down and not have to move. I was lazy, a huge couch potato. Skating for so long wasn't meant to occur when it came to me. "I think that girl thinks your cute." My lips rose sardonically at Tweek's observation. Jealous? I wanted to ask.

"I've kind of got that whole dark, mysterious look going on. And my hair's getting longer. Girls like long hair now, I guess." My fingers touched the tips of my hair which had indeed grown down the nape of my neck. "And I'm tall." Out of the corner of my eye I spied pink on the blonde's cheeks.

"Did you think she was cute?" Definitely jealous. My lips curled higher as I switched focus to my hands. They sat on the table, doing nothing but wishing that Tweek's were closer because right then they were laying in his lap. An idea plagued my mind after noticing how hidden they were. I could've reached down and nobody would've had to know.

But I didn't.

"No." I didn't find people attractive. Sometimes Clyde had his moments but he was my best friend. Kenny got a reaction out of me because we were never sober and things felt nice when you weren't right in the head. Everything was so simple when you were asexual. Except when Tweek came along.

"Why not? She's got dark hair and light eyes."

"She looks like me." Out on the rink it was hard to miss Kenny. The lights bounced off his bright clothes as he caught up to Butters, groping the boy's ass like every mother and their child wanted to see it. The two blondes pushed and shoved at each other, laughing and looking like Stan and Kyle. Why did everything have to come down to those two? Cartman rolled like a fucking boulder over to Kenny and chucked his fists at him, sending the taller blonde into Butters. They hit the waist-high wall, Butter's back taking the majority of the hit.

A very small, very quiet "thanks, bro!" came from Kenny now that he had one of his victims right where he wanted them.

"But matching can be cute if it's the right people."

"Do you want me to go up there and ask—" I liked how I didn't even have to finish my question before Tweek objected.

"N-no, no! That's not what I meant, I was just wondering! You never have a girlfriend, I was curious. I thought maybe your type was— Gah! Uhm—how did you learn how to skate so well?" I couldn't help but laugh at his stutters and spams of embarrassment. At my outburst, his light blush spread to his neck and he stared intensely at the table.

Pressing my shoulder against his, I leaned down, resting my head in my palm, my elbow on the table. Tweek turned his head, looking in the opposite direction. I chuckled, scooting closer. "What did you think my type was?" He brought up a hand, pushing weakly at my chest. Edging my face closer, I attempted to curve around and see how pink he was, but the closer I got the farther he turned. "Tweek," I chuckled, half whining at him to stop being shy.

"Wijfhwjhtlwjaghhashhs." That was all I heard. My lips pressed together trying to keep in my amusement as my chest pressed flat against his side. One of my arms curled under the table to sneak up the side of him so I could press my palm against his cheek. It was warm enough to cause a constriction in my chest and my heart to flounder.

"I couldn't hear you." When I pulled his head back around, he gave in easily and let me see his face.

Eyes downcast and pink-cheeked, he repeated himself. "I didn't think it was me." Why did the building have to be filled with a ton of people that we knew? My chest was going to cave in if I didn't do something, but what was there to do? Token's directions would've been pretty damn handy at that moment.

Later I'd rip my insides out for being a huge pussy, presently I tore myself away from the blonde, returning to my original position with my hands on the table. It felt like there was a weight on my chest, like it was still about to crumble away even though I'd chickened out; the inside of my cheek hurt when I released it from between my teeth of which I didn't know I'd been doing. I could taste blood.

"Token and I took a lot of skating classes when we were in elementary school." Skirting around what had just happened seemed like a golden idea.

"I wish I had a talent like that, I mean—I've got two left feet in anything that I do so it's kind of hard to be good at anything, ya know? I can make coffee like a beast, though, s-so I guess that's something." His stuttering became more prominent. I figured he was nervous, shy, or embarrassed, although it was likely the answer was all three.

"You work at your parent's coffee shop, of course you're good at that." He looked startled at the fact that I knew where he worked. It was kind of hard not to when the coffee shop was just down the street from our school and said coffee shop had his name. "You could make your own coffee brew or something. I don't know coffee lingo so I probably just sound like an idiot."

"N-no, brew is right." He blushed modestly. Damn all the lousy fucks in this building.

"Here's your pizza." I didn't look at the girl as she set the circular plate of bread, cheese, marinara sauce, and meat down. Even if I'd wanted to, I would've been too busy drooling over the food. It was steaming and the cheese was melting, looking ooey-gooey and delicious. The crust was puffy and round, seasonings looking like a fine coating of fucking God-like fairy dust or something identical to that description. The pepperoni was winking at me in the most undeniable way. My stomach was in love and about to lose its virginity.

I grabbed a piece of pizza before it got any colder, which actually wasn't likely but my belly didn't want to wait. I wanted that shit to burn my mouth as it went down. My munchies were about to be obliterated. As I took a bite, I'm pretty sure I jizzed in my pants and lost my soul to whatever beautiful creature decided to create food. The pizza was melting in my mouth. For a puny skating rink, they made some delicious food. "Hey—whoa, whoa, whoa! What the fuck are you doing? Tweek froze mid pepperoni removal. His entire body just stopped, literally, like he was a statue. The only sign that I knew he was still with me was by the way his eyes were flickering around spasmodically. "Why are you taking off the pepperoni?"

"O-oh." He let out a breath of which I'm sure he was holding onto for dear life. "I'm a vegetarian."

I seriously don't think I have ever deadpanned so perfectly in my entire life.

There's no recollection of how it happened but Stan ended up driving Black Betty back to our neighborhood. I was smuggled into the backseat with Token, Kenny, and Tweek, with me and the petite blonde sharing a seat and belt. He'd eaten more than half of our pizza (I have no idea why I let him do that) before his eyes started wiggling. There was barely a time span between then and when he'd begun yawning. I do remember telling the guys we had to leave, though. I guess I'd cockblocked Stan and Kyle's goodbye kiss, too, because Kenny couldn't stop laughing about it.

Stan dropped Token off first. He passed around bro-hugs and even attempted to get one out of Tweek but the blonde ended up falling against my chest with his eyes closed. Token gave me a look, one of the many thee looks, and then I finally kicked him out of my car. Clyde refused to say bye to me after what I'd done to him at the skating rink, but I was fine with that. I didn't want to disturb Tweek anyways. I went ahead and let Kenny go with Stan to his house, telling them that I could drop the blonde off. Kenny told me he didn't believe I'd get home if that happened, and like Token, I had to force him out of Black Betty.

Getting directions out of Tweek was a bitch. He didn't want to open his eyes at first, then he decided to mumble which was completely incomprehensible. I resorted to tickling him and that just barely resolved the problem. He had to laugh for a good ten minutes before he finally let me know his address.

Now I was half kneeling beside him with the door open trying to coax him out through the driver's side. Fucking Black Betty and your gimp door. "You're home, Tweek. It's time to get out of my car." He smiled something goofy, waving me away. Literally. I pushed his hand out of my face while trying not to amuse him or myself. "I know falling asleep when your high is the best thing ever but It's even better when you're in your bed."

"My bed is so far away, man." He mumbled a little more coherently than usual. That was good. He wasn't as drowsy.

"That's why I'm helping you." I stood up, glad for the lights in my car otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see the way his eyes wiggled open. It was too dark to see otherwise, the streetlights practically holding no form of brightness. Eleven o'clock on a Friday night. Never did I think I'd be spending it with this kid.

Bending over, I stuck my front half into the car and wove his dead weight arms around my shoulders. When I tried to lift up, Tweek chose that opportune moment to come back to life. His body didn't budge although neither did his arms. They were tight around my neck, one of his hands tangling mercilessly in my hair. I had to brace myself with one arm against the seat when he lugged me forward.

My heart froze before jump starting, sending fire-like ice through my veins when our noses bumped and our lips brushed. He breathed tight, warm breath against my mouth, body shuddering against the seat. I smirked when I moved backwards and his body came with me. Out of the car's heat the cold attacked him like a swarm of bees, causing his breath to hitch, his hold to strengthen. My arms found his back, hands running along his sides in what I told myself was just to circulate warmth.

"The doors open." His voice was practically soundless, only breath against my lips. "My parents know I'm the only one whose allowed to lock it."

"What kind of quirk is that?" I asked, stepping backwards to see if he'd follow. He did, like we were tied together, so I continued to move, taking slow, easy steps.

"It's OCD. I lock all the doors and windows in the house before I go to bed." At some words his lips managed to touch mine but it was never enough. I didn't want to be the one to break first though. It felt like Tweek was playing a game with me to see how long I could last with his teasing before I jumped him.

"You think you're smart, don't you?" I asked, cocking my head to the side before I grinned and pulled away from him. He looked dazed, unsure if I had actually just left him hanging. "I didn't think you had it in you to tease someone."

"Was I teasing?" That was a good question. Was he actually teasing me or was I just trying to tease myself?

I didn't answer and instead decided to get him inside. The cold was becoming bothersome, I told myself, that's the only reason why. Just like he'd said, the door was open. He really did have more problems besides the jitters and speech impediment. It wasn't safe to leave the door to Tweak Bros. open, especially in South Park, and definitely at night. Strange things were always happened here.

"You want to tell me why you live in a coffee shop?" I felt like I was in a dream and Tweek was the little fairy that took me to his home in the hole of a tree.

"My house and the shop are conjoined. H-Here." He'd said it so easily. Oh, yeah, I totally understand because all of my friends live in a store slash home. He shuffled his way inside, suddenly seeming self-conscious as he shut the glass door, turned two locks, shook the door and then did it all over again. "Just had to make sure it still works." He grabbed my hand, dragging me across the darkened, empty cafe to a room in the back. And to my utter surprise, behind a mass of paraphernalia, was another fucking door.

He opened it up and ducked inside then forced me to follow him. After shutting the door, he went through the same process he had with the coffee shop's entrance. Turning us around, I noticed we were in a house now. Tweek Tweak really did live in a coffee shop. Holy shit. Pulling me through the entry way, we turned right where he pointed toward a set of stairs. "My rooms up there—oh God. I just locked the doors and you still need to leave." His cheeks livened up a shade. "Gah, just—never mind. Do you want a drink or—or something? I mean, the kitchens right there."

Well, fuck yeah I wanted something but it wasn't in the damn kitchen. My brain had obviously over excited itself because God knows why, but my hands were all over him again, not wanting to stop. Or a better explanation would be I didn't know how to make them stop.

They were feeling and gripping and tugging and I knew from experience that bodies felt so much better underneath their clothes, so my hand slid beneath his shirt where my palm heated up after running across his bony, little side. Too fast. I thought.You're going way too fast. But I was completely enraptured by his skin shivering and twitching against the tickling of my fingertips. The bodies I'd touched had never felt like this, all smooth and warm with indentations where his bones stuck out as he breathed in deep.

His own hands completely caught me off guard when his fingers touched the bare skin of my abdomen. I about lost it. My breath came out harsh against his mouth and even though I'd bitten my lip so hard it hurt, I couldn't get over how turned on I was by the fact that Tweek was running his hand up the center of my chest. The grip I had on his side eased down to his hip, where I felt the bone press against my thumb. I rubbed it subconsciously, my fingers dipping into the hem of his pants.

The blonde tongued my bottom lip until I had enough brains to roll mine against his. He raised himself onto his tiptoes, encouraging my fingers down a little more. Both of his hands were on my skin now, circling around my back where he gripped my shoulder blades and pressed tight against my body. Our shirts were dragged up causing our stomachs to touch. I wondered if mine felt as warm as his.

"I'm going to take your shirt off," I whispered against his jaw, moving down to trail a line of open mouthed kisses against his neck before I tugged at the hem of his shirt. The blonde came across as the type to warn before doing. He moved his arms so the thin material could slip away and I peppered the collar of his chest with the same kisses I'd used on his neck. The way his breath came out hot and harsh against my ear encouraged me to suck.

His hands were back underneath my shirt, rubbing and clenching against my skin every time I sucked harder or nibbled. My brain was so fogged, hazy, and I didn't know how to control my body. I couldn't stop myself from backing Tweek up until we tumbled onto the couch, I couldn't stop myself from trapping his body beneath mine, I couldn't even breathe right. My gasps were so jumpy and erratic that part of me should have been concerned, but there was no room for anything accept what Tweek was doing to me with his hands and mouth.

He caught my bottom lip between his teeth and tugged as his hands rode my shirt up my back. The way he started tugging it over my head was obvious and I was more than ready to agree to the suggestion. I was so doped up on hormones and drugs and Tweek that I was seriously ready to do anything for this kid. Letting him move me like a rag doll back against the couch, our positions were switched and you know what? I was going to take it.

Him on top was better because he could lay his chest flat against mine without any hindrance. I liked the thought of him straddling me, too. He worked his fingers between the locks of my hair and seriously, I wanted to slap a bitch so hard. The way he tugged was insane, making me crave more. I had to do something else to make him do that again.

My hands grabbed his butt, squeezing and pressing down through his jeans. His hands grasped, pulling on my hair until I rocked up against his hips. His thighs clenched around mine and a choked whimper of a noise left his mouth. I couldn't breathe, air caught in my throat as his body moved of its own accord, butt pressing momentarily against my hands before the pressure of his hips against mine came again.

Stomach tight, knots and butterflies and stupid stuff growing as thick as the air now was, I thought about how painful this felt. It was so good it fucking hurt bad. I jerked my hands away from Tweek and forced myself to stop reacting. "I need to leave."

"Shit—man." Tweek sat up, shock evident in his eyes although it wasn't hard to see how clouded they were with arousal. Ah, God. My eyes flickered down to his lips, because I seriously had no control. They were redder than usual, bruised and wet.

When my gaze readjusted itself, I realized I'd made a mistake. The blonde was looking at my own mouth now which I was sure looked about as identical and appealing as his. His face moved to hover over mine. God, why did he have to do this to me? I wanted to kiss him. Again. I wanted to touch him. Again. I wanted to go farther than we just had.

"Are you going to leave?" His words were shaky now that our lips were brushing and our breath was mingling. There was no stopping the drooping of my eyelids.

"Yes." But the word came out as a reflex. There was no conviction behind it.

"I'll walk you to the door." Except we both knew what was going to happen at the door. That's why he offered. That's why I let him.

We untangled ourselves before I made to find my shirt. It was laying on the floor right next to us, the poor thing probably oblivious as to why it had been thrown off. "Should I even bother putting it back on?" I asked, finding a crooked smirk on my face. Tweek's cheeks grew pink as he stood, crossing his arms over his chest. He seemed to shrink into himself.

Now that I wasn't trying to jump his bones I could actually look at him. The poor kid was embarrassed beyond belief, trying to keep me from seeing what he obviously didn't want me to. "Stop trying to hide yourself and show me out." The color on his face blossomed further. A mumbled string of noises escaped his mouth before he took off out of the living room and into a hallway that lead to the front door, if you could even call it that. I followed after him, completely accepting the backside view if I couldn't have the front.

He had lithe shoulders and thin skin with a bony spine that stuck out in what was probably more than ordinary. His hips were narrow and there was a slight dip to his back. I liked that because it proved he had a butt. I never knew I cared about butts but I guess I did, so it was a good thing he had one. The ends of his hair brushed the nape of his neck, teasing at his skin that was all smooth and fair, no freckles or blemishes.

He turned to the side quickly, pressing his back against the wall. In front of us was the door. The door that would lead me the rest of the way out (at least into the coffee shop), where I'd go home and do nothing for the rest of the night.

Yeah, the door could definitely wait.

My lips twitched at the thought as I put my hand up against the wall beside Tweek's head. My opposite hand dropped my shirt and worked its way up and under the blonde's barricading arms. He breathed in a bit quicker than usual at my touch but refused to move. "Why are you so shy now?" I asked, tilting my head to the side, honestly curious.

"I'm a stick." He blushed harder when I chuckled. It was such a definitive answer and completely untrue.

"Maybe I like sticks. Are you trying to call me a log?" Seeing as I was like, five times as big as him. He started at my question, not realizing it was a joke as he blurted out a series of stuttered apologies. "I was joking, dude."

"O-oh." Goddamn that blush.

"But really, I have a munchie-gut. I'm not trying to cover it up."

"You don't have a gut, man." The way he smiled bashfully, eyes downcast while trying to play it cool, got a smile out of me. I shuffled a little closer, pulling a little more at his arms. They gave way just barely but it was a start. I was totally going to win this.

"Compare me to Token or Stan and you'll definitely see a little chub." He rolled his eyes, biting his lip to keep from smiling too much. Even though it was extra cute to see him do that, I wanted to see his smile more. Imaginary eyes rolled because that was an utterly despicable thought. I was turning into such a pansy.

"Maybe there's a little something there but it's not a gut. Guts are gross and they fucking move when people walk, dude." Tweek reached out tentatively with one hand and pinched my stomach lightly. Thankfully he knew how to do a weak one. "There's barely anything there." Now that there was only one arm in the way, I brushed it off to his side with the sweep of my hand before closing my fingers around his hip, squeezing involuntarily.

"I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't like the way you look." Some idiots said looks don't matter and that's why they were idiots. Appearance always mattered and I liked Tweek's, all the way down to his itty bitty ribcage and nonexistent fat. My eyes were darting all over the place, taking him in since I had been too distracted to do it before. My favorite thing I noticed was that his belly-button was an inny, which was good because outies creeped me out.

"You're really fucking sexy. How about that?" I murmured against the skin of his throat as I leaned down to lick at the hickey on his collar bone, the one that stood out stark against his skin and was made by me. He reached up, automatically lacing his arms around my shoulders. I liked the thought of that being an automatic response. I also liked the thought of making his hickey more prominent.

"I'm not sexy," he admitted, lips touching the shell of my ear. My spine grew tingly as his breath tapped against my skin in a steady beat. "That's more your thing." He wasn't even aware of how he was affecting me, that he was making my blood boil and my stomach toss.

"You think I'm sexy?" I asked, voice uncharacteristically low and husky. I'd have to agree with him if my tone kept doing that. His breath hitched against my ear, causing me to smirk as I sucked at his skin. A quiet hmm vibrating from his mouth to my ear drowned my brain back into the fog that was much more than welcome. It could stay forever if it wanted.

Pulling away until we were a little more than nose and nose, I looked at him straight in the face. He had slim, naturally arched blonde brows, a thin, little button nose, eyes like large almonds the color of mocha coffee with tons of cream, cheeks that looked like a chipmunk's when he smiled, thin, pale lips, and teeth that were straight and white. His skin was smooth, clean, and his lashes were long and thick like doll's. This kid was like fucking magic or something because his face was symmetrical, too.

"You're cute. And adorable." He was staring back at me, looking directly into my eyes. Kenny's words replayed in my head: He adores your eye color, I swear. I wondered if that's what he was thinking about, how attractive my eyes were. Everything on my mind made it hard to breathe. Hopefully that was normal. "Does beautiful work for you?" I'd never said that to anyone. Not a girl, definitely not a boy, not my sister, not even my mom. So how was it that Tweek Tweak was able to get that adjective out of me?

I'd known the kid for how many years and not once did I ever think about him like this. Part of me wanted to accept that I had a soft spot for him (I mean, it's not like I'd come to that realization just today. The stupid blonde had been corrupting me for a while and probably didn't even know it) because we'd known each other for so long.

The corners of his eyes crinkled up in crows feet I didn't know he had until now. It's definitely magic. This kid is a fucking magician. That was the only fucking explanation.

I continued to watch him, feeling him breath against me, enjoying the way his skin seemed to grow warmer and warmer against my own. His eyelids lowered more and more until they closed. What also closed was the space between our lips.

He pressed closer before I caught his bottom lip between my own. For some reason we stayed there for moment, possibly after realizing that we had more time than we thought, and I really liked the sound our lips made when we pulled away. It was almost as cute as Tweek was.

Then there seemed to be some unspoken agreement between the two of us—yep, officially just turned into a pansy—because the next time our mouths melded together, it was open mouthed and it was slow. Our tongues rolled around, actually feeling. It was so easy to slide the muscles in our mouths together. It was even easier to make it feel amazing as I tilted my head more, breaking away momentarily before our lips didn't even have the chance to meet again and our tongues were back to touching. I hadn't even swallowed my spit but I figured that was okay. It made things wet and warm.

My thoughts ambled back to just minutes before when Tweek had me on his couch, straddling my lap. It had gone a little far but the feeling was too good, making me unable to refuse the chance to make it happen again. My hand against the wall maneuvered over to the blonde's neck, rubbing the back of it softly with my finger tips. The other hand on his hip inched around to his back. He arched away from the wall at the same time he got to his tip toes, chest bumping and brushing against mine, allowing my palm to move down without difficulty.

Seeing as my hand had already been there before, I figured it was okay to grab his butt again. Using that moment, I ground his hips into mine. The way he broke away from our kiss to gasp before scrambling back to suck my tongue again told me it was okay to pull him harder against me. My body was distinctly aware of his hands snaking down my chest. The sensation gave me chills. They ended at the top of my jeans where his fingers hooked into my belt loops and tugged my hips taut against his.

There was drool on my lips and Tweek's too but I didn't care, too busy releasing his mouth so that I could bite back a moan. My brain seemed too hazy to operate, so it must've been my body that moved my leg in between the blonde's. I hiked him up high against the wall and pressed my thigh against his crotch. His head fell back as he rubbed against the pressure, whimpering languidly into the air. "Shhh," I whispered against his mouth, reminding him that his parents were home.

He opened his eyes to peer at me blearily but there wasn't anything I could see around the thick fog. One of his hands left its place to slither into my back pocket. And he'd said he wasn't sexy. The song by Lonely Island suddenly announced it's appearance in my hazy mind, one line of lyrics standing out against all the rest (besides all the ones about jizzing in my pants): It wasn't my fault you were rubbing my butt. I smiled, trying not to laugh as I slid my tongue down the column of Tweek's neck. I was so fucking blazed.

"How stoned are you?" I asked, mumbling against his skin as I pressed my nose against his pulse. It was racing.

"I don't even know, man. I'm so fucking hungry but I don't want to stop." My thigh pressed forward, causing Tweek to gasp. His head came up from wall and then fell against my shoulder. His lips started kissing and his tongue started licking. My body temperature spiked. I had to get out of there otherwise something was going to happen and neither of us were ready for it.

When I pulled away, Tweek slumped against the wall. "I have to get out of here."

"Please." Coming from the blonde, it should have been an insult but I couldn't help myself from feeling achievement. We were both on the same page. As I picked up my shirt from the ground, Tweek asked, "Is it always going to be like this when we see each other? Feel like this?" I scoffed, not even bothering to put my shirt on because the weather outside was definitely going to help cool me down and the shirt wasn't.

"Yeah. Get yourself some snacks before you go to bed, alright? Goodnight, Tweek."

"Goodnight, C-Craig." He didn't lift his head when he said goodbye and for that, I was completely thankful for. As I stepped through the strange closet and looked out the glass door, I realized I'd left Black Betty's car door open. Motherfucker. How stupid are you, Craig?

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