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Over the course of six months, Severus and I planned our wedding carefully, wanting everything to be perfect. His Best Man was, out of all people, Remus, and my Maid of Honor was Hermione. We did not have bridesmaids and groomsmen, and our wedding was small. Bane, Alex, Alex's girlfriend named Lorette, my parents, the Malfoys, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Tonks, and Teddy were all who attended.

We were married in London, and settled down in Godric's Hollow, where Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley would eventually move to after two years of Severus and I living there. Harry and Ginny married a year and a half after us, and we attended their wedding. Hermione married Bane four months before Harry and Ginny gave their vows, and it was a touching wedding held in Spain, in the beautiful spring weather.

My mother and Alex did not take well to my relationship with Severus, though with the help of my father and Remus (as well as Tonks), they came around by the time we held our winter wonderland wedding. How beautiful it was - the way the snow blew just a fortnight before Christmas, held in a little Chapel that was enchanted to have a similar appearance to the Great Hall during the Christmas party held in my Third Year at Hogwarts.

What an image Severus was to behold - clad in black robes and a nice black tie, he was handsome as ever. After we said our vows, and we had our first kiss as husband and wife, I felt our magic come together as one; in that moment, I knew, he was my soulmate. After all the hardship and despite our age gap, we were meant for each other.

During our wedding plans, Severus and I opened a book-apothecary shop in Hogsmeade. My father gave us a loan to help us get started, which we paid off within five years (though he insisted on us keeping the money, since he believed we would need it for something far bigger in our future). Severus and I were ecstatic over the freedom of our little shop, and having our own little cottage to enjoy.

Shortly after Hermione and Bane wed (and moved to Godric's Hollow as well - it seemed to become more of a booming village after Severus and I moved there), she started her job at the Ministry to work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She and Bane worked on many books about defense against the Dark Arts, and even asked Severus and I for our two Knuts.

After the wedding of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, Hermione announced her pregnancy. It was not long after her announcement when I discovered I was expecting as well, with Ginny only a couple of months behind us. Telling Severus made me nervous, because I was unsure if he was ready for a family quite yet. Hermione, being the supportive friend she was, offered to be with me when I told Severus - I told her that it was something I needed to do on our own, especially since it was between he and I.

"It will be alright," she said as she lovingly cradled her small baby bump. "I know you are in quite a panic at the moment, but may I inquire your thoughts on names?"

I smiled at her, she being one of my only friends, and agreed.

"Bane and I were thinking of Dante for a boy," she said breathlessly, "but we are unsure of a name for a girl."

"One thing I know, Hermione, is that your baby will be beautiful whether they are a boy or a girl. Beautiful as a Rose." I smiled at her.

"Rose..." She smiled off into the distance. "Oh, that's a lovely name! I'll have to ask Bane what he thinks of it." She reached forward and hugged me, just as a loud crack was heard, indicating that Severus was home.

"I'm home, my love," he called from the doorway of our cottage.

"Good luck," Hermione whispered before she crept out of the kitchen door, and off to the neighboring cottage where she and Bane lived.

"Severus," I greeted as he smiled at me, looking so fresh and full of life, before he scooped me up into his arms.

"How are you doing, my love?" He left a gentle kiss on my lips.

"Perfectly," I smiled as I looked into his dark orbs. "How are you?"

"The best I've ever been." He brought me into a close hug and carried me off to our bed; our room was done up in a nice shade of cream, welcoming in the sun, with a nice bay window for us to gaze out into our garden.

We laid on our sides on the bed, smiling and kissing. He lazily rolled over on top of me and deepened our kiss.

Tell him. If he's mad, I'm sure there are other options...

"Severus," I said as I broke our kiss.

He stared down at me with concern.

"What is it? Am I hurting you? Do you not feel like making love?" He held himself up on his arms.

"I just need to talk to you about something." I saw the worry in his beautiful eyes, and quickly added, "It's good news. Well, I think it's good news. I just hope you won't be upset since we haven't really talked about this much, and I just want to see you happy, an-" he cut me off from my rapid speaking and chuckled.

"Lucy. Just tell me, my lovely one."

I took a deep breath and held it for numerous moments before slowly exhaling.

Here goes nothing.

"I'm pregnant," I said quietly.

Severus' eyes grew the size of teacups. His mouth hung open, freezing in place as he processed the information.

"You're... You're positive?" His hands clamped down on my arms.

I slowly nodded, biting my lip and feared any nasty remarks he could throw my way.

What I didn't expect was his eyes to grow wet as he left soft kisses on my face, silently weeping as he made his way down to my belly, raising my shirt to leave kisses on it.

"How far along? When did you find out?" He rested his head on my belly, and I felt his tears moisten my skin.

I let out a sigh of relief and smiled down at him, cradling his curtain of raven hair.

"I'm two months along, and I've known for three weeks. I've just been so nervous to tell you."

"Why would you ever feel nervous, my love?" He raised up and kissed me, before going back to place his hand on my belly. "A new life... A life we made together."

He let out a shaky breath and kissed my stomach. "You will be due in April?"

"Yes, my love," I said as I brushed his hair back.

"You and Hermione are only a couple of months apart. It seems our little one will have a playmate to grow up with. They will be able to board the train for the first time together..." He sniffled and cradled my belly.

As months passed, we went back and forth on names. Alexander was considered if we had a boy, and what a gift it would be since my baby brother was to graduate Hogwarts by the time our first born was due to arrive. If we were to have a girl, her name was definitely going to be Eileen after his mother.

When I told my parents (and Alex) about my pregnancy, my father was over the moon to become a grandad. Mum, who was warmed up to Severus by that time, was excited and ready to help decorate the nursery, and help us with names. Alex was still slightly put off by Severus and I's relationship in general, but he came a long way from the moment he found out.

Hermione gave birth to a baby girl on March 16th, and named her Rose Alaina Geller. She had the Geller eyes, but the permanent look of concentration on her face as she studied everyone around her, just like Hermione. I held baby Rose the day she was born in St. Mungo's, and held her close, telling her how much I couldn't wait for her to meet her baby cousin.

On April 9th, Severus and I Apparated to St. Mungo's for the delivery of our own baby. I was scared, but remembered Hermione's words when I asked her how painful it was to give birth: "You are married to Severus Snape. This will be a walk in the park for you." Naturally her tone was teasing, and she did inform me it was going to be painful, but worth every bit of it in the end.

I wasn't in labor long before it was time to push. Severus held my hand, as he was the only one in the room with me besides the Healers. It was the worst pain I ever felt, but the second I heard the wail of a brand new baby, my eyes filled with tears.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Snape," my Healer, a kind old Witch, said with a bright smile, "it's a boy!"

My hands went to my mouth and I sobbed, the rush of hormones and being told shortly after that he was healthy and strong. Severus leaned down and hugged me tight, whispering his words of love to me.

"Here's your son," the Healer said as she laid a bright-eyed little boy in my arms, swaddled in a blue blanket. Like Rose, he had the Geller eyes.

"Oh, you are beautiful," I whispered as I brushed at the wisps of black hair on his head. "Welcome to the world, Gerard Alan Snape."

I looked up at Severus, who was crying tears of joy. He leaned down and brushed a nimble finger along the pudgy cheek of our son.

"Hello, Gerard. I can't wait to teach you all that I know." Severus smiled, his crooked teeth shining through.

Two months later, we attended Alex's graduation from Hogwarts with Gerard in my arms. He was such a good baby - rather quiet, a seemingly gentle soul. The Geller clan followed Alex out of the Great Hall after he was presented his certificate from Professor McGonagall, who seemed to grow more accepting of Severus and I, and even made a comment to us earlier that evening about what a beautiful baby Gerard was.

Hours later, a snowy owl appeared at our kitchen window, tapping on the glass. Hedwig, who was Harry's owl, had an exciting letter delivered to us: his and Ginny's baby just arrived into the world, a healthy little boy named James. His eyes were brown and his hair was black.

Over the span of several years, Hermione and Bane, and Harry and Ginny had more children. Harry and Ginny had a boy who looked just like Harry, and they named him Albus. About thee years after, they had a little girl named Lily. Hermione and Bane had their second and last child - a boy - named Dante Lucien.

A year and a half after Alex graduated, he joined the Ministry to work in the Department of Mysteries as he dreamed of when he was sixteen years old, Severus and I had our second and final child on Halloween: another boy, whose eyes were like mine, and his hair thick and black. Everything about him was beautiful.

"You name him, Lucy," Severus said as we stared down at him in my arms, watching the little one sleep soundly.

"Prince," I said quietly, trying not to disturb our youngest boy. "Prince Severus Snape."

Severus carefully scooped Prince into his arms, and snuggled him. "Hello, Prince. I'm so proud of you and your brother." He left a kiss on Prince's forehead, and returned him to me.

"I love you so much," he said quietly, kissing me softly on the lips.

"I love you more, Severus Snape."