It was common knowledge that alliance of light an alliance of Fury was forever enemies.
They fought for long forgotten grudge and anger, but two people would change this and give the world a new hope and love.

****** Victorias POV******

"Please be careful now, you know how many that has died on the battlefield, many of our greatest men and wimen."
"Mom, take it easy, I will not be on the frontline, and I will prevent more people to die. I'm a priest, remember?"
"Of course, my darling. But it's a mothers right to be worried about her only daughter!"
Victoria couldn't help to smile when her mother said her worries out loud. She just gave her mother a last hug, took her bag and waved good bye and began the travel to the Valut guild where she would by herself what was necessary for the battlefield.
She had no idea that at just that place she would have the most life changing meet ever in the history.

**** Samuels POV ****

"Samuel, Union leader Marcus is asking for you. Go and meet him at the tent."
"See it as done!" The pegan said as he slowly began to walk towards the tent. He knew the man would ask him do him some weird favor again.
"It has been done!"
"Welcome Samuel, feel free."
"You asked for me, Union leader!"
"You have to go to the Vult guild to get some new potions, our stock is running out and we don't have enough oracles here at the moment. I will give you enough money for at least 10 stacks."
"See it as done!"
"Good. Here, and buy something good for yourself too you could need it, you are our best pegan at the frontline."
"Thank you, Union Leader Marcus"
When Samuel left te tent, he would have no clue what would happen next.

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