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The next time she woke up she was in an unknown place, it was dark and warm, she was laying on something soft, but she could feel something cold against her neck and hands. The headache was terrifying and al her body was sore. When she moved something was sounding weird. She open tried to sit up, but her head was spinning like crazy, her mouth was dry.
She tried to remember what had happened, and all things come back to her in that instant.
"Help them..
'what do I get for it?'
'thank you'
'you have my life'"
She took her hand to her face, stroke away the hair, the tears and the relief she feelt that she could save her friends, now she had to think about her slef, she could feel cold metal against her cheek. She wonders what it was and raised her hand so she could see it. Her hands were in chains, same with her neck. She growled to herself, she said that he could have her life, and she never lied. But then she understood.
"Damn!" she growled, this was not what she had thought, or more, she hadn't thought at all at that time, just save her friends, that was all that had went thru her head.
"So the princess is awake." She almost jumped when she heard her old nickname. But the voice wasn't the same.
Slowly so her head wouldn't hurt too much she looked on the source of the voice. It was him, this is the fourth time. And she began to force a hate towards him. Bad things always happened when she saw him.
"Don't dare to call me that!"
"you can't do much against me, and I have your promise, so I can do what I want. So know your place" his voice was unnaturally cold and she got bad shivers from it.
"You didn't kill me like I predicted you would. What possibly would you want with my life."
"Play with it. You know, it's getting boring out here when the light ones are ignoring us. So you're my new toy. Be happy, not many get that chance even if they wanted it." Even his smile was cold. She growled down her troth. But as he said, she couldn't do much right now, she couldn't even sit straight.
Victoria looked away, not saying anything. She could hear a snicker from him. The the footsteps, she knew this wasn't good, she feelt a urge to protect herself, and she could still not feel a single drop of magical powers. She could feel something stare at her, but she refused to look back, never would she be nice to a dark one, not which took her as a hostage, for fun!
"I know you're thirsty. Here, have some water."
"I'm fine, don't bother your busy as with me."
"You're my toy, I take care of my toys."
"I said I don't need it"
"Fine then!" she could hear him almost laughing, and then the shock of her life. She could feel his lips against hers, she tried to say stop, but the same moment she open her mouth she could feel something cold slip down in her mouth. She had to swallow or she would drown. She never feelt so humylted in her life. Some of the water went down her cheek and neck. As soon as he parted she began to cough, gave him a stare that said she wanted to kill him. He laughed at her, she couldn't believe it. He was laughing. She could feel tears of anger run down her eyes.
She began to throw out words that would made people back up, he just laughed harder.
"I will be back soon with some clean clothes and stuff, so don't try anything stupid!"
"Not that you have the power to do that" he mumbled, and went slowly away from her.
The same moment he disappeared in the light the tears overflowed.
"Guys, please, say that I don't do this for nothing. Please be alive." She whispered to herself.

****** On the 'dead' battlefield******
"Shit my head hurts. What happened?" When Seth didn't get an answer he just looked around. And what he saw was not a pleasing sight. Dead bodies all over the ground, the ground painted red of blood. Beside him was marcus laying, and to his relief was he breathing. He looked around, searching with his eyes for Mark. He was sitting a bit away, looking at something, and he seemed angry. Seth forced himself to stand and walk over to see what it was he was staring at.
"what's wrong, and where is Victoria?"
"I'm staring at what they left of her." He said with forced calm voice. Seth got big eyes and the anger swelled up in him
"Did the basterds kill her? I'm gona kill the person who did it. I will even make a vow that I will kill hi or her.""

"Calm down Seth, she's not dead. "
"Then what? If she's not dead then she must be here somewhere.!"
"I didn't see much. I woke up at the end, so the only thing I know for surer is that she is a hostage."
Seth growled more. His temper was short. He ws the one that had taken care of, and now she had been taking hostage. Good guard he was then. He hid his face in his hand and sighed.
"What did you see then, Mark. Please tell me so I can get this clear."
Mark seemed to be thinking hard, then with low voice he told what he had seen.
"I woke up when I got some weird fluid given to me. It tasted like medication and I heard that it was somebody from Fury that had given it to me odd enough. He talked to somebody, but that person seemed to give some negative answers from what I could hear from the Fury. Then they moved from me a bit away. Then I slowly opend my eyes. I couldn't see much, vut it seemed like a Vail and something clear blue. He seemed to do the same things wiith the persons there, that I now understand was you two. The thing was when he was finished, the clear blue person began to talk. She said something like she was happy now and he could take her.
So I guess that was Victoria, and that she had make some deal with the Fury. Her life for ours. When I saw clear again, she was falling and the Vail catched her on it's arm and threw her over his shoulder. That's all"
Seth began to damn all things he could think of. Mark stayed calm and took up the necklace and the rings left on the ground that he knew was Victorias.
"We have to save her, we can't just leave it like this. Or should I say, this has never happened before and we must do something to get her out of there. Who knows what they are doing with her!"
"Calm down, we can't do much now""
"Don't you wanna save her. She is in danger right now!"
"Calm Down!"
"I'm going then, if you don't wanna save her."
Seth stoped in a step, not used that the calm elf to scream at people. Marks eyes was filled with anger and regret, but he also knew that he couldn't do much.
"We take the survivors back to camp, then we go back to guild and recover, get help and new gear and then we make a raid to get her back. Does that sound lke a good plan?"
Seth could hear that it was not a question, it was an order. He just nodded and went back to Marcus.
They found 3 more survivors that had woken up later.