Chapter VIII: Kurt knows

Brittany and Santana were now face to face. They were staring into each other's eyes, as if they could not believe they were really there, maybe it was a delusion.


"Yeah, it's me… I'm coming back from Artie's house."

"Oh" the brunette said, not really knowing what to say.

"Are you okay? Ashley looked really pissed off when you two were gone."

"Yeah, she stormed out and was royally upset… but we already talked, I think she already got that over… Well, maybe not, but it's a start"

"Stormed out? Like the X-men's Storm?"

"Yeah, something like that, Britt." Santana said with a smile. Her friend would never stop being herself.

"Why was she so angry?" asked the blonde.

"Well… she was kinda… jealous." Santana said folding her arms

"Jealous? About what?"

"I think she was jealous of you." The Latina answered.

"Hey, can I walk you home? It's getting late and we look like two weirdoes talking in the middle of the street."

They began walking towards Brittany's house. At first they were silent, but not because they were lacking of conversation subjects, but because they didn't know where to start.

"San… you said you loved me." Brittany said out of nowhere.

"Yeah… yeah, I did."

"And you still love me?"

The Latina huffed.

"Brittany, of course I do, it's not like I can push a button and stop loving you that easy… we've always been together and it's hard to shake away these feelings."

"And then why are you with Ashley?" Brittany asked with a sad voice.

"Honestly? I already don't know. At first she was some random and drunk hook up, but then I started… enjoying her company… she's funny and I think she likes me… although, she can be really overwhelming when she's upset, like today."

"But you said you love me…"

"You said that already, but you know what? You rejected me and from that moment I was free to do whatever I wanted to. I'm free to fuck, date, engage or marry whoever I want." Santana was getting angry… seriously, why Brittany would bring that up?

"But… I love you too. I care about you… you are my best friend, you've been there even before than Artie."

"Things change, Britt." Santana sighed.

"You decided you loved him as your boyfriend and that you loved me as a friend. Well, we're still friends so now I have a girlfriend and everyone's happy." Lie.

"You love Ashley?"

Santana froze, but it lasted just half a second.

"We're okay. That's all I can say for now."

They were now in front of Brittany's house. They kept staring each other for a while and then they began saying their goodbyes.

"So… I see you later I guess."

"Yeah… have a good night."

They parted their ways, Brittany towards the door and Santana towards Lima Heights.

The next Monday, Kurt was transferred back in McKinley. He was received with great happiness and expectations, the boy had been for a while in Dalton and in The Warblers, so as they expected he grew in his singing skills. Due to the intervention of a certain Latina, Karofsky wouldn't be a problem anymore, so everything seemed to be perfect.

Except for the fact Ashley was becoming really clingy. Every time Santana wanted to go to a place she was followed by the untrusting valley girl, using the dumbest excuses she could come up with. In other circumstances, she would find it flattering, cute and even sexy (jealousy was such an aphrodisiac) but she was growing tired of the situation. She couldn't even walk two steps without being approached by her fiancée and questioned about her destination. Besides, she kept throwing assassin glances towards Brittany, who noticed but was incapable of doing that as well, even though she was feeling some weird things every time she saw her with Santana.

But was it because it was another person and not her? Or maybe because she disliked Ashley?

"I just wanted to thank you for your intervention."

The bell was ringing, indicating to all the students they had to switch classrooms and head to their next class. Santana was approaching her locker and Kurt started a conversation with her. It was their first interaction since he was transferred back.

"Oh… it was nothing. With you, our chances in the Nationals are totally boosted." The Latina replied to Kurt.

"I can't help but pry… I don't think I know that… funny girl you are with. The Brittany doppelganger." He said.

"Her? She's Ashley, she was recently transferred… she's, uhm… a friend of mine."

"Friend. Yes, I see." He said arching a brow and not buying it even for a minute.

"You know, Santana, denial is not the answer. You already saw David."

"Yes I know, but what do you want me to do? Ride a gay unicorn and head to the nearest gay parade? I can't do that."

"I wasn't talking about that… I was referring to the fact you were really close with Brittany and now, well, you hardly pay attention to her and that other blonde is obviously suffocating you."

"So, I guess I can stop lying to you and confess she is something like my new girlfriend, right?"

"Yes, you already did that. But may I ask why? Is obvious you're dying to be with Brittany."

"In case you didn't notice, she's with Lightning McQueen over there."

"Yes I know, but just because of that you have to get a girlfriend to avoid your feelings? You are going to hurt her, yourself and Brittany."

"Brittany? Why would she be hurt?"

"Is obvious she cares about you. Do you think just because she's got a boyfriend that would change?"

"No, but… We're still friends."

"But how can you two be friends when you keep trying to lie herself with that girl? How can you be honest with anyone if you're not honest with you?"

"It is really hard for me to say this but… I guess you really have a point." Santana said.

It was really weird for her, being in this situation with Kurt, the least expected from the New Directions to give her advice. After all, she used to mock on him and they weren't precisely each other's favorite person, in fact, besides Brittany everyone in the Glee club seemed to be afraid of her… Santana was pleased with this; still, she didn't quite get it.

"Are you okay? You seem to be a little off."

"I feel a little off," Brittany mumbled.

"Like a poor and sad light bulb."

"What happened?" Artie asked, genuinely concerned.

"I'm friends with Santana again, but now she's having trouble with Ashley."

"Nonsense. It is not your fault, like I said before, surely she did something wrong."

"It is not like that, you don't know Santana as I do. She's really sweet when she cares about someone."

"Maybe she doesn't care about Ashley after all." The boy said shrugging.

That comment made Brittany lift her head a little.

"Why'd you say so?"

"Simple, you said 'when she cares about someone', and it's pretty clear to me and even to you that she doesn't seem to care that much."

Brittany frowned.

"What do you mean with 'even to you'?"

Artie looked like he realized something and regretted it.

"I… It doesn't mean anything, really."

"Are you suggesting I'm dumb?"

"Not… really. It is just… you can be a little innocent sometimes."

"So you think I'm dumb! Of all the people in McKinley, you are the one who never said that to me and you're starting now?"

Brittany stood, she looked really scary in her full length, with a frown, but her features showed deep sadness.

"Brittany, that's not what I meant… I just think sometimes Santana treats you like you are a pushover. Even now you are feeling guilty because of her problems."

"Oh, and now you are suggesting I am dumb and a pushover as well!"

Before her boyfriend could say anything, the blonde couldn't help but wonder.

"Did I do right choosing him over her?"

She was really angry with Artie but was it because he implied she was a dumb?


Maybe it was because he wasn't the right choice.

She didn't notice the Latina following her, she saw the whole interaction between the couple and now was worried about her friend. Maybe she wasn't the right choice for Brittany, but she would see if really Artie was the right choice for her, because after all, if she rejected her for the boy, she wanted to be sure at least it was worthy.

And if Ashley was the right choice for the Latina.

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