A very stressed and worried manservant could be seen stalking through the halls, towards the king's chambers. If it wasn't enough that Arthur had gotten himself enchanted and was now in a fight to the death, Merlin had been summoned by Uther. Hoping and praying that the king was still clueless to his magic, Merlin quickly made his way to Uther's chambers.

Finally reaching said chambers, he paused for a moment. Taking a deep breath to calm and steady his nerves, Merlin knocked on the door.

"Enter." said the deep, authoritative voice of Uther Pendragon.

Merlin opened the door and entered the room. The king was standing next to the window, looking out over the courtyard. It was a habit that Arthur often indulged in when he was overly worried or stressed. 'Like father like son.' Merlin thought as he stood there.

"Close the door."

Merlin silently obeyed and closed the door. He was really worried now. After a moment, Uther turned to face him.

"You truly have no idea what has come over my son? You do spend a great deal of time with him."

Merlin inwardly relaxed. His secret was safe for the moment.

"No sire. One moment he was calling her rude and the next he decided it was his job to woo her. His words sire, not mine. I honestly have no idea what's wrong with him."

Uther was silent for a moment, considering Merlin's words. After a moment, he decided he believed him.

"You may go. If you do find out what is wrong with him, please let me know."

"Yes sire." Merlin said. He then walked to the door and left.

This is a response to a prompt on Kink Me, Merlin! on Live Journal

Prompt: So I've been rewatching the series recently and just watched "Sweet Dreams" yesterday. There's a delightful little scene where Uther is flabbergasted by Arthur's sudden attraction to Lady Vivian and he asks Merlin what's wrong with the prince. What this anon would love to see is some funny behind-Arthur's-back plotting between Uther and Merlin as they try to figure out what happened to Arthur. The Merlin/Uther can be romantic or platonic.