Hey guys, I wouldn't normally do this, but I noticed that several people put a "story alert" to Father Knows Best on chapter 3 and, since it's the end of the story, that won't do much. The 1st chapter of the sequel is out and the name is But Sons Do It Better. (Yeah, cheesy title I know, I tried brainstorming at 3 a.m.) Just to let anyone who's reading this know the tone of the sequel will be a little different from Father Knows Best. It'll have some more drama, but I'm trying to keep the humor in there. The change is mostly due to the fact that I personally lack the skill to write in the same almost entirely humorous tone for a several chapter fic and have it turn out well, I felt like if I tried the story would end up being pretty bad.

So anyways, assuming you still want to read it, go check out the new story! And as always I love feedback! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this story and I hope you enjoy the sequel! Love you all 3