Summary: Follow the boys' shenanigans at the con. Sheik's backside is quite the distraction.

That Awkward Moment When


That awkward moment when you realize you've been daydreaming about someone's backside.



There was really something about that shade of blue that really complemented Shane's skin tone and hair. And the way that the cloth stretched over his toned muscles and emphasized—highlighted even, the dips and curves of his lean body…


The best place to watch Shane would probably be from behind. He moved fluidly like a dancer, stepping lightly. There was an odd thing about him, Lance noticed a little while ago. Shane tended to walk on the balls of his feet rather than his heels. It wasn't very obvious, and he figured few people caught on, but the fact that Shane kind of tippy-toed around was a little whimsical. And pretty cute. Also, it made his hips sway in this really sexy way…


Not to mention the way his leg muscles shifted when he walked. There was something sensual about roving his eyes over the blue-covered calves, up the back of those thighs and then…

That delicious backside. Not rounded like a girl's, but defined, compact, and so…so…

"Hey! Listen! Hey!"


Lance blinked and recalled himself. "Shut up, Navi."

Shane grinned and poked him right at his stomach. "I see someone's come back to earth. Where've you been, Hero of Time?"

Staring at your ass."Ah…ahahaha. Sorry. I guess I'm a little more tired than I thought." Lance hedged, hoping he didn't look so flustered. He hoped Shane didn't ask, because Lance was horrible at lying.

Shane, fortunately, did not ask. In fact, he even clicked his tongue sympathetically. "Right, you had your exams today, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I stayed up last night studying." Lance rubbed the back of his neck under his turtleneck. "Zoe played Lady Gaga to keep awake, and I couldn't sleep properly with 'Monster' stuck in my head."

"I wonder what it's like to have siblings." Shane said.

"You don't have any?"

"Nope. I have an aunt, though. I'm moving in with her next week 'cause I'm starting in a new school."

"Oh. Really? Where?"

"Redmond. I heard it's a ritzy kind of school."

"No way!"

Shane's eyebrows shot up when Lance gave a beaming smile. "What."

"Dude, you're going to the same school as me!" Lance shook him by the shoulders. "This is so awesome! I could tour you and stuff, and we could hang out during break and you can watch me play soccer and we can go to the fair together and—" It would be so much easier to ask you out "I could introduce you to my friends. "

Shane smiled, the kind that showed his teeth and included his eyes. "That sounds really good. I was dreading the whole thing, what with being a freshman—fresh meat and all that."

Oh, Shane, you don't even know half of it, Lance thought ruefully."Don't worry, Sheik. Nobody's gonna grab your ass while I'm around."

Shane's eyes widened, and he turned beet red. "Uh…uh…thanks?"

Damn damn double damn. Where did that come from? Lance laughed and pinched those flushing cheeks, all the while cursing his stupid mouth. "You're welcome, Sheik."

Shane recovered and cleared his throat. Then he grinned, cheeks still pink. "Guess I've been wrong all along, then."

"Huh? About what?" Lance released Shane's cheeks when the boy pulled back.

"About tall, dark and handsomes." Shane said. "I think I much prefer tall, blond and—what was it? Oh, right—dashingly heroic." He raised an eyebrow.

"Hm…sounds like someone I know." Lance winked and yawned, cheesily stretching an arm to wrap it around Shane's shoulders. The Sheik cosplayer nimbly stepped around it. Lance exaggerated his crestfallen expression. Shane looked vaguely alarmed at that.

"Sorry, Hero. It's too hot for that." He offered as an explanation.

"Why, thank you."

Shane playfully hit his bicep. "Ugh, your ego. Honestly."

"What can I say? I'm hard to resist."

Shane just rolled his eyes. Lance noted with glee that he didn't deny it.


That awkward moment when someone gropes that backside you've been daydreaming about.


It was around four-thirty in the afternoon and the con was still going strong. The mall was swarming with cosplayers who were converging with fellow anime fans. There were bucketloads of picture-taking and by the end of his friendly walk with Shane, Lance had counted at least four instances when people had asked for pictures. There was even one that made him hold a 'free hugs' sign. Shane held it too, but the difference between his picture and Lance's was that two girls had pretended to peck both of Shane's cheeks, while Lance merely had his arms around their shoulders.

The girls thanked them and giggled as they walked away. Lance heaved a quiet sigh and worked the kinks out of his jaw. Shane was doing something similar, rubbing at his cheeks. "I didn't know smiling could take out a lot on someone."

Lance laughed. "Grin and bear it? I dunno why you're complaining. Those chicks were so all over you."

Shane put up his cowl and grumbled under his breath.

"Aw, Sheik, you're all flushed again."


They strolled around some more and talked about anything and everything. A music store had caught Shane's eye and he ran on ahead to look at the electric guitars on display.

"Hey, Lance!" A girl from school waved to him from where she was walking with her father. Lance smiled and waved back. When they disappeared out of sight, Lance turned back to Shane and beheld with a sense of horror an advancing hand on Shane's perfect backside.

Shane surprised him yet again.

It was beautifully done. (Not the groping, of course; that was sleazy.) Shane had tensed for just a second before he spun out of the way, grabbing his opponent's wrist and using the momentum to jar his balance. The pervert yelped as his knees gave way.

The end result was Shane still on his feet, poised over his assailant and holding him in place by a sufficiently twisted arm. If the dude did anything funny, all Shane had to do was aggravate the man's joints even more.

"Dude! Are you okay?" Lance worriedly ran to the scene, frowning distastefully at the pervert.

Shane took a deep breath. Then he nodded.

Lance let out a breath and examined the painful hold Shane had on his opponent with a touch of awe. "Remind me never to get you mad."

"Hey, Fielding, let go of me, will ya?"


That awkward moment when you run into your arch nemesis. He's cosplaying too.


Lance could not believe his eyes. "Dorian? Gary Dorian? The hell are you doing here?"

"…What does it look like?" Dorian huffed. "Or are you blind as well as stupid?"

Shane blinked and looked back and forth between Lance and the other guy. Who was coincidentally dressed up as Evil King Ganondorf. Huh. Will wonders never cease?

Lance scowled. "Let him go, Sheik. I don't want you catching his asshatness."

Shane let go and Dorian stood up, rubbing his wrist. "Damn, that hurt. Been teaching your sister some tricks, huh?"

"…Zoe?" Lance asked. "Where?" He looked around and couldn't see the distinct pink of his sister's Zelda dress.

Dorian looked a tad confused before paling considerably. "You mean this isn't—"

"Um, Lance, you know him?" Shane let his cowl down to murmur. He caught the look of abject horror on Dorian's face.

"Some jerk from school." Lance slung a protective arm over Shane's shoulders, if only to stop himself from punching his aggravating schoolmate. "The hell did you think you were doing, Dorian? Groping people in public—"

"Hey! I'd never grope a guy! That's wrong!"

"Then why'd you—shit. You thought he was Zoe, didn't you!"

Dorian started sweating. He turned his attention to Shane and sneered. "And I suppose this is your new boyfriend, Fielding? Which street did you find thisone?"

Lance couldn't help himself from giving Dorian a fist to the face. "Asshole." He growled, before grabbing Shane's wrist and leading them away.


That moment when you realize you've fallen deep. Way deep.


"I'm really sorry, Sheik. I should've been watching your back." Lance later mumbled when he had sufficiently calmed down fifteen minutes later. They were sitting on the rim of the huge fountain at the center of the mall, sharing soda.

Shane thoughtfully took a sip and managed a smile. "You mean you should've been watching my backside?"

A tentative grin broke out of Lance's grim features. "Yeah, that too. I promised you that much, didn't I?"

"You couldn't have helped it. He was a pervert. Who thought I was your sister." Shane pursed his lips. "Come to think of it, ew. Ew. Ew."

Lance laughed at Shane's deep grimace. "Wait, I shouldn't be laughing. That's gross. Ew." He reiterated.

"Ugh, I hate it when people mistake me for a girl, though. I know I'm not as…" Shane glanced at Lance, "buff as some guys are, but I've got a penis too. And feelings! Doesn't anyone care about my feelings?" He was practically flailing.

"Well, Sheik, I guess it just goes with the character. Don't you know that there's a war going on about your gender identity and all that?" Lance said diplomatically, stifling his snickers.

"I guess…but. Still. I thought you could tell from my costume." Shane frowned at the blue fabric stretched over his thighs.

"It's because of this," Lance lifted the flap of the loose white cloth with the weeping eye over Shane's chest. "They can't check for boobs. And you hide your face with the cowl so they can't tell. Not to mention it's pretty hard to tell from the back. Do I have to point out you're cosplaying Princess Zelda'salter-ego?"

Shane sighed and grabbed the can of soda from Lance and downed a huge gulp. "Okay. That sounds logical."

"Right?" Lance gave a dopey little grin at this. "You're cute when you're all huffy."

Shane lifted an eyebrow. "And you say the randomest things. But hey, thanks for defending my honor and all that. That was…pretty nice."

"What can I say? I'm the Hero of Time and all that jazz. I'm wired for chivalry."

"Hm, and I thought chivalry was dead." Shane teased. "It's nice to know I've got tall, blond and heroic on my side."

Lance smiled warmly, eyes surprisingly soft. "Don't you forget it."



That awkward moment when n00bs mistake you for a girl.






"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for my brother. He doesn't know any better, honestly."

"But sis!"

"Shh. His name is Link, not Zelda. Zelda's the name of the princess."

"Oh. But that one's Zelda right? She's in disguise 'cause of Ganon."

"Erm…well. Please don't mind my brother. I'm so sorry. We're leaving now."




"Link, don't laugh. This is so not cool."

"Can't help it. You just realize that we've both been accused of being Zelda, right?"

"…Nothing else I can say."

"Eh, eh."