Author's notes: So I shouldn't be starting a new story when I've got other unfinished ones floating around (almost done with the first part of the sequel for Visions, so hopefully that's worth the wait), but this is a scenario I really wanted to try out. What can I say? I'm a sucker for bet stories. Hopefully updates will be fast and doing this will help get my butt back in gear in terms of writing. Please note that this is an AU; there will be similarities to canon, but overall it really won't be the same. Also, this title is awful. As are many of the Warbler names I had to come up with. I apologize. I'm not very good at naming things.

Middle-of-the-year transfers were nothing new at Dalton Academy. Unusual? Sure, but they did happen every couple of years. But in a close-knit school like Dalton, it was always exciting trying to figure out who the new kid was, and once the rumors began to fly about the boy moving into room 238, hardly anything productive was getting done in any of the clubs. This was a perfect opportunity to gain a new member, and no one knew much of anything about the new kid. Speculation ran wild.

The transfer, Kurt Hummel, was a junior, coming all the way from a public school in Lima. No one knew the details of his transfer, and it was the talk of Warbler's practice the afternoon before the kid's arrival. Some of his things had already been brought up to the vacant dorm room at the end of the hall, moved in a few large bags carted up the stairs by a really tall guy, who looked to be around the right age.

He was probably the mysterious Kurt. No one had had the chance to talk to him, though, so the rumor went unconfirmed.

Either way, it was all the Warblers could talk about.

"I bet it was a move," proposed Trent as he passed a crumpled ball of paper to Nick, who in turn tossed it back. "You know, something boring like his dad getting a better-paying client. It's always something boring."

"Not necessarily true," replied Jon as he picked at a loose thread on the inside of his blazer. "Isn't this kid coming from a public high school or something? It was probably a better job. Not everyone's dad is a lawyer, you know."

"Well, I think it was a divorce."

"Or a remarriage." Thad chimed in.

"And what, exactly, does this kid have to do with perfecting our pieces for sectionals?" Wes muttered indignantly from the head table, his fingers massaging tiny circles into the skin of his temples.

"Aw, let 'em have their fun." David replied with a smile from his spot behind one of the couches. He slung his folded arms over the back of the couch and leaned forward to rest his chin on his elbows. "Besides, this new kid could be a recruit."

"And why, pray tell, would we want an untrained recruit right before the competition season?"

"Hey," whispered Jeff, completely ignoring the bickering council at the front, his eyes going wide as he shot forward in his seat on the couch. "I have an idea. What if he's like Blaine?"

All eyes turned to the boy in question, whose face was slowly melting from shock to a red flush of irritation. "And just what are you insinuating, Jeff?"

Jeff simply shot him a patronizing look, as though the answer was as obvious as night and day. Practically everyone knew about Blaine's whole bullying situation at his old school, and looking around at the curious faces in the practice room, Blaine had to restrain himself from rolling his eyes in disgust.

"Oh, and I suppose he's gay too? Because you know, we public school kids, we're all batting for the other team and just bully each other for kicks until we can find a safe haven to run off to," he scoffed. "No wonder people call Dalton the 'Gay Hogwarts.'"

David let out a loud, hearty laugh and slapped Blaine on the back. "And I suppose he'll be the Ginny to your Harry."

Blaine frowned. "You're confusing people, David. Only, like half the guys in this room have even read those books."

"Your point being?"

"Can we please rehearse? Something? Anything? Maybe even hum a few bars?" moaned Wes from the front desk. "Please? It's almost four, guys. We aren't going to have the room for very much longer—Mr. Yamada is coming in here to steal the piano from us so he can rehearse with the All State kids."

Nick rolled his head onto his shoulder and looked over at Wes. "Oh, come off it, Wes. You knew damn well that nothing was going to get done at rehearsal today. You might as well come over here and enjoy the gossip with the rest of us."

Wes scowled but moved over to the couches to join the rest of the boys. "Why are you all so enamored with this new kid anyway?"

"It's a mystery!" Trent threw open his arms dramatically. "Transfers here aren't exactly the most common thing in the world. Well, not at this time of year anyway."

"We all want to know why he's coming to this particular school. Especially since rumors say he's a public school kid. Not everyone has the money to go from public to private like that, let alone a boarding school like Dalton."

"Blaine did it," Mark, one of the few freshman in the group pointed out, gesturing a thumb toward the junior.

Blaine threw up his arms in exasperation. "And we're back to me again. Is it really that fascinating that I came here?"

"No, not really," murmured David. "But he's got a point. You do have to admit that it's weird to go from public to private like that. Bullying is a perfectly good reason, what with the strict enforcement and stuff."

Blaine snorted. "I highly doubt it was a bully that brought him here to our esteemed halls. I mean really, did any of you actually see the guy? He's like, seven feet tall."

"And you're a midget."

"Shut up!"

"Twenty bucks says he's gay."

"Forty says he jumps Blaine in the first week."

"What the hell, guys. Just because I'm the only one who—"

"Sixty-five if they make out."

"This really isn't funny. When did we change the topic to this?" Blaine's face was completely flushed with red hot embarrassment. "And why does it matter if he's gay? Sure, he's kid of cute, I guess, but—"

"A hundred says Blaine can get into his pants by the end of the semester."

"David?" Blaine shrieked, his voice rising nearly an octave. "You too?"

"I have a proposal." Every head turned to look at Wes, who was standing at the front of the room. Though his arms were crossed tightly and defensively across his chest, his face was split in a devilish grin. He could play this game too, and if this was what their practice had degenerated into, why not have a little fun? "This kid will be the talk of the school, right?" There were vague nods scattered throughout the room. "So, if we manage to scoop him up before one of the other clubs, we'll have that much more notoriety."

David shrugged. "Makes sense. But what does that have to do with Blaine jumping the kid's bones?"

Blaine was about to retort back when Wes cut him off. "I was getting to that, actually." He pointed at Blaine, his smile growing wider with every word. "We should have this kid in our group. And you, Blaine, are going to seduce him."


"You heard me. You need to seduce him, get him to fall head over heels for you, and then drop him like a rock. That way we get the attention of having the new kid on our team, but we don't have to keep him hanging around forever."

"What if I can't get him to join up?"

Wes shrugged. "I suppose that part doesn't really matter, though it would be a bonus. In any case, it'll be fun to watch the drama, especially if he's straight."

Blaine narrowed his eyes and shot Wes a hard look from his place on the floor. He could feel the tension in the room. Every gaze was centered solely on him, everyone holding their breath in anticipation. Blaine didn't want to seem like a coward, didn't want to disappoint the group, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind telling him that this was a bad idea.

"What's in it for me?"

"Why, Mr. Anderson, whatever do you mean?"

"You guys all get entertainment and something to bet on while I go and make a fool of myself. So far it looks like I get nothing out of this whole thing, so, as I said before: what's in it for me?"

Wes's eyes lit up and his smile was so wide now that it looked almost painful. "The thing you've wanted since you joined up last fall."

"Wait. You mean…?"

"Yes, Blaine. If you go through with this, we'll give you a solo. No audition necessary."