After Hours

Disclaimer: I don't own "Supernatural", sadly, but the boys are such a treat to play with…

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A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam
All fellow players can be looked up on Enkidu07's profile page (the many, many names finally exceeded the drabble word count, hehe).

Prompt: Long


Dean paces the motel room like a caged tiger waiting impatiently for Sam's return. It's long since gone dark and he already finished packing up their gear and loading everything into the Impala's trunk.

"Come on, Sammy. Come on."

He checks the clock again before glancing at his phone. No, he'd rather have Sam walk right through that very door.

"Damn," he grouses. "I should have gone myself."

That would also have resulted in Sam lugging their duffels out instead.

Dean's wistful grin vanishes the instant Sam enters with a dreamy look of his own.

"Man, that girl's smoking hot."

The End