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Title: Love beyond Magic

Pairing: Natsume X Mikan X Ruka

Short Summary: Mikan really loves magic. When magicians came to their place, she was chosen to do the disappearing trick. But then, was kidnapped after that. The two magicians are criminals!

Warning: May conatin OOCness. For an interesting story. :))

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Love beyond Magic

Written by LunarChan

Chapter 1

The Magicians


"H-hey hey, Mikan-chan!" My childhood classmate called for me. "The Magicians are here again!"

My face broke into a smile. "Really?" I'll go see them!"

"Sure, sure! Meet you at the plaza!" She waved and ran.

I really really love magic. Ever since I was a little child, my grandpa would divert my attention to his magics when I was crying. I ran fast, I wanted to see them!

"Hotaru-chaaaan!" I called loudly as I spotted her across their home. "Let's go see the magicians."

"I'm studying…" She ignored me.

"Eh…" I complained and grabbed her arm. "Come on! They're gonna be here this afternoon only! And after that, they'll leave…"

"I don't care." She answered expressionless. Geez. Hotaru can be really stubborn sometimes.

"Pleaseeee… Just this once?" I pouted.

Hotaru sighed. "Fine. But you'll owe me five dollars."

"Yaay!" I sang and took notice of her words. "Not fair! Five dollars?"

She laughed and strolled to the plaza. I smiled. I'm glad to make her happy.


We made our way to the crowd of people but we still can't get close enough to see what magic tricks they were trying to show us. Hotaru gave up and just settled on the left side. She can barely see the magicians. I left her there and pushed my way through. I heard someone complain, but it doesn't matter. I don't care. One false step. Geez. I tripped in front of everyone.

"We need one volunteer for this magic trick!" I heard the magician say.

I looked up and I saw the two magicians dressed in black. The one who was giving the tricks was the black-haired guy with piercing ruby eyes. He looked really handsome but when he saw me, it's like his mood changed. The other magician was blonde. His blue eyes had no glow. Like he's just here because of the money.

"One volunteer…" The guy with the black hair repeated. Then his eyes lingered on mine. He smirked. I blushed a little; I was still in my tripping position. I haven't gotten up yet.

"Me! Me!" I heard several kids' voices and their arms raised up.

The magician kneeled and offered his hand to me. "Shall we let this lovely woman here to be the one?"

I blushed again. Seriously. Was he making fun of me? I took his hand. I'd love to know their tricks, too.

He led me upstage and he explained. "We call this The Disappearing Trick… We shall put this lovely woman here inside a cabinet. Of course, I'll let you see that it has no hidden door…"

The kids squirmed. They love this trick, of course.

The blonde magician went to the backstage and he came back with a cabinet just enough for one person to fit in. They showed it to everyone and they asked one people to go touch and knock it if it really has a hidden door inside. The guy shook his head.

"Well then, shall we begin?" The magician smiled at me. I gulped. It was a terror or a mocking smile. What was he up to?

I nodded, despite my fear. Of course, every magic has a trick.

He let me inside the closet and he closed it.

It's so hot inside. But I can still hear everyone else outside.

"Let's begin The Disappearing Trick…" He announced and the kids cheered. "Let's start with this…" I heard the audience gasped. What was he showing everyone? "I'll put these swords on the sides of the cabinet…"

I swallowed. What the hell was he up to? He wanted me to die? !

"Let's check these swords first, if they can slice…" I heard a juicy sound and the audience clapped. They clapped? Hell. They don't know what feeling I have inside this closed closet! "Let's start…"

"One… Two…" I heard him muttering on the side of the cabinet. "Three…"

I closed my eyes and my heart hammered on my chest.


I sighed as I got a place to stand. There were so many people here. Even the adults and young people were here. What was so great about a magician? I can't even understand. If it wasn't for Mikan, I wouldn't be here. I'd rather study.

I saw Mikan pushed her way through and she tripped in front of everyone. I suppressed my laugh. She's such an idiot. I smiled.

"Hey, Hotaru…" someone tapped my shoulders.

I looked back. "Oh, hey Iinchou."

He smiled. "Where's Mikan?"

I pointed at the stage. Apparently, her tripping effect made her be noticed. Iinchou laughed.

I watched the magician introduce the magic trick. Mikan was so dazed by them. They're pretty handsome. I mentally face-palmed myself. She must be drooling.

The black-haired guy helped her get inside the closet. Then he put out swords. What's with that trick? A lame one. But then I know Mikan. She must've been worried inside. I smirked. If only I could see what's her reaction inside… Priceless!

The black-haired guy put in the swords. After the count of three, they opened the door and Mikan was nowhere. Of course, she'd be at the backstage.

"Tadaan!" The black-haired guy snickered as he opened the closet door.

They went backstage after that and the next performer was a clown. I sighed. This wasn't interesting without her at all. Where is Mikan?

"Mikan hasn't come back yet." Iinchou worriedly said to me.

"By the looks of it, she's excitedly chattering with the magicians at the back stage." I shrugged and went at the farthest place and sat where there will be no people to annoy me. Idiot Mikan. Making me wait for her.


"Uwah.." I cried as someone grabbed me by the shoulders and put his hand in my mouth. What the? !

"Sshhh…" He silenced me. "This way…" He whispered.

I followed him that led the way to the… Back stage. So there was a secret door, after all! Of course, if not, I'm dead.

I noticed that the one guiding me here was the assistant magician. The blonde one. He led me to their van. Anyway, why am I following him after all? I should go back to Hotaru and tell her about the secret door of the closet! But… It's interesting to see what it looks like inside their van.

"Here." He put a tea on the back of the van. "For our thanks."

I gasped and giggled. "Thanks!"

He looked shock by my reaction. I wonder why that is. I sipped.

"Hey," I approached him. "How many years have been since you started doing magic tricks?"

"A few." He answered expressionless. Geez. These are the people I hate the most. Those who don't know how to make a conversation.

"You know, I really love magic… Since I was a child. My grandpa would often show me some tricks whenever I am crying. I'll stop crying when he did that." I took another sip. "Hey, this tea's great!"

"Uh, yeah." He just nodded and waited as if my reaction will surprise him again – or not.

I sighed. He's not a conversationalist, but I can't give up. I will… I will…

My grip at the teacup loosened. My vision blurred.

Wh-What's happening to m-me? Then, all I could see was blackness.


I watched her consciousness fade away after the second sip of the tea. I closed the door of the van and laid her gently on the seat. To be sure, I tied her with ropes and I thought of putting tape into her mouth – but that hurts – so I decided to just put handkerchief.

Someone knocked on the door. I peeped through the window and I opened the door when I saw he was back. His forehead was creased. I know he's worried.

"Maybe this isn't the right thing to do…" I muttered.

"No." He shook his head and got into the driver's seat. "Go seat here in front."

His forehead was still crumpled as he started the car.


Where was she? The people started deteriorating.

"She's gone for a long time." I complained under my breath. I sighed as I dragged my feet to the stage. The show has ended already.

"Hotaru…" Iinchou appeared beside me. "What're you doing?"

"Searching for some clumsy idiot girl." I sighed.

"Oh," He laughed. "I'll help you, then."

We went backstage but she was nowhere in sight. Even the magicians were nowhere in sight. My heart thumped unevenly. I've got a bad feeling about this…

"Um… Excuse me…" Iinchou began asking the clowns. "Have you seen a girl around sixteen years old with brown med-length hair?"

"Sorry." They shook their heads.

I rushed to Iinchou's side. "Have you seen the magicians?"

"They were already gone." The clown with the blue hat explained. "After their last trick, they pulled out already. Said they were in a hurry 'cause they've got another show on the other country…"

Iinchou and I exchanged glances of horror. I quickly ran outside where the garage was. Even though I've heard what they said, I still can't help myself. "MIKAN!" I shouted.

"MIKAAAN!" Iinchou shouted with me.

Much to our disappointment and fear, no one knows where those damn magicians were, and no one knows who they were.


My head hurts… Hurts so badly…

I opened my eyes and it's dark. Really dark… After a few minutes, my eyes adjusted to the dim light coming outside. Where am I? I can feel that the ground was moving… I tried to stand up but I can't… Damn. My mouth is covered, too. My hands and feet were tied up!

What the hell happened?

Ah! I remembered! My eyes narrowed in irritation as I remembered the magicians.

The tea! Oh. If I didn't drink it, I may not be in this situation. I tried to free my hands, but to no avail. So I've given up. I slumped there while waiting to die. Waiting for death to come. My senses were so better when I'm quiet. I can hear the gas pedal as the person driving- whoever it was – stomped on it.

"Do we have to go there?" I heard a familiar voice. The blonde magician!

"Yes, it seems." The guy he talked to, answered. That voice was the black-haired one. "They want her."

"Why is that so? She looks nothing special."

I gritted my teeth. Sorry for not being beautiful! I wanted to yell at them.

"She's quite rich, you know."

"Oh," The blonde magician said, closing the conversation.

It wasn't until an hour when they opened the back door. I pretended to be asleep.

"She's still asleep." The blonde magician said.

Even though my eyes were closed, I can still feel them staring at me. My heart thudded audibly. What are they gonna do to me?

"Based on the eye twitching and the inhalation of breaths, she's awake. Just pretending to be asleep so as not to be in trouble." That was the black-haired magician's voice!

My eyes shot open as I heard that and I glared at them…


"What're we gonna do?" My voice shook badly as I asked Hotaru. She seemed scared, too.

"We'll ask for help." Hotaru's eyes seemed determined and worried at the same time. "Let's go."

She started running and I ran beside her. "Who? Her grandfather?"

"No." Hotaru answered. "He might have a heart attack. We're going to need help from our friends."

"Yes," I replied.

It was quite a long run 'til I spotted some close friends. "Tsubasa-senpai!"

Tsubasa was surprised and taken back at the same time. He turned around and shoot us glares. I gave him a puzzled look. His eyes landed on the girl beside him. Oh. They were on a date.

"I'm so sorry, Senpai…" Hotaru said, panting. "But… Y-You've got to help us!"

"You've got to help yourself, too." Tsubasa-senpai gave us the 'I'll-definitely-get-you-after-this-was-settled' look.

"Oh, Hi cutiees!" Misaki-senpai greeted us with a smile.

"Mikan-chan!" I panted.

"Oh, where is she, anyway?" Misaki-senpai asked, looking around.

"She was kidnapped!" I said, a little too loud. Hotaru-chan instantly put her hand on my mouth.

"Shhh!" She warned.

"Kidnapped?" Tsubasa-senpai gasped.

"She was… By the Magicians…" Hotaru looked like she might break down and cry any moment now.

I get it now. What friendship does to a person.


At first, I couldn't tell which was which because they had their masks on when they were performing magic tricks earlier. Their lips up to the nose were the only part of their face you can see. That's why I noticed that they're handsome earlier. But all that praises were gone. I only knew who was who when I glanced at their hair.

"Then, shall we get going?" The black-haired magician asked his assistant.

The blonde one nodded and he carried me. I struggled, but his grip was strong.

Argh! I just watched with horror as to where we were going… My eyes blurred as my tears streamed down my face. I don't… I don't want to die…

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