Izaya's pov

Looking out the window ; I'm taking in the new area. Seeing my sister Mairu point to something I look to it. "Iza- nii! look that's the school grandma said we're going too!" That's right my sisters and I are starting at a new school tomorrow.

We're roaming around today though and picking up our uniforms.

"Hey Kururi!, don't you think that school's huge?" Mairu said talking to my other sister. Kururi replied , "agreed..." I don't know what they said after that. I just know they were talking the whole way. When are mom drove into the parking lot, we got out and went to the school office.

"Oh, so you're the new transfers" The vice principal said according to the badge of his anyway. Staring off I wonder if this will be like our old school. I hope it won't.

"C-Can I be excused !?"

Why is this happening again?

It's was a tightening in my chest that made me dizzy.

Running out of the office I went to the closest bathroom. I didn't dare look back. I can't breathe...medicine! Opening the lock-it on my bracelet I took the pill inside. Glancing into the mirror I...

"No, I will get through this! I will win! I sound like a cartoon character!"

Okay that was a bit much...

"Just need to pull myself together!" Bringing out a smile I walked back to the office. "Where'd you go!?" I heard Mairu yell as she pouted. Why was she so loud? " ..Yeah!..", Kururi nodded along with her. "4-leaf clover" It's a silly code we made up for whenever I have an 'attack'. I feel cowardly saying that but...they promised to help me keep it a secret from mom.

"Hmmpf! Well let's go already," was her reply to that. I'm not sure if Mairu ignored me but she probably did. Feeling my new uniform thrown into my face I sighed. Even though I was displeased, more annoyed than anything else, I couldn't help but chuckle at her antics. Maybe this was her way of cheering me up? "Hmm? is my sis becoming sweet for once?" I teased her looking at her as we walked out.

My other sister was tugging on my sleeve. "..Iza-nii..."

Why couldn't Mairu be like her sister; quiet and sweet ? "It wasn't serious, I'm okay." I began ruffling her hair as we got back in the car.

When my mom drove off I saw someone walking in front the school. It was a guy. He looked unusual...you know for a Japanese person. He was blonde. Perhaps it was bleach ? As we drove by him it looked as if he was staring at me...as if he could hear my thoughts.

I don't remember when but I had fallen asleep. When I woke I went into the house. As I entered my room I jumped onto my bed stretching out.

I sighed, "What should I do?"

"I should make friends this time, so they don't worry themselves silly."

I said this and went to sleep.

Author's Note:

Well I was reading Boyfriend by Yamada, Daisy and got inspired. I thought the manga was sweet and wanted to make a Shizaya mainly / Kadota x Izaya version.


I don't own the manga it's based on or Durarara!

If I did just think what would happen? 8D

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