Hello-we actually wrote this when we first started watching Raising Hope, hoping their was an archive, and there is! So yay! We don't own RH.

"Daddy!" A little girl with long brown hair in pigtails and medium brown eyes screamed.

Her father, Jimmy, quickly bolted out of bed and ran to the sound of his daughters scream, which came from the bathroom.

"Hope, sweetie, what's wrong?" Jimmy asked his daughter, who was running out of the bathroom. She clung onto his leg.

"There's a spider! I went to use the bathroom and it was on the toilet seat!" Jimmy couldn't help but chuckle, Hope was afraid of bugs, just like her grandma.

"What's with all the screaming." Burt said, a he and Virginia ran to the bathroom where Jimmy was now picking up his daughter, Jimmy spoke.

"There was a spider in the bathroom and Hope freaked out." he said, looking at his dad.

"Fine I'll kill it." Burt said, walking into the bathroom, there was a sound of a flush, and he walked out. "All better know sweetie, Grandpa get rid of the big nasty spider." he said looking at his granddaughter.

"Thanks grandpa." she said, Jimmy set her down, she went to hug him and walked into the bathroom.

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