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In the seventh month of the year, on the first and fourth day, two baby boys are born to two couples from two different countries.

The Williams couple is a fairly happy couple residing in the nation Canada. The couple had their nephew living with them for unknown reasons but nonetheless treated the boy like their own. When Mrs. Williams was found to be pregnant, they were very excited – especially the adopted nephew for he had always wanted a baby brother.

On the first of July that year, Mrs. Williams gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They gave him the name Matthew. When the child turned two, the family migrated to the United States because of the Williams family heads' work.

In the country of the brave and free, a bubbly male child is born to the Jones household. The Jones had only this child, Alfred, ever since. They lived near the wife's sister though, so the boy grew up like he had big brothers – one of his cousins being the closest to the child.

One day, the Jones decided to go to the park. They brought along Alfred's favored cousin and drove off. It was a fine morn, that day, and the Williams also wanted to take a look around their new neighborhoods' place of leisure. The two wives met and their children also got close.

Matthew's 'big brother' and Alfred's cousin didn't seem to get along well though.

Soon enough the young ones grew up to their sixth year and became inseparable. It was very cute in everyone's opinion and their mothers always loved to dress them up alike. In those days, their closeness was innocent and entertaining.

"Mattie will be with me forever!" Alfred beamed, blue eyes bright and happy, "Together!"

His friend was busy playing with his white stuffed bear and just turned to him with a "Huh?" and a sweet smile.

"Mattie~!" the boy squealed and tackled his friend. The two went rolling around with cute grins and giggles.

Yes, it was so adorable back then…


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