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Matthew is busy with another research paper in the library. This time it was about the possibility of time travel. He only heard about it once a few months ago and now he's obsessed with the idea that it even helps him get an A+ for his final grade in Physics. But now he is in his senior year, the final year in high school, and he wants to end it in a great way for everyone – especially now that they are only four weeks away from graduation.

That of course is possible because he got into the student council during his third year and is still there until now. He's the vice president even. As a part of the student council, he wants the whole of student body to have a wonderful high school life and so far he is doing a great job.

He is still vanishing into the background from time to time though.

Putting that aside, he is not only working on his research paper. He is also helping with the preparations for graduation. Surprisingly, he is also involved in the planning of the Seniors' Night for… well, the seniors. The gathering is set on a Saturday before their final week in high school. Graduation is on the Saturday after the last school day for the seniors.

Matthew felt a dull ache in his chest. It still hasn't sunk in that he's graduating in four weeks. He feels accomplished with everything he has done in high school and thinks that graduating now will be just fine.

But something changed in him midway.

It was a change he'd rather not accept but his state of nature won't allow it.

"Goddamn it!" he cursed internally as he typed away on his laptop. He groaned as he plugged in the last sentence of a paragraph and saved the document. After closing the window, his desktop background gleamed at him. He flushed at the image and instantly folded his laptop to a close in embarrassment.

He really hates this change.

He opened his laptop again and stared at his desktop. How can a simple image fluster him so much? He's acting like an adolescent girl with infatuation issues… well, he does have infatuation issues.

"No!" he muttered to himself, "If I'm going to be like this then I won't call it infatuation! It's… I-It's…" there was a bit of shuffling from somewhere behind him but he ignored it, "It's-! Maple, I can't even say it…"

Two weeks to graduation. That meant that this weekend is Seniors' Night and all the preparations are in their final stages – finishing touches. Everyone was equally busy with their lives as the student council argued in the conference room.

"I told you, you should have assigned two students to be the emcees! What if the other couldn't make it? It would be a disaster!"

"And I told you that it would be fine. What could possibly go wrong?"

Matthew watched in slight amusement as the secretary and the president argued with vigor. The rest of the council ignored the two in favor of discussing other things school-related or simply chatting. He gave a small smile at the scene. He will surely miss these people.

"We'll miss you too, Matthew!"

Matthew snapped out of his thoughts and realized he had said his last thought out loud. He just blushed and stammered in an effort to answer but only succeeded in going a few shades darker than his current flush. Another student leered at him, "That's a cute face you're making over there…"

"I-I uhh, w-what?" he stuttered.

"You're not taken, right?" the student asked lowly as he stood up and walked toward Matthew, "You should at least date me before graduating…"

Matthew's eyes dilated, "N-no thank you."

At that moment, the conference room's door flew open and in came Alfred F. Jones.

"Hey, Mattie! What's taking you so long?" Alfred whined and went to Matthew, "Let's go home~"

Alfred squeezed himself between the other student and Matthew and pulled his friend out of his seat. Matthew squawked silently and managed to grab his belongings before Alfred tugged him away. The president shouted at him to come back but Alfred just harrumphed and shut the door after pushing his friend out. There were some sounds of people arguing outside and an obnoxious laugh echoed. Then there was a loud smack and everything went quiet.

Some moments later, a chuckle left the lips of the student who asked Matthew for a date.

"Well, that was unexpected." The student said.

"Not really." The rest of the council answered.

He was still blushing even after leaving school. He is currently staring at the tight grasp on his hand that has been there since his exit from the conference room. His heart was beating fast and his head spouted incoherent thoughts. He really felt like an adolescent girl with love issues…

"Did I just call it love? I did, didn't I?" Matthew asked himself. He felt giddy with the revelation. "I did!"

"Hmm? Oh hey, we're home!" Alfred chirped and released his grip on Matthew's hand. Matthew pouted at the loss and followed his friend who was jogging up to the Williams' gates and rang the doorbell.

When the gate opened Mrs. Williams's smile greeted the two. Alfred pushed Matthew inside and waved goodbye.

"You're not staying for a while?" Matthew asked.

"Nah, I've got to work on my research paper. Still not done, unlike you." he laughed and turned on his heel. Matthew grabbed his elbow. "What's wrong, Mattie?"

"I- uhh, never mind. See you tomorrow!" Matthew laughed nervously and let go of his friend. Alfred raised a brow but smiled and leaned forward. He gave Matthew a quick peck on the cheek and ran. "Yeah, see ya!"

Matthew watched the retreating figure as he rubbed the kissed cheek. He was still blushing.

He went into the house wordlessly and locked himself in his room. See, he really isn't fond of this change. How was he supposed to know that he'll fall in love with his best friend? If he had liked him this way two years back, then maybe he didn't have to act like so.

Trying to forget the problem for the time being, he pulled out his laptop. The welcome tune greeted him and the desktop background made him blush again. He minutely forgot that the image was a photo of him and Alfred – Alfred pulling the other into a tight hug and nuzzling the other's hair (or neck, maybe) as Matthew smiled bashfully. He got it from his mother's collection (how the lady gathered so much photos, he still did not know) and scanned it before his mother noticed that it was missing.

"Pathetic!" He cried to himself and buried himself under a blanket on his bed. Then he remembered that he and Alfred shared the same blanket during their last sleep over... His face turned red again whilst inhaling the scent of the fabric unconsiously.

They always sleep together in one bed anyway. It was only recently that he started feeling awkward… if five months ago is recent enough, that is.

He groaned and peeked at his laptop again. The background looked so perfect. Well, he can kind of imagine him and Alfred doing these as a couple now. He really regrets rejecting Alfred back then! But it was Alfred who begged him to say no anyway. But he never predicted that he will be like this for his best friend two years later!

"Besides," Matthew whispered and sighed at the thought, "He looks like he has moved on anyway."

Alfred is freely flirting with other people nowadays. Most of the time, Matthew would see him with them just laughing and chatting. On rare occasions, Matthew is put aside for a date with someone. It's not even with girls only. That one time where he bumped into Alfred with another person still stung whenever he remembered.

Because Alfred didn't see him.

"I'm in love with my best friend." Matthew sighed and stood up to look for his stuffed toy bear for comfort.

It is the morning before Seniors' Night and Alfred and Matthew decided to wait for the time together at Alfred's house.

"You know what Mattie," Alfred began idly while flipping through television channels, "Whoever hugs me first tonight will be my new girlfriend and or boyfriend."


Alfred scowled at the boring channels and settled for some cartoons. "I mean, I haven't had a proper relationship since, you know, and I want to be committed to someone too."

"Don't you think that is too risky?" the other said while trying not to stare at Alfred but instead at the television, "Anybody could h-hug you. What if the person was old?"

"Age doesn't matter, Mattie." Alfred answered like he was stating fact. "That's just my plan. Whoever hugs me first gets me. Ha, don't you think it's exciting?"

"Whatever, Al."

Alfred just shrugged and continued to watch television. Despite his dismissive answer, Matthew is in a whirlpool of worry. Just one hug and Alfred will be taken away by someone else. Can he stand watching some random person walk up to Alfred and hug him? To others, it may seem normal but really, Matthew might burst into tears once someone wraps their arms around his best friend. He can't keep an eye on Alfred all night as to prevent any hugging because he's part of the student council. He has to be running around the place for his responsibilities.

Man, he feels like crying.

"Earth to Matthew Williams? Hello~" Matthew blinked and barely held himself in place when he realized that Alfred was just a few centimeters away from his face. He fought hard not to look so flustered. "You okay, dude? Anyway, let's go upstairs and plan our outfits."

"Planning our outfits?" Matthew scoffed in an effort to cover his mini-panic attack, "Isn't that something a g-girl would do?" he cursed in his mind when he stuttered but the act seemed to work as Alfred spluttered in reply.

"It's our last year, man! We've gotta look our best 'til the end!"

Without any consideration, Alfred pulled Matthew from his seat and dragged him to his bedroom. After closing the door, he opened his closet and pulled out several suits. "Okay, we could mix-match these shit here and make them awesome. Now strip."

"W-what? Why do I have to?"

"You'll be the model!" Alfred beamed and stomped toward his friend with a maniacal grin, "Shall we start?"

"G-get away from me!"

Matthew was beyond embarrassed. So Alfred saw him naked for the first time in a long time. Big deal.

"It is a big deal!"

It was an awkward experience and it took all of Matthew's reserve not to over-react whenever Alfred brushed a sensitive spot or two or three… maybe all of them but that's not the point. Getting compliments as he dressed wasn't helping either. It was either he blushed too much or he stuttered like a broken radio. Once they had finally chosen their clothes, they cleaned up a bit, dressed and left the house.

And now they are in front of the school entrance.

He has a bigger problem than his little exposure to Alfred now.

Matthew watched the growing crowd outside of the school as the seniors waited for the doors to open. For now he felt relieved that his best friend is still standing beside him. The problem will be later once the event starts. Actually standing here already poses as a problem since anyone could just tackle Alfred and that's the end of it.

So he tries to drag the chances of Alfred getting a hug down for now.

"The student council is allowed to enter earlier than everyone. Do you want to come in with me, Al?"

"Yeah…" Alfred drawled out absentmindedly. He tries hard not to stare at Alfred as the other fixed his outfit. It must be surprising to know that Alfred came to Seniors' Night without a date but it only relieves him that he did. When Alfred turns to him and grins, Matthew swore his heart skipped a beat, "I don't wanna squeeze in with everyone later. Does that mean I get to eat first too?"

Matthew just shook his head and went ahead. Alfred followed him after whining. It was more or less an hour until the organizers push the doors open and usher the seniors into the gymnasium where the gathering will be held.

The gymnasium was absolutely fantastic. It doesn't look like a gymnasium anymore too. It could pass off as a big hotel chamber or some fancy shit like that. Matthew smiled at sight – he had worked hard for this to happen, after all. The food was already set. Music was blaring from the speakers as well as some person's voice to test the sounds. Finishing touches on the tables are being placed. Alfred was amazed at the sight but mostly because the food. They looked expensive for some reason and he asked his friend how much it cost. Matthew just laughed but didn't tell him.

Soon the gymnasium doors were pushed open and slowly, the seniors entered the area. There were sounds of appreciation and glee as expected and the music shifted from soothing to somewhat lively. The chatter of excited students ensued and the music started thumping louder. Everything was going as planned.

Matthew felt very happy.

Until he spotted Alfred with a girl.

The girl stretched her arms open as if to welcome his friend in her arms. Alfred laughed and made a move to embrace the girl. Matthew watched and almost dashed to go in between them to avoid contact. Luckily the girl's date, he presumed, came along and pulled the girl away playfully albeit a bit possessively. He sighed in relief.

This was going to be difficult.

Somehow fate decided to play with poor Matthew and let him suffer the sight of his friend being almost-hugged by whomever. He wanted to slap himself for being paranoid. Somehow this cycle of panic and relief repeated itself frequently enough that Matthew was unable to concentrate on his tasks. This continued until it was near the end of the event and he thought that he could finally breathe easily.

Fate decided to bully him some more.

Out came another random senior that animatedly skipped toward his best friend. Matthew was on the stage installed in the gymnasium for the event, helping the emcees arrange a few things for the final segments of the night. His eyes followed the scene with great intensity that he thinks he looks ridiculous on stage right now.

The random senior called out Alfred's name and the teen instinctively twisted to see who called. Alfred smiled brightly as usual and waved cheerfully. Then the usual: the random student opened his arms and started walking faster toward Alfred as if to tackle him.

Matthew scanned the surroundings of the two for any distractions.

There were none.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Matthew muttered silently. He continued to watch the two and stood horrified when Alfred started advancing towards the other as well. "Stop moving, stop moving!"

Of course he wasn't heard.

The two only are now only several steps away from each other. Matthew fidgeted as he stood and wrung his hands around nervously. He prayed to whatever heavens there may be that a lone ice cube was on the floor so that one of them might slip. He hoped that blah blah line would hurry and cut in between them. He hoped someone would call the other so that they wouldn't come in contact. He just hopes Alfred would deny the gesture.

"Is everything done here?" one of the emcees asked, Matthew shook his head despite knowing that everything was ready. "Well hurry up! We gotta run!"

"R-run?" Matthew stuttered out.

"Yes, Matthew, run!"


"Good, 'cause we don't want any dela- Where are you going? Hey!"

He ignored the calls and jumped off the stage and ran. If nothing is going to stop those two then he might as well do it himself. He lets the selfish side on him take over and sprints to his target. He had established that he's in love with his best friend. He knows that he might not have a chance anymore. He doesn't feel like giving Alfred away with just one hug though.

He easily avoided people in his way. He dodged hands, arms and feet that seemed like they were aimed at him. He smiled when he realized the he was almost there when some other senior popped out in front of him and they collided.

The senior toppled over and fell on someone rather harshly. Matthew let out a litany of apologies as he helped the other stand up from his fall. Once up, he pulled the other one who was crushed under up as well. Matthew looked mortified when he realized what he had done.

Why the hell did he stop?

Matthew felt tears prick his eyes. Well, it's too late now. If he went to Alfred now, his friend would probably introduce him to his new girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. He lowered his head and walked away slowly.


Matthew jerked his head to see who called. He flushed, recognizing the person, and rubbed at his eyes. Alfred materialized in front of him after he removed his hands from his eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Y-you didn't h-hug him, d-d-did you?"

Alfred blinked, "Didn't get to. He got squashed by someone before we could… Matthew, what's wrong?" Before Alfred could ask any more, Matthew threw his arms at his friend and held him tight. Alfred gasped at the sudden grip and slowly, comprehension dawned at him and he smiled. Tentatively he wrapped his own arms around Matthew and once in place, Matthew hugged tighter.

Alfred's smile looked extremely stupid but it simply reflected delight. He hadn't expected this to happen… Well…

"I didn't think my plan would actually work." Alfred meant to say that to himself but it ended up slipping out of his lips. The body pressed to his chest stiffened and he started laughing nervously. "W-well, what I meant to say is-"

"You knew?" Matthew shouted as he released Alfred, drawing attention from those nearby. He coughed and lowered his voice, "What plan?" he snarled.

Alfred sighed but grinned, "You didn't think I'd actually give up after one rejection, did you?" Matthew spluttered and he laughed obnoxiously as he pulled the other into another embrace. "The hero always gets the girl, Mattie! It's actually boy for this case, but whatever!"

"Y-you… What the hell! You lied!"

"I didn't mean to." Alfred shrugged, "I meant to give up when you finally said no. But then you started acting weird and I still love you, you know? Plus I saw the background on your laptop."

Matthew blushed but looked absolutely furious.

"Nice choice, by the way~ I have that one in my collection too!"

"I told you to throw them away!"

His best friend's grin never left his face. It doesn't seem like the other would let go of him any time soon either. Matthew exhaled and rests his head on the other's chest. He chuckles as well at the feeling of a quick heart beat under his forehead.

"How did I ever fall in love with you?"

"'cause I'm hot and good-looking," was a quick answer and he laughs louder, "I'm just telling the truth!"

Matthew nodded against him, "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Alfred smiled softly and hugged a little tighter. He didn't plan on pulling through with the whole 'hug-me-gets-me' thing in the first place. He wasn't sure if Matthew really felt the same way so he made a bet with himself. If it didn't work, then he'll just have to give up for real this time. However it did work. So what now?

"What now?" Matthew snapped him out of his thoughts, "First hug gets you, remember?"

"Well, that just makes me feel gay!" Alfred chirped. Matthew looked confused.

"But you are gay."

"Gay could also mean happy!"

Matthew blinked and started laughing. "Yes, Al. You're happy and gay."

"And so are you." Alfred added with another smile. Matthew couldn't agree more.

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