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To sleep in his bed always felt good.

To feel his hair brushing softly his chin when they cuddled until they fall sleep was something soothing.

To have his fingers exploring over and over again the trace of his lips made him love Jules even more.

But that morning he felt something else touching his face, his upper lip.

Something cold.

The blond one frowned, eyes closed, at the sudden disturb of his pleasant dream and shoved with a hand the thing that was bothering him. He heard a soft giggle coming from the outside world, the people-who-are-already-awake world and growled.

"Julian, shut up"

There was no response but, after a peaceful moment, that cold feeling pressing on his upper lip started to bother him again. Another quiet laugh.

"Fuck, Julian" Logan opened his eyes right away and glared at the amused face his boyfriend had, he was biting his lip, grinning "You are so annoying"

And then, he saw it. He saw that thing, that thing that made Logan felt his face wet and cold between Julian's fingers. He saw it and opened his mouth in disbelief.

"Larson, what the hell are you doing with that marker!"

Julian began to laugh loudly and sat on Logan. His torso was trapped between the actor's legs.

"I was bored!" he replied with a smirk "You sleep more than I do"

"So you started to draw on me!" He couldn't believe how could he stand his boyfriend sometimes. The lack of maturity on him was absolutely ridiculous. The actor pressed his legs on Logan's ribs and giggled.

"I was wondering how would you look if you were Mexican..."

"JULIAN!" the blond guy got out from bed immediately shoving the guy on top of him to a side and ran towards the bathroom "A MUSTACHE?" Julian laughed even harder at the question, he was so so mad it was funny "YOU DRAW ME A FUCKIN' MUSTACHE?"

"Calm down, Wright!" he respond yelling back at him leaning his back to the wall, still grinning "It's just permanent marker"

Logan appeared on the door-frame right after the last word, full of rage. He walked towards Julian with a deadly serious expression and took away the black marker from his hands. The actor was watching him smirking, so so funny, he thought and the taller boy pushed him to the mattress to be completely lay down on it. He did the same thing as his boyfriend and sat on him, the other was laughing pleased. Logan grabbed his wrists with one hand, tightly; while with the other he approached the black marker to Julian's forehead with a bitter smile.

"Now everybody will know that you are a whiny princess"

Julian bit his lip again, smiling. Whatever, he already knew that they were no leaving the room any time sooner, he could write whatever the hell he wanted to.

"I cannot take you seriously with that mustache"

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