SMSTSS 26: Super Sailor Moon and the Reign of Doomsday! – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: SM, R1/2, DC other properties belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a multi-genre, two-part story.

Part 1

9 am: Metropolis, Delaware.

It was early spring when disaster struck.

"Man, what day," said Metal Sailor Moon (aka University of Metropolis graduate student Natasha Irons), as she completed her rounds. With her uncle Dr. John Henry Irons (aka "Steel") and Superman away from the city, she and the other locals stepped up to the proverbial plate to fill in as co-protectors of the city. To Metal Sailor Moon in particular, going out on patrol gave her a chance to get away from her studies. As the Metal Senshi, Natasha modeled herself after her role model, Sailor Moon, died fighting at the hands of the terrible Doomsday. Doomsday, created from Kryptonian super-science as a weapon of mass destruction, had popped up periodically to plague the world. Unfortunately, today was that day.

"Well, I better head home," Metal Sailor Moon said, just as an incoming object slammed straight at her.

"Oof!" Metal Sailor Moon yelled, as she slammed into a nearby building. Even though her armor, initially built by John Henry, formerly of the head of LexCorp R&D, and upgraded using Stark and Mishima technology, as been improved over the years to be super strong and tough, Natash found herself with an armor that had lost a third of its efficiency rating, and dropping, due to damage.

"Ah, what was that?" Metal Sailor Mon said, as she sees the culprit.

"HOHOHOHOHOHO!" said Reckoning, a female version of Doomsday. Like her male counterpart, Reckoning was gray-skinned, muscular (yet still attractive), and possessed bony protrusions strategically around her body. And, she wore only bikini bottoms.

"I'm glad that you are alive; I wouldn't want to defeat you so…easily."

"Don't worry, you won't," Metal Sailor Moon said, as her Metal Moon Scepter pops into her hands. She then extends it to create a staff.

"I'm ready!" Metal Sailor Moon said, as she prepares for battle.

"Good for you!" Reckoning said, as she tackled the Metal Senshi…

10 am: New York.

"Now, I have your lunch meeting pushed back to allow you to finish signing the documents that legal had sent over," said an aide, as she and other office executives and assistants follow Starr Enterprises CEO Lara Kent, the daughter of famed journalist and commentator Clark Kent and well-known photojournalist Bunny Moon; in other words. Starr Enterprises was a computer software company that Lara had helped to build from the ground up in the early 1980s. After the founder of the company retired to pursue philanthropy, Lara took over the daily operation of the company before buying it outright…

"Good," Lara said, as she briefly read the files. Possessing super-powers had its perks. "If we can get the Chinese Government to respect our patents, our bottom line can increase."


"I just hope that it's enough."

"Well, you can always use a bit muscle to force the issue," another aide said.

"Perish the thought," Lara said. "We will do business the legitimate way. Besides, with the new software that is about to roll out, we can at least make it easier to prevent pirating."

"Ah, I see…"

As soon as Lara and her entourage steps into her spacious office, Lara notices something off. For starters, there was someone sitting in her chair. For another, there was a large hole where her expansive window used to be.

"What the hell?" Lara said, as she motions her employees to stay behind her.

"Ah, I love this décor," said Reckoning, as she swerves around to face Lara. "Now, who do I have to massacre in order to get attention around here?"

"Everyone, get out of here!" Lara yelled, as she pulls off her business attire to reveal her other profession…

"Too late!" Reckoning said, as she kicks the large desk in front of her.

"Hey!" Power Woman yelled, as she swats her desk aside, shattering it into splinters. However, this allows Reckoning to charge forward, and tackle Power Woman.

"Oof!" Power Woman said, as she was forced into the other areas of the floor.

"My, oh my," said Reckoning, as she gawks at Power Woman's large "chest". In spite of Power Woman's reputation as a veteran superhero, she was unfortunately known for being "gifted". Her father, Superman, theorized that Kryptonian and demi-Kryptonian females are develop in interesting ways while maturing under the rays of a yellow star. That's why Kara Zor-El (aka Superwoman), grew from a petite size to a near-Amazon size…

"How gifted you are," Reckoning said. "And they are SO firm-!"

"Hey!" Power Woman yelled, as she and Reckoning burst out the other side of the building, and fell straight down to the street level below…

11 am: Ealing, England.

"Rini, I can't believe you were able to get into a good school so quickly," said Rani, as she, Luke, Clyde return home from a day of hanging out London's West End.

"Well, I had no choice, really," Rini Chiba said with a shrug, as she sipped on her latte. "With Hogwarts destroyed, I can't complete my magical training. But until I find another school to complete my training, Mom wants me to pursue a regular Muggle education…"

Rini looks up at the heavens.

"Thanks a lot, Harry Potter!" Rini yelled.

"Who's Harry Potter?" Rani asked.

"Some jerk I knew from school."

"Oh, I see…"

"Well, I can't believe you actually know magic," Clyde said. "I mean, don't you realize how much money you can make?"

"Don't you realize how stupid that sounds?" Rini said mockingly.

"Rini, that's not nice," Rani said.

"Magic is not something that you barter at some swap meet; there are rituals and rotes that represent symbols of ancient power."

"Actually, the scientific inquiry in magic has revealed that magic, and psychic phenomenon, for that matter, is the result of mutation within the cerebral cortex," Luke said. "The use of symbolism is simply a method to discipline the potential magic or psychic user's mind."

"And people wonder why Luke Smith is still socially awkward," Rini said with a smirk.


"Never mind, Luke," Rini said, as she rolled her eyes.

"Hey, you guys want to come over for dinner?" Rani asked. "Mom is cooking her famous pasta dish."

"Sure," Clyde said. "I could use a free meal."

"You ALWAYS could use a free meal, Clyde," Luke said.

"Hey!" Clyde said. "You developed an acerbic wit finally."

"We'll call you in a little bit, once 'the warden' grants us permission to have dinner with you, Rani," Rini said.

"See you guys in a bit," Luke said, as he and Rini go into the driveway of the property belonging to journalist Sarah Jane Smith...

"Huh," Rini said, as she and Luke enter the house.

"What is it?" Luke asked.

"I don't know, but something is odd. I can't seem to shake it…"

"Mom?" Luke said, as he and Rini enters the living room. "Are you around-?"

Suddenly, Rini and Luke stopped in their tracks. Standing before them were Reckoning and a nervous Sarah Jane Smith.

Quickly, Rini spins around to transform into Neo Sailor Moon, a name she took up upon her sixteenth birthday. She definitely preferred that to her old moniker, Little Sailor Moon…

"What is going on here?" Neo Sailor Moon demanded.

"Why, I'm just have a spot of tea and a bit of crumpets," Reckoning said. "Of course, I could just kill Ms. Smith, while you're playing superhero…"


"Now, you can either come with me quietly, or-"

"Fine, I'll go with you," Neo Sailor Moon said, as she balled her fist. She knew that she couldn't take a chance with Sarah Jane's and Luke's lives, even though she had no problem with the idea of fighting a monster if necessary. After all, she was trained to eventually take her mother's place anyway…

"Good girl," Reckoning said with a smirk.

Noon: The Moon.

Cyber Sailor Moon looked at the Earth, with a mixture of contempt and longing.

"I hate you, Usagi Tsukino," said Cyber Sailor Moon, as her cybernetic eye glowed. "You stand in my way to be with the man that I loved more than life itself…"

Dr. Karen Henshaw never thought her life was complete, when she first met her husband, Dr. Henry "Hank" Henshaw, when both first joined NASA together. Weeks before their first shuttle mission together, Karen and Hank took off for Las Vegas, Nevada, to get married. And then, along with two other astronauts named "Steve" and "Austin", the couple embarked upon their first and only mission on the space shuttle Endeavor, resulting in the deaths of all but one: Karen Henshaw. The crew had been caught up in the same cosmic radiation storm that created such super-powered groups like the Fantastic Four, the U-Foes, the Red Ghost & his Super Apes, and the N-Men. Unfortunately, the crew of the Endeavor's respective mutations had mutated further to unstable levels. Only Karen survive the process, when Sailor Moon was able to stabilize her abilities, having experienced the effects of being mutated by cosmic rays herself. Unfortunately, the Moon Princess was not able to save everyone else in time, and would be blamed by Karen for her husband and friends' deaths. From that point on, Karen would embark on a mission of revenge, starting with ruining Sailor Moon's reputation, after the Moon Princess had died at the hands of the creature known as Doomsday, by posing as a cybernetic version of Sailor Moon known as "Cyber Sailor Moon". And since then, Sailor Moon and Cyber Sailor Moon, once her true intentions were exposed, have been the bitterest of enemies. And, like a bad penny, Cyber Sailor Moon continues to show up to hatch yet another scheme for vengeance.

But not today, she won't.

"Now that I have installed this 'Lunarite' into my power core, I have the means to finally kill the Moon Princess," Cyber Sailor Moon said, as her metal hand glowed. Lunarite was a mineral that was unique to the Moon, and was to Sailor Cosmos, as Kryptonite was to Superman.

Suddenly, something fast nearly lands on top of Cyber Sailor Moon.

"What?" the clockwork Moon Princess yelled, as she leaps out of the way. Her 'Moon Missiles', which were mounted in her chest, was launched at the point of impact. The warheads splintered into adamantium tipped mini-warheads that acted as "hollow points". Thus, if the explosion doesn't get the target, the rounds will.

When the dust cleared, Reckoning stood up.

"That really, really hurts," Reckoning said, as she dusts herself off.

"Then here's some more pain," Cyber Sailor Moon said, as she discharged her energy as a focus beam.

Reckoning felt pain shooting up and down her spine, as she was bathed in the energy. This raises an eyebrow on the part of Cyber Sailor Moon.

"Curious," Cyber Sailor Moon said, as she prepares to discharge her energy powers at full capacity. Unfortunately for her, Reckoning quickly recovered long enough to pound the ground, forcing a projectile into the air, which knocks Cyber Sailor Moon off balance.

"Eh?" Cyber Sailor Moon said, as Reckoning pounced…

1 pm: Justice League Unlimited Headquarters.

"Reports have come in that a female version of the monster known as 'Doomsday', called 'Reckoning', has targeted four females," Batman said, as he places his files on the main table of the JLU. With him were Superman and Wonder Woman, who were concerned by these latest developments…

"What do they all have in common?"

"They are all connected to Usagi," Superman said with a sigh. "Shortly after Doomsday had…murdered her, four individuals appeared poising as Usagi in the guise of 'Sailor Moon'. It was later that Usagi returned from regenerative stasis to stop Cyber Sailor Moon, one of the 'fake' Sailor Moon(s), from destroying Tokyo with the help of Mongal, the daughter of the late Mongol, and the sister of Mongol, Jr…"

"Mom certainly know how to make friends," Wonder Woman sarcastically. "Wait, you don't think Mongal is involved in Reckoning's actions?"

"I don't know, but we should not dismiss ANY possibility that any of the parties involved in Usagi's death and subsequent resurrection."

"The main thing is that Usagi needs to know what is going on," Superman said. "And so far, I can't seem to locate her or Ranma."

"I contacted Oracle, and she contacted Saotome's 'RanStar Network'," Batman said. "Essentially, both Usagi and Saotome are 'off the radar'."

"Well, they tend to do that, especially when they have a run-in with their friends in the government," Wonder Woman said.

"Then we should find them fast," Superman said with a grimace. "Otherwise, lives could be lost…"


Next Time: As the Trinity race against time, they discover an astonishing secret about Usagi that Ranma is trying to hide. And then it's 'Sailor Cosmos v. Reckoning & Mongal'! See you then…