This idea zapped into my mind after I finished reading the book. I figured out that I should write it down. :))


At first there were ten of us. Nine for the others. I was hidden to their eyes because according to my Cepan, I am the only-hope-when-all-fails. I was destined to be the "hero". I rode the third ship. No one, aside from the Lorien Elders, knew about the third ship. The third ship was full of supplies that are meant for our survival. Our escape plan was simple. After the first two ships depart, we follow.

It seemed like our ship is capable of navigating on its own. It flew to Earth, our destination, our only choice of planet to dwell. Aside from Lorien; Earth is the next livable planet. We landed, as if according to plan, in a mountain reservation. Ever since then we were both bound to that place. We couldn't leave that place even if we try. The outskirts of the resevation are protected by a magical barrier. That is the effect of the charm casted upon me by the elders. Aaron said that the charm works when our ship touches the ground, it will cast a barrier around the area at once. It will protect me from harm and would give me time to develop my legacies. It would be broken, though, if the nine other Garde would break their own charm.

How did we survive, you ask? I am really grateful to my Cepan, Aaron. He is friendly, cool and collected and very, very strict in regards to my legacies. Earth is an addition, too. The reservation is abundant in resources that is sufficient for our needs.

I am the exact opposite of him. I am very quiet. I remember when we landed here for the first time; Aaron was dying to hear me speak. He said he would go insane if he would not hear me talk. He thought that I was very petrified and I lost my ability to speak. He played a trick on me once, to see if I had my voice. I woke up one day to see snakes on top of my bed. I screamed like it's the end of the world. Aaron entered and chuckled, the snakes were an illusion. Ever since that day, Aaron and I became close.

We decided on a name to call me. I was very young when we left Lorien so I forgot my name. I was about 4 or 5 years old back then. Lucia Cruz is what we decided on, or more like what Aaron decided on. Once he said it, he stuck to it. I couldn't say no.

Years passed and we have been living in harmony. Slowly and slowly, Aaron is revealing the Lorien past. He also showed me some items that were locked inside the Loric chest. A chest that is so valuable that only we could open, unless Aaron dies, then I could open it myself.

Just as we thought everything was going well, not only for us but for the other Garde and their Cepan too; it happened. If one of us dies, a circular scar would pierce our skin and be engraved in our ankle. It was one night, I was sleeping when I felt it coming; my ankle glowed and it caused light to brighten my room. The pain was excruciating; the burning sensation is like a million tiny pins piercing my skin one by one. Next thing I knew is that the blanket was on fire. I screamed for Aaron who came rushing in my room, carrying a bucket of water. I was hit with a sharp pang of water and I was soaked. The fire died and the pain in my ankle receded. Aaron looked at me first before kneeling down and checking my ankle. He lifted my pajama and we both saw the scar.

"It has started" Aaron plainly said, "The Mogadorians found One"

And ever since that night, Aaron and I have been doing some serious training to help me develop my legacies. I know that Aaron's patience is wearing off. My Legacies were purely late. But we never gave up. Everyday, I had to do this and that. Another year passed by and still no Legacy for me.

It was twilight when the second scar came. I was sitting on a rock, feet dangling and dipped in the river. I was watching Aaron spear fishes when I felt it again. The pain was excruciating, same feeling as before. The water around my right ankle glowed and bubbled as if being boiled. Aaron rushed to my side, dropping everything he held and raised my ankle to give it a better look. His face held a grim look as he put it down.

"Two is now dead. Whoever he or she is…" he said with a sigh, "Lucia, when will your Legacy arrive?"

Then the third scar came after 2 years when the second scar came. I was 14 years old. I was searching for edible food in the forest. I climbed up an apple tree to get my spoils when it happened. I felt the same pain and it caused me to fall. Heaps of leaves cushioned my fall but I hit my head bad. I knew I fainted and when I woke up I was in our ship, being nursed by Aaron. He told me wherever Three is, he or she is dead.

I knew I was disappointing Aaron. Every night, we would sit around the camp fire he made while he tells me my progress. He tries to be cheerful but I knew what he is hiding inside. I want him to be happy, not homesick and lonely. I want him to feel the same way like I do, to be contented that we have each other. Maybe I couldn't feel his pain. I didn't live in Lorien for a long time unlike him. I don't know what to miss.

"Aaron…" I said, "Are you happy?"

"Of course I am, Lucia, why bother ask out of the blue?" he chuckled

"I was… wondering"

"You know, some legacies are very easy to overlook" he smiled

"Look who is saying things out of the blue"

He smiled but I felt it like a big blow of depression in my heart. I felt very sad. I instantly became sensitive to his emotions. I could feel what emotion he is feeling. I stared at him hard, willing him to be happy.

We dismissed the small camp fire he made. I knew there is something wrong in Aaron's smile; like he was trying to hide something. His smile, though sad, is enigmatic. He was pleased with something. I couldn't figure it out.

Before I entered my room, I approached Aaron, "You are keeping something from me"

"Maybe I am" he chuckled, "Better if you sleep now, Lucia; we have a LONG day tomorrow"

"I thought that we are not supposed to keep things from each other?"

"Well, I guess it is up to you to decipher it. Just as when I thought you were observant…" he shook his head, "I'm going to bed, Lucia, see you in the morning" he smiled and patted my head. He left me there in front of my room. I rubbed my wrists, thinking of what he just said. My hand touched the knob-

Then it struck me. My first Legacy.