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It was night in the Ootori Mansion, everyone was asleep, oblivious to the cries of a young brunette. Petrified he was, sweat glistened over his brow, his comforter askew. Kyoya was scared, he had just had a nightmare! Nightmares were rare, he almost never got them. The shadow king sat up, he took deep breathe trying to calm himself down, he had to be reasonable. It was just a nightmare, surely, it wouldn't happen again! The nightmare he had wasn't like usual ones, with the scary monsters or the falling ones. This was silly, there wasn't anything to be scared of! He had woken up so the scary part was over. Still, the young man could not bring himself to calm down, he was shaking to his very core. This dream had really scared him.

He rose from his bed, maybe a walk around his quarters would help him sleep. He took his glasses from the nightstand, and continued out the door. He walked to the kitchen, maybe a glass of water would calm him down. He lift a shaking hand to the cabinet door, reached for a glass. Taking the glass and setting it on the counter, he felt a warm hand on his shoulder.

Frightened that he was still somehow in the dream, he screamed. After the few seconds of shock warred off, he noticed who it was. The tall blonde laughed, he had never heard Kyoya scream, the most he ever heard was a yelp.

"What are you doing up?", he stated. Previously, today, the host club (mainly Tamaki and Kyoya) had a meeting to discuss the budget and what costumes they should have for next week. Needless to say the brunette couldn't get anything done, Tamaki was being stubborn with the budget, again.

"I heard screams and- Kyoya, what's wrong" The blond concerned, asked. Something was wrong with Kyoya, his shaking increased.

The brunette shook his head. Nothing was wrong, he just had a silly old nightmare.

"Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to get something to drink.", he whispered. His eyes watered, this was unusual.

"Did you have a nightmare?", Tamaki breathed out. He laid a hand on the shaking boy's shoulder. "You're shaking!" Indeed the boy was, his normal pale skin turned clammy as well as the red tinge that covered his cheeks.

"I-", Kyoya was interrupted as a sob broke lose. He leaned against the taller boy's chest desperately trying to stop shaking.

"..It's okay Kyoya, everyone has nightmares. You're not the only one." He comforted the brunette the best way he knew how. Tamaki wrapped a warm arm around the boys shoulders and led him to his room. After ten minutes the crying turned into soft sobs that turned into small gasps.

Leading him to his own bed, Kyoya whispered, "I'm sorry, you can go back to bed. I'm alright." He didn't mean to wake up the blonde who had, all week, complained about the lack of sleep he had gotten.

The blonde smiled and shook his head, he sat on Kyoya's bed, took off his slippers and laid down. "What if you have another bad dream, mon amour? Who'll chase it away?" He leaned over Kyoya's face, a mere 5 inches away. Tamaki looked so innocent, his eyes glistening.

Kyoya gasped, the blonde's change in character shocked the smaller boy. Before the Low Blood Pressure King could remark, Tamaki crushed their lips together. How wonderful it felt! His whole body tingled, his heart fluttered. When the kiss was over, breathless both held onto each other

"So, are you going to tell me what that dream was about?", he whispered on his ear. The two laid on the bed, legs intertwined.

Kyoya sighed and snuggled closer to Tamaki, eyelids drooping slightly, "Maybe later, I'm tired." All he wanted to do was relax on the comfortable, warm body that was Tamaki. This would be the first night in days he's peaceful sleep.