"Derek you stupid pig you ate my food again today!" Chloe snarled at him, he "Well you recorded your show on my football video" he snarled back. "Why do you have to be such a boar" Chloe yelled at him shoving him a bit he smirked "Technically I'm not a boar but a wolf" he said smugly "but a god damn lazy wolf" she muttered.

"What did you say" he growled. Chloe glared up at him "you heard me...Derek Souza you are the LOUSIEST MOST ANNOYING MOST PIGGIEST BOY EVER!" she yelled. Derek felt angry no more than angry for she had called him a pig which he is not...he was just hungry

"you Chloe Saunders are the most STUBBORN, LAZY ASS, NAIVE GIRL EVER" he yelled back. Tori was sitting there reading...yes reading 'shocking isn't" *gasp!* and decided that she had enough of their fights which had been going on for days.

"Shut the fuck up!" she yelled flicking her wrist and didn't even know that she sent a spell at him. A bolt of silver blue and silver green flew at him from her fingertips knocking them into the wall.

"Oh shit..." she muttered putting her book down running to them. Upstairs Simon was drawing a picture when he heard the bang and ran downstairs to see what happened. Tori had Chloe on the couch lightly patting her cheek "Chloe come on wake up" she murmured panicky. Derek lay there on the floor forgotten "Simon help you stupid dog brother" she said shaking Chloe's shoulder.

"I just love how you care about him" he muttered and went to his brother. "Derek bro wake up" he said patting his cheek. He grunted once and Simon relaxed "At least he's not dead" he muttered.

Tori shacked Chloe one more time before Chloe smacked her hand away "you stupid bitch just leave me the fuck alone can't you do anything right" she snarled opened her eyes and glared at Tori who looked hurt, fresh tears welled up in her eyes. Tori never knew Chloe would every say that to her.

Simon just looked shocked "oh my god Simon what happened" he turned to look at Derek who looked wide eyed around "what happened to my eye sight it's like i can see everything so clearly know" he muttered and gasped "Simon i didn't know you had a scar running down you cheek" he said putting his finger on the scar was the invisible to the naked eye and traced it.

Simon looked at Derek like he grew another head "ah shit why can't i see clearly" Chloe muttered "Tori did you mess up my eye sight...fuck" she muttered. Tori just stared at you...'Chloe would never curse unless she was mad and i mean clearly mad...so that mean Chloe is so mad at her' she thought and looked up to stop the tears.

"Why the hell you looking up for" Chloe scowled and looked up as well "omigods is Derek okay!" Derek exclaimed suddenly holding onto Simon's shoulder. They all looked at Derek when Chloe screamed.

Derek looked at Chloe and screamed as well he looked down and frantically touched his body Chloe did the same that's when Derek glared at her "Derek don't you dare touch my breast" he said.

"Well you're touching my cock" Chloe said scowling. Derek blushed and sputtered an excuse "wait, wait, wait, wait hold up what the fuck is going on" Simon and Tori said. Derek stood up and tried to gain his balance "wow your tall" he muttered. "And your short" Chloe said. While they chloe and Derek looked at their new body.

Simon turned to Tori with a raised eyebrow "hehehe" she laughed sheepishly "well guys" Simon started Chloe and Derek looked at him "looks likes Tori casts a spell and your body is uh kind of switched so Chloe your in Derek's body and Derek your in Chloe's" Derek snorted and muttered "no shit Sherlock" Simon glared at her.

"So that is why you were crying" Derek said smirking which kind of looked evil on Chloe's face "because i cussed you out and you thought it was Chloe" he said smugly. Tori sputtered and Chloe got a huge grin on Derek's face.

She got her arms wide "awe tori" she cooed running after her. Tori's eyes widened and she hid behind Simon "don't you dare hug me while your in dog breath's body" she warned.

Chloe sulked and pouted crossing her arms sitting down on a recliner, Derek glared at Chloe which was weird because he was glaring at himself "stop pouting it makes me look weird" he said. She glared at him "well i can't help it" she mumbled.

"oh I'm hungry" Chloe said, she got up and ran into the kitchen and grabbed all the food she could eat and sat there eating. "Oh my gods Chloe you ate my french toast" Tori said glaring at a blushing Derek "hehehe sorry" she said shrugging. "See" Derek said smugly walking into the room "you get hungry every second" he said.

"No...that's not it" she drawled "i haven't eaten anything today that's why" she said getting up from the table and walking outside, "well know what" Simon said looking at his two best friends sitting on the couch who started fight over the remote. Chloe ended up winning found her new strength

Derek sulked in the seat while Chloe put on her Drama's. "We both find a cure" Tori said determinedly wanted to get her best friend back into her real body "let's go gay man" Tori said holding on to Simon's sleeve dragging him into the library "what I'm not gay" he shrieked.

"so what do we do now" Chloe asked rolling back and forth on her heels, Derek just grunted and plopped down "I don't know about you but I'm watching TV" he muttered. Chloe followed Derek and sat down next to him, she looked down at him before frowning "am i really this short" she asked. Derek nodded flipping the channel until Animal Planet came on.

Chloe gasped when the white wolf attacked and gauged his way into the baby dear, "omigods that's so disgusting" she said.

Derek snickered a small smirk on his face. Andrew came bounding downstairs and glanced at Chloe and Derek "hey um tell Tori and Simon when you find them that new people are coming over" he said.

"oh cool when" Chloe asked smiling, Andrew did a double take he never seen Derek smile before. Chloe jabbed her elbow in Derek's ribs making him grunt he frowned "ouch" he muttered.

"You have pointy elbows" he said to Chloe who smirked...Andrew took a few steps back seeing Chloe smirk made a shiver run down his spine in a scared kind of way.

"so are their going to be any boys" Derek asked him. Chloe glared at Derek "yes two boys and 1 girl" Andrew said before running out of the room "See you scared him" Chloe said glaring at Derek who scowled "no you scared him...when has Andrew see me smile" he said growling which looked scary come out of Chloe's mouth.


"We need to state out the ground rules first" I said, i looked at Chloe who nodded "okay the first thing about me is that - " i didn't get far before Chloe interrupted me.

"That you never smile you scowl, frown, and you always look sad or angry and you yell and call everyone stupid and make sure that everyone hears you knowing that they know that your the boss and nobody steps on you...which is going to be hard for right now because you so short and - " Chloe didn't have time to finish before i yelled 'i know!" she immediately shut up.

Taking a deep breath i wrote down what she needed to act like, "so this is the list, read it, memorize and learn it" i glared at her and she stuck her tongue at me. I grimaced it looked weird coming from my mouth, "okay so now you have to act like me" Chloe said grabbing the note pad and writing things down. a moment later i got it back. it was written in her perfect cursive handwriting.

"That's it i can do that" I said smugly "I'm just wondering if you can handle it" I smirked when i saw Chloe fume, "you wanna bet" she growled. "Great job you got the growl done" I stifled a laugh when her fist clenched

"and yes i would like to bet...the first one that cracks will have to be the servant for the other person for about 2 weeks" I said happily. She nodded "your on" she said glaring at me.

"Good" I shaking her hand "why do you have to be so small" I murmured looked how small her hand was to mine. She shrugged "it's not my fault" a moment later a dressed up Tori came downstairs and looked at us "go get dressed" she muttered "the new people are coming like in 30minuets" she said. We both scrambled up "uh how is this going to work" I asked

"Uh..." Chloe said "Derek Souza you better shut you eyes when you change" she warned me sending me a glare i glared right back "same thing with you" I snarled back "what! there's nothing there except for a chest and I'll be wearing boxers" she said reminding me. "Same here" i murmured "i have breast Derek and I don't want you looking at them" she sneered at me.

I sighed "Chloe you don't have breast trust me, your chest is flat as mine" I said. Tori gasped her hand covering her mouth, i looked at Chloe and noticed tears in her well mine eyes...it looked weird to see myself cry okay so anyways back to the story. "you stupid fucking bastard!" she yelled at me and shoved me. Screaming when my back in the seat and it hurt like a bitch, Chloe stomped upstairs

"I can't believe you said that to her" Tori whispered glaring at me, i shrugged and walked upstairs "okay your are going to wear this" tori said handing out a skirt to me, it was a cotton with ruffles that looked like it went to the mid thigh...it was the kind of skirt i always imagined Chloe in. "I'm not wearing that" I said aloud.

no matter how much i wanted to see the girl i fantasized about every night wearing skimpy outfits...but there's no way in hell I'm wearing a skirt. "What you scared i heard about your little bet Derek do you want to win" she said. I glanced up at her "yes..." I said a bit hesitantly "then wear the damn skirt" she said flinging it at me.

I went to unbutton the jeans when i glanced back at Tori with a scowl "turn around" i complained. She rolled her eyes and turned around, slipping off my jeans i noticed Chloe wearing a rubber ducky underwear, I chuckled think of the perfect black mail and slipped on the skirt, i zipped up the little zipper on the side and twirled around.

"God Derek the boys are just going to oogle your legs" Tori said smirking when she turned around "uh i don't want guys oogling me or Chloe" I snarled. She smirked "oh getting a bit jealous aren't we" she smirked and looked through her closet for the perfect top.

I rolled on the balls of my heels rocking back and forth when I heard Tori exclaim "here we are" she said getting out a purple-pink lacy push up bra. "Take it off" she murmured.

I glanced at her horrified "i have to change her bra and see her naked" I squeaked "yes you do because wearing the same bra twice a day is gross" she said grimacing. I gulped and slowly stripped off the blue top and shut my eyes "could you take it off" I whimpered "oh no that's just gross sorry Derek but I'm straight i don't want to touch a naked girl's body" she said smugly.

I peeked through my lashes and slowly looked before gasping...Chloe has...boobs "she has boobs" I murmured "no shit Sherlock" Tori hissed.

I flinched thinking back what i had said...Chloe is feeling hurt because i think she is flat as a board. "I feel like shit" i whispered fondling with her breast not getting through my brain that she had breast.

"Stop touching yourself you look like your masturbating" Tori said disgusted, i immediately blushed and hesitantly moving my hand behind me to unclip the bra, once i heard it after like five minuets of me struggling and Tori trying not to laugh i finally had the bra off and then i noticed her breast, they looked so soft and round like globes, i just wanted to run my hands over them.

I might still be in Chloe's body but i had a boy brain "wolf boy your are such a pervert" Tori exclaimed grabbing my wrist before i could touch them, "put this on" she flung the bra at me. I put it on and noticed that her breast were high up in the heavens, "uh...is this supposed to happen" I asked. Tori nodded then she handed me a green blouse, it had a square swoop and had ruffles on the shoulder.

I put it on and an ample of her breast showed "um I don't think this is reasonable don't you think i should wear less slutty clothes" i murmured squeezing the breast together. Tori grunted "their not slutty" she said getting a comb before yanking it through my hair "ouch!" I cried tears stung my eyes, "oh hold up" she grunted.

for about 20 minuets of pain she finally had my hair combed and straightened, Tori added a small green bow on the side of my head, "now finally for make-up" she said. That's where i drew the line "no way in hell!" I snarled she let out a breath and muttered out a fine.

Then with out warning she sprayed some orange bottle perfume, i coughed and sniffed the air "wait i can't smell the chemicals" i murmured sniffing again, "of course you can't your Wolfie senses are with Chloe" she said knocking her knuckles on my head, i whined and moved away from her "whats it called" I asked. "Sex Power" i blushed and Tori smirked.

"Let's go wolf boy" she said pushing me forwards "oh shit i forgot about the shoes" she murmured handing me a pair of white flats "where these" I nodded and slipped them on and walked downstairs.

CPOV - while Derek is changing - "Okay Chloe you want to win right" Simon asked me. I nodded looking down at me "so where going to dress you up nice, because i know Tori is doing the same thing with Derek" he said pushing me into Derek's and his room. I felt a pang of hurt in my heart for what Derek said to me.

"Strip" he commanded, blushing i did and saw Derek was wearing a silk black boxer. I giggled and Simon smirked "yes Derek wears silky boxers" he said chuckling. "Here wear this" he said, handing me a dark blue shirt. It was opened from the front only black laces to tie it up. I put it on my new muscles defined the shirt like a second skin, "Perfect" Simon said.

He leaned forward and tied up the shirt halfway up my chest, at least his nipples were covered I thought. "Good know where these jeans" he said handing me a pair of dark wash jeans, I put them on and they were tight around my thighs.

"is this good" I asked twisting around once before Simon murmured in agreement next he handed me a pair of combat boots "what i'm going to wear this" I asked. "Yes" I sighed and put them on tucking in the jeans.

"Good know a bit of cologne" he said picking up his, I instantly took a whiff and my nose burned "no i can smell the chemicals it stinks" I said running out of the room. I entered the living room where i saw the most horrified sight ever, I saw myself sitting there arms crossed same thing as legs wearing a short skirt and a green blouse showing some of my breast.

Derek had a god damn smirk on my face "what the hell are you wearing" I snarled, he got up and sauntered towards me "I'm wearing clothes Chloe" he said innocently batting my baby blue eyes.

"The question is what are you wearing" he said, "Simon made me because i want to win this bet" i said. "So do i" he whispered "so Tori's helping me" he said. I glanced at Tori horrified "sorry Chloe but i can't help you since you look like wolf boy" she said sheepishly and i glanced at Derek.

"oh and Chloe..." i glanced back at Tori "he was touching your breast" she said snickering, i looked at Derek who blushed "you were what!" I yelled "no, no, no, no, Tori you better swi-" i stopped the last second, "wait what did you say" Derek said eagerly.

'Damn if i said i want to switch back that mean I have lost the bet and there's no way in hell that's happening' i thought. "Never mind" I murmured. Derek pouted and it looked so innocent on my face which he was using.

A door bell interrupted us Tori skipped to get it from the other room, when Derek motioned for me to lean down i did and he whispered in my ear "adorable rubber ducky underwear" he smirked and walked off. A moment later i yelled "DEREK YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!"

(There's going to be another chpt! don't worry)